I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari(Season 2) Episode-20

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Episode 19 here

Sanskar gets juice for ragini ,who sat on bed being upset..
Sanskar:have juice
Sanskar:peelo dear
Ragini:i dont want anything
Sanskar:ab kya hua ..y are u angry on me
Ragini:dont u knw ?y did u send badimaa badipapa nd all..
Sanskar:i didnt..they came for ur babyshower..ur babyshower hogaya naa..so they left..
Ragini:but before they had left badimaa nd swara asked u something..but what u said huh..
Sanskar:wo sab chodo juice peelo..
Ragini:sanskar understand their feelings na..they wanted to stay here nd wanted to take care of me..
Sanskar:im here for u naa,Howmany times i have told u..i do not anyone to take care u..
Ragini:haan sanskar but i didnt like the way u sent them..u would have said yes..
Sanskar(almost shouted):y dont u understand ragini..we dont knw what will happen after 2months(hope u all remember complications in ragini’s pregnancy)every moment that i have spend very precious to me…i just want to be with u every moment..but u cant understand..fine ,u want them to stay here to take care urself naa..ok..call them nd ask them to come..he said angrily nd goes..

Ragini came to kitchen where sanskar was there…
Sanskar doesnt say anything..
Ragini:sanskar look at me
Ragini:do i really call badimaa
Sanskar glares at her..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar: not funny ragini
Ragini (hugs him):sorry..i could not able to see badimaa face when u said no..i felt badimaa got hurt with ur words so i just wanted them to stay here at least for 2 days..
Sanskar:they will understand ragini..
Sanskar looks at her annoyed..
Ragini:ok baba..leave it..gussa chodo..
Sanskar:teeke..tum juice peelo
Ragini:u dont forget that naa..
Sanskar(picks her in his arms):chalo
Ragini:chalo hubby
@next day
Ragini was lost in thoughts..she recalled sanskar words “we dont knw what will happen after 2months..every moments will be very precious to me”sanskar came nd sees her sad face..
Sanskar:what are u thinking moti
Ragini(raised her eyebrow at him):moti??
Sanskar:haan..look at urself..moti
Ragini pinched him hard..
Ragini:stop calling me like that
Ragini( throws pillow at him)dont talk to me
Ragini looks at him angrily..
Sanskar:i will talk to my baby..
Ragini turned her face with pout..
Sanskar(held her tummy nd kissed it):haii baby
Ragsan looks at eo..their eyes brimmed with happiness as
they felt baby movement when sanskar said hai to baby..
Sanskar:ragini did u see.. baby listening to me..
Ragini nodded smiling emotionally..
Sanskar:baby u r listening to ur dad naa..
Again baby moves..
Sanskar jumps in excitement..ragini smiles at him..
Sanskar kissed on her tummy happily..
Ragini(placed her hand on her tummy):baby
Baby moves again..
Ragini:sanskar see naa..baby responding me also..
Sanskar nodded smiling..
Both hugs eo happily..
Sanskar:sleep ragini..its 11
Ragini nodded as no
Sanakar:kya hua
Ragini:i want to go out
Sanskar:chup chap sleep
Ragini looks at him with pout..
Sanskar:sleep like good girl
Ragini:areh mein nay..baby wants to go out..hain naa baby..
Ragini(acts as baby):hu mumma
Ragini:see baby said
Sanskar glares at her..
Ragini smiles sheepishly..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar:for baby only..not for u
Ragini:oye..i warn u..pehele mein..later baby..
Sanskar smiles nd lifts her in his arms nd makes her sit in car..
Sanskar sat on bench ,ragini was in his lap,resting her head on his chest..
Sanskar:shall we go dear
Ragini:nay..want to stay for sometime..(she encircled her hands around him nd closed her eyes feeling sleepy)
Sanskar wrapped his arm around her ,holding her into his embrace safely…
Ragini(with closed eyes):sanskar
Ragini:i want hot coffee
Sanskar:u should not take more coffee dear..
Ragini:nothing happened by one coffee..plzz
Sanskar looks around ,not found any stall..
Sanskar stood with ragini in his hands nd walks for search of coffee stall..

After walking some distance ,he found one coffee stall..coffee vendor looks at sanskar nd ragini in his lap..
Sanskar:kaka ek coffee..
He(smiles looking at them):aap bytiye vaha..i will get
Sanskar smiles nd sat on bench which is there..
The vendor gives coffee to sanskar..
Sanskar:ragini coffee
Ragini opened her eyes..
Sanskar makes her drink coffee..
Ragini(kissed his cheek):love u..
Sanskar looks at vendor being lil embarrassed..the vendor smiles at him..
Sanskar paid him..he blessed them as they live life long happily..
Sanskar smiles..
Ragini says slowly hope it will be true..
Ragini:kuch nay..
Sanskar:ab chale ghar
Ragini:nay..i wanna stay some more time..
Still ragsan wr on bench..sanskar sat on bench nd ragini was in hils lap fallen asleep..after sometime ragini opened her eyes nd looks at sanskar who just staring at her without blinking his eyes..
Ragini looks at his watch its 3am..
Ragini:sanskar its 3..u should have wake me up naa..
Before sanskar could speak..
Ragini:i knw what will u say..this is my fault i just thought to take nap but..sorry..
Sanskar glares at her..
Ragini:ok.ok.sry cancel..lets go home
Sanskar nodded nd takes her to the car..
Ragini wakes up ,as usual sanskar is there with her bf nd medicine..
Sanskar(kissing her forehead):gud mng dear
Ragini smiles..
He feeds her bf nd medicine nd about to to keep plate in kitchen ,ragini held his hand..
Sanskar:do u want anything
Ragini pulls him nd makes him sleep in her lap..
Sanskar:what are u doing dear
Ragini:u didnt have much sleep last night naa..sleep for sometime
Sanskar:im fine dear
Ragini:sleep for sometime
Ragini:shhh..close ur eyes..
Sanskar smiles nd closed his eyes..
Ragini smiles nd caresses his hair..she says to herself i dont want to go leaving u sanskar..i want to live my life with u sanskar..i love u so much sanskar..she kissed his forehead..
2months passed..its ragini’s 9th month..
Ragini:want ice cream
Ragini:plzzz..this is last..i will not ask again..plzz get na..
Sanskar:how can i go leaving u..
Ragini:for 15min i can takecare myself..
Ragini:do u get or not
Sanskar:ok..ok..dont be upset..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar keeps juice nd fruits there .
Sanskar:if u get hungry eat fruits..dont move untill i came..
Ragini:ok hubby
Sanskar:take care moti
Ragini punched him with her elbow..
Sanskar(smiles nd kissed her forehead):take carw..i will be back soon..
Ragini:i wil wait..
Sanskar nodded nd goes..
Sanskar came with icecream nd his heartbeat stopped seeing ragini lying unconscious on floor in pool of blood..he shouted her name loud..

Haiii guys..how are u..hope u all fine..im really sorry for late updates..i will try to give one or two updates in a wk..

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