I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari(Season 2) episode-13


Ragsan are in garden..ragini sat in sanskar lap placing her head on his chest..sanskar closed his eyes holding her into his embrace..
Ragini looked up nd sees sanskar..she smiles nd caresses his cheek..
Sanskar:kya hua
Ragini:ur beard..y did u have grown breard like this..
Before sanskar could speak.. Ragini:i knw
Sanskar raised his eyebrow Ragini:how many times u become devadas for me ??poor hubby
Sanskar smiles..
Ragini:i hate u
Sanskar rolled his eyes..
Ragini:i hate u.. with beard
Sanskar:dont dare to say i hate u again..i only want to hear i love u only…
Ragini(moves near his ear):i hate u..i hate u..i hate u
Sanskar glares at her ,ragini chuckles..
Sanskar pulled her close nd rubs her beard on her cheek… Ragini:ochh sanskar,stop ,its poking..
Sanskar:no i wont stop
He rubbing his rough beard on her face nd neck..
Sanskar:who need ur sorry..
Ragini:fine..i love u..i love u..i love u..i wont say again i hate u..
Sanskar(stops):good girl..
Ragini:but u r bad boy..see my cheeks(she rubs her cheeks annoyingly)
Sanskar take off her hands nd leaned to her nd sucks her cheeks..ragini closed her eyes..sanskar kissed her whole face where he rubbed his beard before a while…
Sanskar:see i became good boy..
Ragini:again become badboy..then..
Ragini:again good boy..
Sanskar(gets what she meant):meri naughty wify..enough of ur naughtiness..come u have to eat medicine..
He lifts her in his arms nd about to walk..
Before he complete his sentence..she kissed on his lips…
Ragini(brk d kiss):now chalo..
Sanskar smiles nd walks holding her in his arms…ragini staring at him lovingly…
Sanskar:dont look at me like this Ragini:kyun
Sanskar:i may lose my control.. Later u will have to take 1more month extra medicine.. Ragini(pouts):but i want to see u like this forever..let me see my love…
Sanskar:no it will difficult to me keep quite..
Ragini:ok close ur eyes ..
Sanskar:then ,how we will go to our room..
Ragini:u close ur eyes..i will tell the way…
Sanskar:no…u r in my arms ,if u would take wrong step..u will get hurt..
Ragini:i will never get hurt when u are around me sanskar..he looks into her intense eyes..both looking into eo eyes intensely like forever..sanskar walks into their room without breaking eye lock..He makes her sit on bed nd turns to go..ragini holds his hand..
Sanskar turns…ragini pulled him into a tight hug..
Ragini is very happy that sanskar agreed for operation..she makes him strong ,saying nothing will happened to her but one corner of her heart she is afraid…what if anything happened to her,then what will happen to sanskar..
Sanskar:kya hua
Ragini(brks d hug):nothing..dont go, leaving me..
Sanskar:where i will go leaving u..im going to get ur medicine..
Ragini nodded..
Sanskar gave her medicine..she ate..sanskar sat beside her nd takes her into his lap…
Ragini nodded ,he caressed her hair..she fallen asleep…
Sanskar( back hugs ragini):dont u want to do operation???
Ragin turns at him looking confused..
Sanskar:day by day u r looking more nd more se*y,definitely i will lose my control one day..
Ragini:but i knw about my hubby..he can control himself..right
Sanskar:right(he said sadly)
She smiles teasingly nd take off her pallu..
Sanskar widened his eyes..
Ragini(to tease him,she pulled him on her nd whispered in his ear):i want to change my saree
Sanskar( noticed her smirk):u r teasing me naa..tease how much u want but i will take my revange later…u have to bear..
Ragini:what if no
Sanskar:i will tell u then..but not with words(he winls at her)
Ragini pushed him smiling..
Sanskar:change fast ,we are going out for lunch..
Ragini:cant u help(she askd romantically)
Sanskar:u r doing too much..
Saying he neard her nd lifts her in his arms nd throws her on bed nd comes over her..
Ragini:ok..sorry..sorry..i wont tease u again..sorry sorry..
Sanskar(gets up):good..change fast nd come..
Ragini:not only u mr hubby..i have too my revenge..i will take u later..
Sanskar smiles nd goes…
They had lunch nd they spend some good time together…iys became night..ragsan are having ice cream beside road..suddenly ragini runs nd stood middle of road nd shouts from there I love u sanskar..i love u..
Sanskar(runs to her):what are u doing..
Ragini:kiss me sanskar
Sanskar:are u crazy..vehicals are coming…come ragini..
Ragini:kiss me..i wont come until i gt my kiss..
Sanakar:see all are watching us..
Ragini:i dont care..kiss me..
Sanskar:ragini lis..
Before he could complete ,ragini pulls him into deep kiss..sanskar first shocked later reciprocates..they are kissing passionately middle of road ,forgetting about surroundings…
Traffic jammed around them..all are watching then widening their eyes…
After 15min deep kiss ,they brks d kiss…
Sanakar looks around nd feels embarrassed..
Ragini smiles sheepishly nd mumbled sorry..
Sanskar held her hand nd runs from there…
Sanskar:what u have done
Ragini(smiles):areh Mumbai knew about our love..delhi also will know about our love..best memory in my life..
Sanskar:u r crazy..
Ragini:i knw..
He smiles…
Sanskar comes out from washroom ,holding ragini in his arms ,after making her bath…he makes her wear Saree ,he filled sindhur on her hairline..
Ragini( hugs him tight):hope all will be fine..
Sanskar(brks d hug):nothing will happened..u will come nd spent ur every sec with me..
Ragini nodded smiling….
Ragsan reached hospital..doc checks ragini nd told to Nurse to take ragini to operation theatre..
Sanskar:doc ,can i stay with her while operation..
Doc:no sanakar..u cant..
Sanskar:plz doc..i want to be with her…plzzz..
Doc:sanskar u r not a kid..try to understand..
Ragini:sanskar ,nothing will happen..plz console urself..
Sanskar held ragini hand tight..ragini looks at him with moist eyes..
Nurse:chalo madam
Ragsan hugs eo…
Ragini kissed his forehead..
Nurse:madam chaliye..
Sanskar left her hand unwillingly..
Ragini goes with nurse looking at sanskar who stood with tears in his eyes…

