I will die in this love – Episode 3

Hi Guys, First of all please forgive me for not posting ff from three 3 Weeks 

Now Let’s Start the FF

Episode Starts with Angre taking Siya to Riddhima and says go with Siya Riddhima and get her change. Riddhima says Ok and takes siya to her room and gives her some clothes and ask her, when other than aryan and your big brother vansh any boy touches you didn’t see a moment and slap him and now when angre bhai touched you you didn’t say anything to him. Siya doesn’t say anything and starts thinking in her yes riddhima is right but what is happening to me but Riddhima coughs and says Pyaar to Hona Hi tha and teases Siya and Siya rushes to washroom. Now let me tell you dressing of everyone

Siya dress



After Sometimes Ishani And Riddhima start talking and say

Ridhu – Well done Ishani, I think yiu should be a love guru

Ish – Tell me something I don’t know riddhu, well do you asked the question that I told you to ask from Siya

Ridhu – Yes I asked and after that she was lost in her thought

Ishu – Ok Now next step is *********

Ridhu – Good, Ok now let’s go down but as they were going they saw someone and get shocked 😲😲

Precap – Angre and Siya Both propose each other. Vansh kills someone

  1. Kya?Sorry i stoped at Vansh kills someone…Oh my god who?😦😨

    Was waiting for your next episode dear …thank you❤

  2. Firstly thanks for posting the episode. I was waiting long but it is so short. Secondly in the precape of last episode Vansh was ready to involve in mission to unite Angre and Siya That’s why I am thinking the person who shock Riddhima must be Vansh. Hopefully. Thirdly in the precape Vansh killing someone is really unbelievable. Happy for Angre and Siya union but I didn’t expect it so early.

  3. What !!!!! Vansh kills someone. I don’t y vansh kill someone but your precap definitely killed us .

  4. Finally you are back!!!☺️☺️
    Seriously eagerly waiting for the update dear!
    Please keep us updated 😊
    Happy to see siya and angre together 🥰🥰
    Nice episode keep going..!!
    lots of love 💗

  5. Maitree

    Ok Guys So I thought that you are not really liking vansh killing someone ok then I will not make vansh kill someone

  6. Jazzmiiiine10

    Very long time……………….And after so much time only this much ??? By d way Thanks at least u wrote….Long episodes…

  7. Nice episode 👌👌
    Try to update the episodes as early as you can

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