I will never let you go #Riansh TS by RiansHLoveR Chapter — 1

Hello!! Today I came with a Two Shot. I really lost interest in my ff so I thought to try something else. I am not saying that because of less comments I lost interest but something elseπŸ€”πŸ€”. Ok let’s start with today’s one leaving my useless bakwass..


The OS starts from the part when Riddhima and Vansh jumped from the cliff together. After they jumped they fell down on the ground. Vansh got hurt in his head and leg. Riddhima’s hand got cut. She also got hurt near her chest. (She is not pregnant in this OS).

After 12 hours:

Vansh opens his eyes and saw that Angre was sitting beside him and patting his cheeks. He gets up in Angre’s support and sits under a tree.

Vansh:Where is Riddhima?

Angre:Boss I didn’t find her.

Vansh: What do you mean by didn’t find her? She was with me only and I got conscious after maybe 10 hours or more then where did she went? ( annoyed).

Angre:Don’t worry bro it may also happen that she came back home by her own. Let’s go.

Vansh:No it can never happen. She will not go leaving me here alone. I think she in some problem, I should search her.

Vansh gets up and searches for her in the jungle.

Angre:How can I make you understand that she is properly fine and safe.

Angre goes behind Vansh to take him home.

Vansh was roaming in the forest and shouting.

Vansh:Riddhima!! Can you hear me, see your Vansh came to take you back. Riddhimaa…

He was searching here and there when we saw someone comes wearing a red leather suit. It was a girl. Her hair was tied in a long pony tail. She has a rifle in her hand. She aims gun towards Vansh. Actually she was Riddhima.

She puts her finger on the trigger. Then she shots in his leg. Vansh fell down on the ground immediately. She gives an evil smile and leaves from there.

While Vansh was wincing in pain. Angre saw him from a distance and runs to him.


Angre calls a car. He took Vansh with him and goes near the car. Then they left for VR Mansion.

In VR Mansion:-

Everybody was busy in their own lifes like before. Just then Angre enters with Vansh. Everyone was shocked to the core seeing him in this condition.

Ishani and Siya:Vansh bhai!!

All of them run towards him.

Vansh:No need to panic. I am fine., Angre take me to my room.

Angre:Ok Boss.

He took Vansh to his room.

Ishani:See my bhai is in this condition and there Riddhima came back home like nothing happen only.

Aryan:She has started to show his true colour now. I have doubt on her from before only.

Dadi:Can you all please stop giving your useless perspectives.

Siya:Let’s go Dadi, let me them do whatever they want.

Siya and Dadi leaves. Others also leaves.

In Riansh’s room:

Vansh saw that Riddhima was sleeping on the bed with her earphones in her ear. May be she is listening songs. Angre makes him sit and leaves from there.

Vansh thought to call her then he thought she must be tired so he took the first aid box and aid his wound by himself. He tooks out the bullet and applied the ointments.

He went to the washroom to changed his clothes and get freshed.

After he came out from the washroom he saw that Riddhima was not in the bed. He was suprised at first then he saw her sleeping in the couch.

Vansh to himself:What happened to her now? She was sleeping on the bed then why she went to the couch suddenly? If I am not wrong then she is awake only.

Vansh goes near her and place his hand on her head.

Vansh ( in low voice):Riddhima!! Are you awake? Riddhimaa…Riddhimaa…

Riddhima opens her eyes angrily. She jekrs her hand and sit down on the couch.

Riddhima:Can’t you see I am sleeping? ( irritate). I am not well after those chaos from morning so please.

Vansh:I can understand you can take rest but..

Riddhima(Cutting her in middle):What but? Let me sleep now.

Vansh:You can sleep in the bed. Why are you sleeping over here? Come.

He took her in his arms and was taking her to the bed.

Riddhima:Leave me!! Make me down I said!! ( shouting).

Vansh puts her down in shock. He cups her face and said,

Vansh:Why are you behaving like this sweetheart? Please say, you are angry on me? Say what happened.

Riddhima:You want me happy right? So let me sleep.

She removes his hand and again sleep in the couch.

Vansh’s pov starts:-

I was utterly shocked to see her in this behavior. What happened to her suddenly in this 12 hours? She is behaving like this because she is not well? I think she needs rest. I should not disturb her now. Even I should also take rest.

Vansh’s pov ends.

He brushes off his thoughts and went to sleep instead of doing overthinking. He switch off the bed side lamp ans then closes his eyes.

Next Morning :-

Vansh opens his eyes after his deep sleep. But what he saw makes him totally flabbergasted. He saw that he is tied to the bed. His mouth is also covered with a cloth so that he can’t say anything. He was just making sound through his mouth so that Riddhima comes and unties it.

He saw Riddhima comes there but she sits on a chair. She was giving death glare to him. Vansh don’t know what is happening. He tried to tell her something.

Riddhima:I know what you want to say. You want me to say to open those ropes and to remove the cloth from your mouth am I right or am I right?

Vansh nodded.

Riddhima:The answer is no!! I will not. And about the reason you will get to know about that very soon my dear hubby, opps soon to be ex. ( smirks).

Vansh to himself:I don’t know what happened to her in that 12 hours. Why she is behaving like this. But what did she mean by ex? Does she want…No no no. It can never happen. I know she loves me a lot. Even I loves her so much. But what happened!!

His thoughts were interrupted when he saw Riddhima gives him an injection. He tries to protest but ends up being unconscious. A man came inside the room after he got unconscious.

Riddhima and that person unties the ropes and takes him with them. They puts him in a car and left to a place.

We saw it is a half burnt house. Creeping plants have grown on the house. The floor was full of dry leaves. Riddhima and the person was carrying Vansh with them. While walking on the dry leaves it makes a rustle sound. They kept him on a chair and again tied him up.

Both of them were waiting for Vansh to gain conscious. After few moments Vansh was opening his eyes slowly slowly. He saw Riddhima and Kabir was sitting in front of him. Riddhima was wearing a bridal lehanga and Kabir was wearing a kurta punjabi. Pandit was chanting mantras. He understood very well what was going to happen.

Vansh:Stop it!! What is this happening. Riddhima how can you marry him? I know you loves me. He must have blackmailed you right?

Riddhima:No, he didn’t do anything. This marriage is happening in my wish. We love each other.

Vansh:Stop this nonsense. You loves me I know that.

Kabir:She said na she loves me. I told you before also no one can forget their first love. And why she will love a person like you in which her life is always at risk everyday. She might have died tomorrow. She understood in which she will get peace and love.

Vansh:Lie!! It’s a lie. I can’t believe it. ( gritting his teeth).

Riddhima:It will be better for you to accept the truth then to claim right on others things. (stern).

Vansh:My heart is aching Riddhima. You know how much I love you. I can do anything for you sweetheart please. I can leave my family also. Riddhima please.

Vansh was crying bitterly. He has totally surrendered himself to her feet. If she want then only he will live otherwise he will end his life at her feet only.

Vansh:If you marry him then today will be my last day in this world. You have to see Vansh’s death before marrying him.


So now tell me which one you want in next update this TS or ff’s next episode. Not two!! I will post any of them, so say it. And tell me how you like this TS? Guess who is the person who enters atlast. Any guess about the stroyline?πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ˜›. Bye and take care…

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