I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari (Season 2) episode-18

Episode 17

Sanskar woke up nd doesn’t found ragini in room..he comes to kitchen nd sees ragini who is making coffee..ragini looks at him smiling..
Ragini:gd mng hubby
Sanskar comes to her nd picks her in his arms..
Ragini:what are u doing sanskar..my coffee..
Sanskar:chup..y did u cme to kitchen..i told u naa u should not do anythi..
Ragini:i just made coffee..
Sanskar:im here naa..u should have ask me..
Ragini:but u are sleeping naa..
Sanskar:i should have woke up before u..
Ragini:stop blaming urself..i just made coffee only naa..
Sanskar:whatever ,u should not do anything..
Sanskar:no more questions..u no need to do anything even small work..u just take care of our baby..i take care of u..
Ragini nodded smiling..
Sanskar makes her sit on bed..
Sanskar:sit quite..i will get coffee..dare to move from there..
Ragini nodded smiling..
Sanskar gets breakfast for ragini..
Sanskar:kya dear
Ragini:vo..badimaa called..she said all happy about this news..
Ragini:can i call them once here..they will be happy..
Sanskar:no need..
Sanskar(ignored her nd feeds bf):eat ..
Ragini understand she kept quite..
Sanskar fed her nd kissed her forehead saying take rest..
Sanskar gets lunch for ragini..
Ragini:sanskar ,i will eat sometime later
Sanakar:no way..i warn u ,this time u should not refuse food..u have to eat what ever i feed u..
Ragini:im scaring sanskar
Sanskar:kyun..kya hua dear
Ragini:u feeds me more even in normal days nd now i can imagine,what will be my situation..
Sanskar:u understand na..good..
So eat without refusing..
Ragini pouts..
Sanskar nd ragini walks entwining their hands..
Ragini:can u give a promise
Ragini:vo..vo..if u have a any situation to choose baby or me..then plz choose baby over me..
Sanskar left her hand..
Ragini:promise me naa
Sanskar:stop it ragini..
Ragini:i had talk with doc..he told ,there is a chance to happen like that due to my surgery..
Sanskar:nothing will happen like that..no need to afraid for anything..im here na to take care of u ..
Ragini:what if
Sanskar:chalo..u need to sleep
Ragini:tell na..
Sanskar picks her in his arms..
Sanskar:u knw ,what will i do that time nd u knw very well i cant live without u..
He took her to room nd made her lie on bed..he kissed her stomach nd says good night baby..
He turns to go..
Ragini( held his hand):for me???
Sanskar:for talking stupidly..
Ragini:ok sry..give me my kiss
Sanskar:promise me,u will not talk like this again..nd u should not think negative..all will be fine..
Ragini nodded..
Sanskar smiles nd kissed her forehead..
Ragini held his hand nd pus him close..
Sanskar:kya hua
Ragini looks at him lovingly nd kissed on his lips..
Sanskar smiles..
At midnight
Ragini who is sleeping on sanskar chest wakes up..sanskar sensed her movement nd he top woke up..
Sanskar:kya hua dear..are u ok.
Ragini:need to go washroom..feels like vomit..
Sanskar lifts her nd took her to washroom..nd after a while he took her back to bed..
He makes her drink water nd made her sleep..
After sometime,ragini again gets vomit..again sanskar took her..
Its repeating once for 30 mins..(it will happen in pregnancy time)
Ragini gets wk..sanskar worried for her..
Sanskar:tum teek tho hain naa..
Ragini nodded..
Sanskar:i will get milk for u
Ragini:no sanskar..i will again get vomit..
Sanskar:u looks wk ragini..u have to drink..
Saying he heads to kitchen without hearing ragini..
He made her drink milk..ragini placed her head on his shoulder ,sanskar caressed her hair..
Sanskar:are u ok
She apart from sanskar nd lied on bed..Sanskar sat beside her..
Ragini:sleep naa..
Sanskar:u sleep..
Ragini:im ok..u sleep..
Sanskar:if u need anything wake me up..
Sanskar lied beside her..ragini fallen asleep ,sanskar who is awake sat near her holding her hand..


Ragini woke up nd sees sanskar who sat beside her nd staring at her lovingly..
Ragini:sanskar..didnt u sleep
Sanskar:vo..vo..i just woke up..how are u feeling now..
Sanskar:ok i will get coffee for u..
Ragini gives a nod..
Sanskar made coffee for her..he made her bath..he prepared breakfast nd fed her..je made her est medicine..after some time he made her drink juice..after some time..he got fruits for her nd feeding her..ragini looks at him lovingly..
Sanskar:i will prepare lunch..
He turns to go..
Ragini(held his hand):sit
Sanskar:kya hua
Ragini looks at his tired face(he didnt have sleep last night nd he is continuously doing work)
Ragini hugs him..
Sanskar:are u ok
Ragini:im ok..but u r not
Sanskar:im ok
Ragini:stop lying..u didnt sleep na..
Sanskar kept mummm
Ragini(brks d hug nd kissed his forehead):im not able to see u like this..
Sanskar:im fine..
Ragini:sanskar ,can i call swara here..
Ragini:to take care of me
Sanskar:do u think ,i can not take care of u..
Ragini:its not like that sanskar..
Sanskar:u no need to wry about me..im fit nd fine..i should only take care of u nd our baby..nd i can do that..
Ragini gives assuring nod nd hug him..

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