I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari(Season 2) episode-16

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Sanskar(back hugs ragini):this is not fair..u always in ur own world forgetting about me..
Ragini glares at him..
Sanskar:dont look at me like this..its truth..u are ignoring me nd my love..
Ragini(hits him playfully):dont say again..
Sanskar:i will
Ragini:sanskar plzz..im already in bad miod nd now u..
Ragini:u knw..
Sanskar:we met doc naa..he told no need to wry..then y are u getting worry..
Ragini(hugs him):but im scaring sanskar..
Sanskar (brk d hug nd kissed her forehead):keep faith..i knw u will give good news soon..
Ragini( smiles wkly):am i really ignoring u(she asked pouting)
Sanskar:if u felt not..then prove..
Ragini raised her eyebrow..
Sanskar:i want to do bath
Sanskar:im giving u chance to proove ur love..
Ragini:achha..but mr hubby ,i dont need to prove my love..
Sanskar( picks her in his arms):u have to..
Sanskar closed her mouth with his ‘s nd took her into washroom..
Ragini comes out from washroom wearing bathrobe..sanskar came behind wearing towel..ragini opens cupboard for cloths..sanskar hugs her behind nd nuzzles her neck..
Sanskar(huskily):getting crazy in ur love..
He bited her neck..
Ragini:stop it sanskar
Sanskar:i cant
Ragini turns at him nd glares at him..
Sanskar smiles mischievous nd pulled her bathrobe knot..
Ragini nodded as no..
Sanskar pulled her close holding her waist nd looks at her intensily..
Ragini:dont look at me like this..
Sanskar smiles nd picks her nd took her onto bed..
Ragini wakes up from her sleep..shouting sanskar name..
Sanskar(wakes up immediately): ragini..
Ragini hugs him tight nd cries..sanskar got worried..
Sanskar:kya hua ragini
Ragini weeps holding him tight..
Sanskar(brk d hug):ragini tell what happened..
Ragini:i got bad dream that u had accident..
Sanskar laughs..
Ragini:y are u laughing
Sanskar:its just a dream nd u are crying like its happened really..
Ragini slaps him..
Sanskar screams dramatically holding his cheek pouting..
Ragini:shut up..
Sanskar:ok baba..sorry..
Ragini hugs him nd thinks about her dream..
Sanskar(wiped her tears):nothing will happen to me dear..u just relax..
Sanskar:no but nd vut..forget about that dream..
He takes her into his embrace nd consoles her..
Sanskar is getting ready for office..
Ragini:sanskar dont go naa..
Sanskar:i have to go dear..
Sanskar:ragini y dont u understand..that was just dream..nothing Will happened to me..dont think like dumb..
Ragini:ok im foolish..dumb..whatever..but u should not go anywhere..plzz be with me..
Ragini(hugs him tight):plzzzz
Sanskar:fine..i wont go anywhere happy..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar kissed her forehead..
Ragini:i will go temple..u stay here..
Sanskar:me alone??i will come with u..
Ragini:no sanskar..i will go nd come soon
.u make lunch for me..
Sanskar:fine..take care..
Ragini smiles..
Ragini came from temple..
Sanskar:what ur god said..did he say nothing.happened to ur pati..(he said sarcastic)
Ragini:its not funny sanskar..
Ragini about to put teeka on his forehead..
Sanskar:wait wait..u knw i dont like all these..
Ragini:plzz for me..
Ragini puts teeka nd feeds him prasad..
Sanskar:are u happy now..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar:ragini come lets have lunch..
Ragini:vo..sanskar u eat..i will eat later..im not hungry now
Sanskar:ok..we will eat when u r hungry..
Ragini:u eat sanskar..
Sanskar:baat kya hai
Ragini:k..kuch nay
Ragini:i kept fast for u..
Sanskar looks at her angrily..
Ragini looks at him pout..
Sanskar:are u mad..u knw i dont believe all this..
Ragini:but u knw i believe..
Sanskar:if u believe ,do for urself but not for me..
Ragini:dont get angry..let me do for our happiness..
Sanskar:ok..do whatever u want.
saying he goes to room angrily..
Ragini pouts..

Ragini gets food for sanskar..he looks away..
Ragini cries..
Sanskar:y are u crying now..
Ragini:u didnt eat..bcz of me..
Sanskar:tho..i will also cry ,bcz u didn’t eat..
Ragini:sanskar plzz khalo na..i promise i will not do next time..
She( kissed his cheek):khalo naa
Ragini:plz plz plzzzzz
Ragini smiles feeds him..
Sanskar:next time i wont spare this..
Ragsan sat for dinner..
Ragini looks at food in her plate..
Ragini smiles faintly..she takes one byte nd throws under table without knowledge sanskar nd pretends as eating…she did same till last byte..
Ragini:mine was done..
She got up from chair..sanskar held her hand..
Ragini:k..kya sanskar
Ragini sat..sanskar forwarded morsel to her..
Ragini:my stomach was full sanskar..
Sanskar:stop being so smart..
Ragini looks at him with puppy face..
Sanskar:eat(he said strictly)
Ragini murmurs sadu..
Sanskar feeds her..ragini eats helpless..
@next day
Sanskar:ragini dont ask me to stay at home without going office..
Sanskar:ragini i can understand but u no need to take tension..i will be ok..
Ragini(half heartedly):ok..go..
Sanskar( smiles):good girl
Ragini:take care..drive slowly..
Sanskar:fine dear..
Ragini:i love u
Sanskar(pecks her lips):i love u too
Ragini(hugs him):call me as soon as u reach office..
Sanskar nodded..
Ragini( kissed his cheek):drive carefully
Sanskar:ok baba..bye .u take care..
Ragini nodded..
Sanskar goes .
Ragini calls sanskar..
Sanskar:kya dear missing me this much..u have called 20times today..
Ragini:where r u..still in office??
Sanskar:no dear..coming home on the way..
Ragini:fine..take ca..
She stops hearing loud sound from phone .
No response
Ragini(she gets shivering ,her heart started aching):sa..sanskar..are u ok..
She is not getting any resoonse..tears rolling on her cheeks.. she is continuously calling sanskar name..

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