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Annika is crying in her room thinking about Shivaay. Gauri is consoling her.

Gauri: Don’t cry, di. Nothing will happen to jiju. Don’t lose your hope. I have a confident that jiju never done the murder.

Annika: I know, Gauri. Shivaay can’t murder anyone. I can sure about that. What I’m worrying now that Shivaay has escaped from the police. All the evidence are against him. I’m scared that the police might do something to him. (Cries badly.)

Gauri could understand Annika’s fear and she is worrying the same too. But she can’t show her fear to her di or Annika will be more worried. Gauri composed herself.

Gauri: Arrey, you are worrying about this. Di, jiju knows the police are searching for him. He must be very careful and hiding at a safe place.

Annika: (holds Gauri’s hands) Gauri, I don’t want anything to happen to Shivaay. We must do something to save him from this murder case. (Gauri thinks for a while.)

Gauri: Let’s go and meet Bhavya. (Annika agrees and they leave from there.)

Bhavya’s Office

Bhavya: Listen, Mrs Annika. I can’t do anything in this case. All the evidence are against your husband. Moreover, he has escaped from the police. This is strong enough to prove that he is the murderer.

Gauri: But Bhavya, jiju has ran because he is confused. He didn’t remember what happened that night. Maybe he ran away because he is innocent. It doesn’t mean only the one who is guilty will escape from the police. Innocent people can escape too.

Annika: Please do something, Bhavya. My Shivaay can’t kill anyone. (Bhavya recalls how Shivaay saved Annika from Daksh by jumping from the building. She saw the love he was having for Annika in his eyes that day. She too felt that Shivaay didn’t commit the crime but she doesn’t get any evidence for that.)

Bhavya: I can understand your feelings, Mrs Annika but I can’t do anything against the law. We might can do something if we get any clues or evidence on his favour. As I tried, I can’t find anything favourable for him. (Annika cries again. Gauri takes Annika from there.)

Gauri: Di, don’t worry. The God knows what is the truth. He will definitely help us.

Annika: (looks at the sky) God!! Please do something. Please save my husband from this case. He is innocent and you know it. If you are really existing in this world, prove my husband’s innocence and make the real culprit to get caught.


A girl is busily working on her laptop at her house. An elderly man is seen reading a newspaper. A guy and a little girl are whispering something towards each other while sitting on the sofa. An elderly came bringing few cups of coffee and hand over to them. The guy nods at the little girl looks at his sister who is busy with her work.

Guy: Anjali….

Anjali: (still working on her laptop) Hmm…

Guy: Anjali….

Anjali: Sollu, Arjun. (Tell me, Arjun.)

Arjun: Mothe ingge konjum paaru. Chumma laptop ye nodinkittu irukke. (First, take your eyes from the laptop and look at me.)

Anjali: (turns to him) Enna da!!?? (What??)

Arjun: Illei yeppe parthalum velei velei nu irukkiye. Konje naalu leave potu enggeyavathu poitu varalame?? Neeyum ippothan oru periya case’eh mudichirukke. Naanum periya problem lernthu thappichi vanthirukken. Mind relax panrathukku aavuthu enggeyavathu poitu varalam. Shalu kuttykum school holidays start aayirichi. Paavam ive, Chennai thavire vere enggeyum ava ponathe illei. (He side hugs his 5 years old niece, Shalini @ Shalu. Anjali again continues working on laptop.) (You are always busy with your work only. Let’s take few days off and go for avacation.You just have solved a big case. And I too just escaped from a terrible problem. At least we should go for mind relaxation. And our Shalu too on school holidays. Pity her, she has never went out of Chennai.)

Shalu: (feels irritated with Anjali) Po, mama!! Amma kitte pesurathu waste. Avunggalukku avungge velei thaan mukkiyam. (Just leave, uncle. No use talking to mom. Her work only is important for her.) (Crosses her arms and turns her face sulking with her mother. Anjali closes her laptop and gets up from her place. She looks at her daughter and crosses her arms.)

Anjali: Sari. Engge polam?? (Where we want to go??) (Shalini turns to her in surprise.)

Shalu: Nejemava?? (Really??) (Anjali nods.) Mama, amma sari sollittangge. (Uncle, mom has agreed!!)

Guy: Athuthan Shalu maa enakke shock’ah irukku. Ungge amma sari sollittangge. (That is what I’m wondering, Shalu. Your mom has agreed.) (Anjali slaps his head.)

Anjali: Enna?? Kindala?? Neethane ivale thoondi vitte?? (What?? Are you teasing me?? You are the one has provoked her, right??)

Guy: Illei, Anjali. Evvalavo naalthaan neeyum velei, case’nu alanjikittu iruppe?? Athu naalathan…. (No, Anjali. How long you will always think about your job and case?? That’s why…..)

Anjali: Pothum pothum nambitten. (Looks at Shalu) (Yeah, right. I believe you.) Sari, sollu engge polam. (Ok. Tell me. Where you want to go??) (Shalu looks at Arjun who is mouthing her something. She nods.)

Shalu: Mumbai’kku polam, ma. (We will go to Mumbai, mom.)

Anjali: (confused) Mumbai ah?? (Shalu nods.) Mumbai yethukku?? Avvalavo thoorama. Ingge ulle Ooty, Kodaikkanal polamle. Avvalavo thooram ethukku?? (Mumbai?? It’s too far!! We can go the nearby place like Ooty or Kodaikkanal here. Why do you want to go that far??)

Shalu: Mumbai beach paakanum. (I want to see Mumbai beach.)