Done…guys i have crazy idea in mind but im not sure u would agree..i want to kill ragini..sorry…but dont wry…she will come back again..u will like that track..hope u will agree, fingers crossed…

Next I will post living together nd desi girl..

  1. Love these Ragsan the most?? Well I would say ki pls don’t kill Ragini. I know if u kill her she will come back again and tab tak sanky will be arrogant rude angry on Ragu and new love story but these two deserve togetherness.
    Woh waali Ragini would be different Yaar. Bhale hi her new name is Ragu but yeh waalon Ragu na deserves Sanky?
    How can I explain it to u as readers I m attached to this Ragu and I can’t believe this Ragu doesn’t have a happy ending ?
    Please don’t Yaar Sanky deserves her back for his patience and care?

  2. Amazing!!!! killing ragini no na please!!

  3. Outstanding as always. Will agree with you.

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  9. so sad ragini go na die,sanker will be devadash…so sad….planning to jion in tellyupdate and watpad.completed two stories but no time to post….see u after 1 month..till that take care

  10. Adreen18

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  19. Let operation fail but don’t kill ragini… Your title it’s self I love you Mrs. Ragini sanskar Maheswari…

    Let him love although without kids..

    Dire tly speaking… I don’t like the track which you want to write…. With respect idon’t want to read if ragini dies…

  20. Sindhura

    Let operation fail but don’t kill ragini… Your title it’s self I love you Mrs. Ragini sanskar Maheswari…

    Let him love although without kids..

    Dire tly speaking… I don’t like the track which you want to write…. With respect idon’t want to read if ragini dies…

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