I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari(Season 2) episode-17

Episode 16

Ragini rushed to hospital hearing sanskar’s accident news..she sat on chair crying..she recalling their all moments nd when she got the dream about sanskar ‘s accident..she cursing herself for letting sanskar go out..
Nurse informed ragini that sanskar gets conscious..as soon as she heard she barges inside where sanskar sat leaning his back on bed
with bandage on his head..
Ragini hugs him tight..
Ragini:i told u dont go..i begged u that stay in home but u didn’t listen..now see..what if anything happened to u..
Sanskar(brks d hug):who are u
Ragini:im angry on u..nd dont make me more angry
Sanskar:i really not understanding what are u talking..i dont knw who u are..
Ragini looks at him with shock..
Sanskar:hello miss im asking who are u
Ragini feels dizzy ,she faints in sanskar’s arms..
Ragini slowly opened her eyes nd sees sanskar who sat beside her..
Ragini looks at him with teary eyes
Sanskar( hugs her):sorry dear..i knw that was stupid prank..
Ragini(brks d hug):dont talk to me
Sanskar(wiped her tears):stop crying..u wasted ur whole energy on crying..u fainted being weak..
Ragini:i said dont talk..
Sanskar:ok i promise i will never do any pranks..nd i will listen whatever u say..plzzz
Ragini hits him while saying do u knw howmuch i got worried..
Sanskar:i knw
Ragini looks at him,sanskar pulled her into tight hug..
Sanskar:im extremely sorry..
Ragini encircled her both hands nd held him tight closing her eyes..
Doc came nd clears his throat..ragsan brks d hug..doc smiles..
Sanskar:vo..can we go home now
Doc:sure mr sanskar..take these medicine..its a small wound u will get fine in 2days..nd these medicines for ragini..
Ragini:mujhe kyun
Sanskar:kyun ki u r wk..
Ragini:im ok
Doc:take care both of u..
Ragsan nodded..
Ragsan reached their house..ragini stepped out from car..sanskar came nd picks her in his arms..
Ragini:sanskar im fine
Sanskar:i knw
Ragini:sanskar get me down..u r not well na..u also looking wk..
Sanskar:u r in my arms na..i will get strength..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar took her into bathroom..
Sanskar:get fresh..u cried so much na..u will feel better..
Ragini:u only made me cry
Sanskar(pecks her lips):sry
Ragini(smiles):ok u go nd take rest..
Sanskar nodded..
Ragini trying to open bathroom door after got fresh..but it doesn’t open..
Sanskar:kya dear
Ragini:bathroom door doesn’t open..
Sanskar:i closed outside
Sanskar:wait for some time
Ragini:kyun..what are u doing
Ragini:then y did u closed..tell what are u doing..
Sanakar:haan..im romancing with some other girl..
Ragini:achha..then open naa i will also see how u r romancing..
Sanskar:if u see..u will feel jealous..
Ragini:i will not feel jealous
Ragini:open the door,i will tell u
Ragini:no..i will brk the door
Sanskar:ohh..u have that much strength
Sanskar:achha..then i will use ur whole strength tonight..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar:ur smile
Ragini:i..i dodnt smile
Sanskar:i knw dear..
Ragini:u r diverting topic well..open d door..
She banged the door..
Sanskar:stop it..ur hand will get hurt..
Ragini:then open
Sanskar:haan baba..opening
He opens the door..
Ragini( crossing her arms):kya hua
Sanskar smiles widely..
Ragini:y are u smiling..
Sanskar:teek se dekho
Sanskar:our room
Ragini looks around nd sees whole room decorated with babies wallpapers..
Ragini looks at sanskar puzzled..
Sanskar held her hand nd made her sit on bed..
Ragini:what is this sanskar..
Sanskar:im going to be dad
Ragini:kya..now only u romanced with somegirl nd becoming dad..
Sanskar:uff..i got scratch on my head but ur brain got damage..
Sanskar(he placed her hand on his stomach):buddu..u are pregnant..

[In hospital ,ragini faints in sanskar’s arms..sanskar got worried nd calls doc..after checking ragini, he congratulated sanskar…
Sanskar looked puzzled..but after hearing what doc said..he hugs doc tight with happiness..his eyes got moist with happiness..he said to doc tgat dont tell this to ragini..he will surprise her..
Doc smiles nd leaves..]
Tears rolling down frm her eyes..
Sanskar:ur dreams came true ragini..we are going to be parents..now u no need to be sad for anything..
Ragini hugs sanskar nd cries with happiness..this time sanskar doesn’t stop her..kyun ki he knws those are happy tears..he wished this would be her last cry..
A happy tear escaped from his eye..he caressed her back..
Ragini brks d hug nd looks at sanskar smiling through her tears..
Sanskar merged his forehead with her’s..
Sanskar:u knw how much i curious to see the happiness when i tell u this news..
Ragini:u knw im more happy kyun ki, i heard this news from u..thank u for making this so special..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar:now onwards this rona dona band karo..now u have no reason to cry..
Ragini nodded smiling..
Sanskar smiles nd bends to her stomach nd kissed there softly..
Ragini smiles emotionally..
Sanskar(kissed her forehead):now take rest..i will get fresh nd come..
Saying he tiens to go..
Ragini:these baby pictures naa so cute like u..
Sanskar glares at her..
Ragini giggles..
Sanskar:im becoming dad nd u r still calling me cute..
Ragini:cutie tho always cutie..
Sanskar pouts..
Ragini pulls him nd kissed his lips..
Sanskar smiles..

Haii guys,sorry i changed track..i didnt feel sanskar memory loss track will good ,i dont want to ruin the story by that..so i cancelled that..hope u like this one

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