Anjali: Chennaile paakathe beach’ah Mumbai le paake pore?? (Which beach you want to see in Mumbai that you didn’t see in Chennai??)

Shalu: Ingge ullathu Chennai beach, ma. Athu Mumbai beach. (Mom, this is Chennai beach. That is Mumbai beach.)

Anjali: Beachle ennadi Chennai, Mumbai nu?? Beach, beach’u thaan. Anggellam onnum poge vendam. (Beach is beach only. We are not going there.)

Anjali’s mom: Anjali, athan Shalu aasapadura le. Ethukku vendamnu sollure?? (Anjali, Shalu wants to go, right?? Why are you refusing her??)

Anjali: Amma, Mumbai rombe thooram!! (Mom, Mumbai is very far.)

Arjun: Namme enna nadantha poge porom?? Flight yeruna konje nerathuleye poyiralam. Sari nu sollu, Anjali. (Are we going there by walking?? If we take flight, we will reach there in few hours. Just say yes, Anjali.) (Anjali is about to say something but her mobile rings. She answers her call.)

Anjali: Yes, sir!!

Shalu: Pochi!! Namme enggeyo poge mudiyathu. Ammakku thirumbavum velei vanthuruchi. (It’s gone!! We can’t go anywhere. Mom has received a new work.) (Arjun nods.) Ethukku paati un ponne CBI officer’ah aage vitte?? Eppo paarthalum velei velei nu. Pesame avunggale nee padikke anuppame irukkalam. (Why did you let your daughter to become a CBI Officer, grandma?? It could have been better if you never sent her to school.) (She says slapping her head. Anjali ends her call and looks at them.)

Arjun: Yaaru?? Un higher officer’ah?? Enna sonnaru?? Puthu case’ah?? (Who was that?? Your higher officer?? What did he say?? Any new case??) (He asks her like an investigation officer while Anjali gives him a weird look.)

Anjali: Mumbai city Commissioner ennei paakanum sollirukkaru. (Mumbai Commissioner wants to meet me.)

Shalu: Appo, naame Mumbai’ku poroma?? (That means are we going to Mumbai??) (Anjali nods. Shalu grins happily.) Mama, un plan padi naame Mumbai’ku porom. (Uncle, as per your plan, we are going to Mumbai.) (Arjun looks at her in shock and signs her to stop.)

Anjali: (smirks at Arjun) Too late, brother. Enakku erkanave teriyum. Krithika paake thaane Mumbai poganum sollure?? (Too late, brother. I have guessed it earlier. You want to meet Krithika, right??) (Arjun smiles sheepishly.) Namme yellathukkum tickets book pannu. (Book tickets for all of us.)

Anjali’s dad: Yellathukkum na?? Enneyum ammavaiyum sertha?? (All means?? Me and your mother too??)

Anjali: Aama, neengge rendu perum ingge thaniya irunthu enna panne poringge?? Arjun, ivungge ippadithaan solluvaangge. Nee tickets book pannu. Naalaikke naame Mumbai’kku porom. (Yes, what you both want to do here being alone?? Arjun, they will say like this only. You just book the tickets. We will leave to Mumbai tomorrow itself.) (Arjun nods and takes his mobile.)

Next Day

Shivaay comes out from a hotel after washing his face. He is very much exhausted because of running since yesterday. He was thinking what to do to prove his innocence. His eyes caught a news on TV about him. Mohit’s announcing reward for the person who will find Shivaay has shocked him. Few people started to see Shivaay. Shivaay escapes from there but not for long. The police has arrived there. Shivaay runs again from there. He is about to cross the road in front of him but one of the policeman takes out his gun and shoots. The bullet hits Shivaay’s leg. Shivaay screams in pain. The police runs towards him but Shivaay manages to cross the road before they reach him. The police too cross the road but they can’t find Shivaay. Shivaay is hiding behind a tree controlling his pain. The police missed to see him and leave from the place.

Shivaay: No, I can’t let them to catch me. I need to find the evidence to save me. (Looks at his leg.) Aargghhh!! It’s painful. I need to get this treated. But how?? Everyone must have seen the news. (Sighs and leaves from there limping.)

To be continued….

Precap: Anjali meets the commissioner. Arjun and Shalu saw someone. Anjali in Oberoi Mansion.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    sad that bhavya couldn’t help anika gauri as evidence is against shivay.anjali arjun shalu scene was lovely.now they will go to Mumbai.hope anjali will be able to prove shivay innocent.sad that shivay’s leg was shot.but good that still he has hidden himself from the cops.
    doesn’t anjali have a husband?

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Thanks for your comment
      Anjali is a single mother… If anyone has watched the movie, must have known what happened to him… But don’t worry, I will give small brief about her husband for the readers to understand more clearly…

      1. Jasminerahul

        sorry.I haven’t watched the movie

  2. Ruby_MarNy

    Thanks for your comment ❤️❤️❤️
    Anjali is a single mother… If anyone has watched the movie, must have known what happened to him… But don’t worry, I will give small brief about her husband for the readers to understand more clearly…

  3. Astmasiddika

    Lovely update darlz Shalu baby Alagu Nayan cute waiting for next update

    Precap- i think AD& Shalu will help Shivay now & Nayan will help Oberoi family

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Thank you very much, dear❤️❤️❤️
      Will try to update next one by tonight…

  4. ItsmePrabha

    Awesome update..anjali,shalu aur arjun scen is so cute and funny..oh no! billu is hurt..and anjali in OM..excited for it..will be waiting for the next..

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Thank you very much, dear😘😘😘 Will try to post by tonight…

  5. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Thank you very much, dear😍😍😍

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