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Sorry for longgggggggg nd boring update frndz,,, as I thought to complete their love story in 2 shots,, I need to give this much of long update,, I know it will take more time to read nd it kills ua patience nd time too,, but please don’t scold me if its boring…… as I really not expected to give this lengthy one,, I wrote in a flow nd it became such a long one… plzzz doo comment abt dis in comment box… whether positive or negative???,, I will accept both…… tqqqqqqqqq all…………..


In Mumbai……
In a night reception,, both d couples are happily smiling for their photos,, all are njoying d party… a woman asks another woman,,
Woman 1:: What an awesome costume???
woman 2: shezz looking gorgeous in dis….. ?????… pointing to groom..
Woman1:yaa.. . D fabric used fr dis was good…. Whoz d designer for dis???
Woman2::hmmm…. Me too donoooo..
Suddenly a gurl comes and says,, shez my lovely di…. There she is.. Nd point towards a lady,, talking to sumone in opoosite direction,, shez wearing a purple colour saree with golden border with matching ornaments nd lite makeup…
Woman 1 nd 2 smiles looking at d girl…. Nd says,, may I know her name???
Girl:ofcourse aunty…. Wait I will call her… nd shouts….. Diiiiiiii,,,, pragya diiiiii…..
Pragya turns now nd smiles at her….

Girl signals her to come…
Pra:bul…. Yyy are u shouting like dat…..
Bul:aunty… shezz my diii… pragya arora,, fashion designer,, she only designed their costumes….
Pra smiles at them md greets them..
Woman1: they are really fantastic pra…. Next month I had my cousins marriage,,, y don’t u design for me….
Pra:sure mam…. I will…. Nd their talk continues for sum time….
Lets move to our hero now….
In a clg…… a grp of students are talking to eachother

Per1: soooo going back to india…..
Persn2:yesssss….. Aftr many years am gonaaa see my family, nd pragya…..
Persn1:again pragya…..
Person2: yessss… sanjay uncles daughter……
Persn1: hoooo god abhiiii…. I think ua gng crazy abt dat pragya day by day…..
Yes person 2 is our abhi…..
abhi:bczzz shez sweet nd love sweets???….

Persn1: sooo u love dat sweet???….
Abhi smiles widely: love???…. Nice joke dude….me??? Love????…. Nooo wayssss….
Suddenly a girl interrupts nd sats… abhi why cant we have a party tonight as we all are gng back to india soon naa…
Abhi:sure tanu…… they enjoyed..
Days passed abhi nd his friends startd their journey back to india….
Screen shIft to india….
Pra is making brkfast in kitchn nd sanjay comes Down…
Sanjay:good morning dear…
Pra:very good morning papa… just 2 mins okkk… I will make everythng ready….
Sanjay:sure dear… wat abt dat saithan nd rowdy….
Pra:I have too see them now… nd moves to their room…

In bul room…
Bul:diiiii…. I dnt know wat to wear today,, am really confused abt dis.. Plzzz help me naaa…
Pra comes nd selects her a dress… bul hugs her with hapiness nd goes to chnge her dress… pra leaves from their…
She goes to aravind,, nd asusual he was ready with his own style nd his own look….
Pra Stands at d door by folding her arms nd aravind notices her and says… good morning dii….
Pra:good morning choti…… sooo all set???
Ara:yaaa diii…. Nd sayS shall we leave…
Pra:yaaa papa is waiting fr us…. Come… they leave…
They all complete their brkfast,, aravind nd bul leaves to clg nd sanjay leaves to offce…
Pra thinks to visit dadi once nd thinks to goo MM….
Abhi lands in mumbai……..

Purab goes to airport nd they had some funny moments their….
Pra receives a call from a lady(a woman asks pra to design her a saree)
Lady::heloo.. am I speaking to miss pragya arora..
Pra:yaa whozz..????
Lady says her details..
Pra remembers her and says…. Hooo okk mam,,, tell me…
Lady::actually I asked u to design a saree for me ryt…

Pra::yaaaaaaaaa mam but,, its not now naa…
Lady::: yaaa… I actually,, I wanna ask u onething,, I came to my frnd daughter marriage,, soo here we had a problem with designer,, so I thought to ask u once bfre sayng ua details to them,,, r u free fr next 1 week….
Pra::mam,, can I know d venue details….
Lady::yaaa….. marriage is in Kolhapur….
Pra interrupts and says,, mam,, but I cant come immediately their…
Lady::pra plzz,, think dis as my request,,, we cant take risk on other designers,, sooo plzz,, I will make sure that,, noo trouble will reach u,,, I will send u train tickets nd we will receive u ere,, nd look after u for entire arriage,, plzz accept this pragya…. As my friend is feeling very tensed…
Pra cant deny d offer nd accepts on her insist….

Pra::mam… we I need to start??
Lady::actually pra marriage is aftr three days,, but I think u should start tonight……. In a low voice…
Pra:okkk mam…. I will…. Nd hangs d call…
Pra informs this to sanjay,, nd he too agrees with it nd says I will book ticket fr u,,,, she calls bul nd aravind also,, informs them…nd she calls dadi…
Dadi::haa pra beta…. How r u???
Pra::jii dadi…. How r u??
Dadi:: very much happy beta… as am going to see my abhi aftr many years,,,, nd u said ua coming here…
Pra::haa dadi… I thought but,,, nd explains evrythng….
Dadi:: very happy beta….. but take care of u….
Pra::okk dadi… take care of ua health….
She starts packing her lagguage….
Abhi nd purab reaches MM…..

Dadi sees him nd happy tears flows through her eyes…he runs nd hugs her,,, alia also hugs him…. They all have an emotional moments their(dadi, alia,purab nd abhi)…..
Dadi:betaa…. Am really happy today,, all my grand childrens are together nd infornt of my eyes,,, this is d real festuval for me… nd again hugs trio…. They all makes dadi happy….
Dadi:abhi…. Go nd get frsh up…. We all will have brkfast together today,, as am waiting fr this from long time….
Abhi:okkk dadi,, I will be back in 15 mins nd leaves from their….
Abhi comes down nd they all go to dinning hall….
Purab::dadi,, u said naa,, pra di will come here…..

Dadi::haa beta,, but shez gng to kolhapur today…
Alia::kolhapur…???? But why dadi???
Dadi explains,, purab nd alia felt happy,,, soo we cant see pra di for next 1 week,, I miss her” says pur with sad voice… abhi just listen to their talks…..
Abhi ”hooo,, this pra seems to be very intresting,, seems all are attached to her very much… d fact is am also eagerly waiting to see her,,,but madam is busy for next one week,, I cant see her,, but I want to see her immediately…but howwww???????”(thinks in his mind)
Suddenly he gets a call from someone,, he excuses nd goes aside,, nd talks to dat person(which is muted)…
He comes back nd says,, dadi am gng for my frnd marriage tomarow,, I think I will be back after week…….
Dadi::u came just now,, again now ua leaving us…

Pur::haa bhai,,, nooo ua not going anywhere… with a pout face
Alia:this time agree with purab bhai…
Abhi:: dadi,,plzz hez my best friend,, I need to attend this… I will be back na… plzz nd convinces her…..
He didn’t say d place….
Here pra is ready with her lagguage,, but due to that reason she cant goo dat night so thought to go next day night(as she had another work to complete on day time,, so she tought to go night)…..
Abhi packs his lagguage also…. They both reach railway station without eachother knowledge,,, till now they didn’t saw eachother(as both tought that,, they have to see the other person directly not in mobile or some other way)

In railway station……
Abhigya were waiting for train,, but they cant see eachother(no one came to give send off to them,, as both denied),, as railway station is filled with many people….
They both felt some one close to their heart is near by them,, nd their heart beat is raised suddenly,,, they both keeps their hand on their chest at time nd looks aroud,, but didn’t find anyone….
Train comes nd they gets inside…..
Abhi reached his booked seat,, nd his side their was a old couple (it was 3Tier ac)…. Old man talked to abhi,,, they both introduced eachother…
Abhi was waiting to know who are going to sit opposite to him,, train whistled and then a lady came by waiving bye to a little baby… shez pra…
Pra came and sat opposite to him…. Abhi whoz busy in talking with that old couple,, didn’t noticed pra…

Pra looks at him nd smiles,, as he seems to be very jovial person….
As traim is started,, pra took her laptop nd started working on some designs,,,
Abhi saw her nd his eyes were popped out????? to see a beautiful girl beside him… he saw her working on laptop nd thought d lady is a software engineer….
He made many attempt to grasp her attention bt failed… dat old couole looking his antics nd laughing…

At 10pm:::
Soo all the members are tierd nd asked abhi to put off the lights(pra is looking out,, shez njoying the scenery),,, abhi puts off the light, as hi berth is upper berth,, he moves to his sleep…
The old man request pra to take upper berth as they cant sleep their,, pra agrees nd goes to upper berth….
Abhi nd pra rest on upperberth facing eachother…
Abhi sleeps thinking something nd suddenly he wokes u in mid of night nd didn’t find pra opposite to him,, he gets down nd goes in search of her ….

While coming out he sees pra standing near door by folding her arms…
It was chilling cold wind,, she covered her hands with her dupatta nd looking out…
To make her aware,, he makes a little sound,, but she didn’t reply to him….
He too stood their by looking at her innocent nd cute face….
Pra sees him nd waves her hand infrnt of him.. he comes into senses nd smiles at her,, she too smiles back…
They both become nervous nd donoo what to talk with eachother.. they both felt something weird nd looking somewhere… nd then abhi started convoo

Abhi::I think u like travelling????
Pra::actually yes…. I like travelling by train, n dike this winter breeze…. She started expressing abt her feelings when she was travelling,,,,
Abhi really liked her… pra goes on talking continuosly,, in the whole,, while abhi just nodding his head…
Abhi really liked her company ??? nd her innocent pure heart♥ ,, but he feels shez near to his heart nd really donoo what exactly he feels abt her,, nd suddenly he remembers pra(he too donoo why he rememberd her)…. Their convoo was going on,, they talked some random things,, about life, love etc,,, by their convo eachothers they came to know that there is no one in their life(lover),,,, but till now they didn’t know eachother name also…. just then they realized dat it was 1am….
Pra::I think we must have some sleep..

Abhi cant disagree with her,, he left nd then followed by pra….
They both rested on their berths…
Pra slowly dozed into sleep,, abhi is keep on looking at her,,, he too dono when he slept…
The next day they woke up almost at the same time,, they smiled looking eachother nd went down…
They reached Kolhapur
They parted opposite sides went out….
Their some one is waiting for pra and she reached the venue…
Lady came and receives pra and asks her to get frsh up…
She goes to her room…

Abhi reaches the same venue,, nd tanu welcomes him(yess,,, lady is tanu mother’s frnd,,, phone convo:: tanu calls him,, abhi::haa tanu,, bolo,, did u reach safe…
Tanu::haa,, abhi wen are starting…
Abhi::I know tanu,, its ua marge,, nd I will be their at tym okk…send me d venue details
Tanu::okk,, did u met pra,,, abhi::noo tanu,, shez gng Kolhapur for some marriage,,
Tanu remebrs her aunt sayng pragya arora,, designer nd asks abhi:: abhi,, ua sayng abt pragya arora,, designer??? …. Abhi::yaaa… but hw u know abt her….??? Tanu explains him evrythng….. abhi::okkk,,, tanu,, I will start tomarw,, send me d details,,, tanu:: I know abhi… ua coming early to see ua pra ryt…. Abhi::nothing like dat,, just send me d details fast nd hangs d call….)
Abhi::tanu,, did she come….. I came to know she will reach yesterday only..
Tanu:: nooo,, abhi… she came just now nd went to her room… u too go to ua room nd get freshen up…
Abhi goes to his room..
Pra gets freshen up nd goes to dat out.., their some one speaks abt abhishek prem mehra,, nd she was surprised to hear his name there… she thinks to look aftr him nd finds his room nd rushes to his room…
She enters into room without knocking d door nd shocked to see abhi their without shirt nd just a single towel covering his body,,, abhi sees at door,,as he hears some noise at door nd he too shocked to see pra their… abhigya was stunned to see eachother syas both”youuuu….”(at a time)…nd then realizes their situation,, abhi turns opposite side by holding his towel tightly,, nd pra excuses herself by closing her eyes wiyh both the her hands nd goes outside nd stands beside door,, leaning to wall nd breaths heavily….
They suddenly thinks of everything and says,

Pra::abhishek prem mehra…….???
Abhi::pragya arora……??? they both opens their mouth
Screen freezes their with each other shocked face……….

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