I love her (SwaSan TS) part 1


Hey guys! My first TS? hope you will like it

Happy reading!!

This Story is of Swara(Shona) and Sanskar..

Shona belongs to a village which doesn’t have any school..where hardly villagers earn wages for there SURVIVAL..

Mostly all are farmers there.. they don’t even earn proper money to fill there tummy..then making there children study is far thing for them..

Among all these farmer there was one farmer name Shekhar Bose who lives with his wife SHARMISHTA BOSE and their one and only child “Shona BOSE”

This story is about her…


While miles away there is a city MUMBAI..the city of dreams… Where people are busy in there own life.. they doesnt have time for each other…  75% youngsters are going colleges to enjoy.. enjoy from there parents money rather than studying nd those 75% there was HE *SANSKAR MAHESWARI* son of SUJATA and RAM PRASAD MAHESWARI.. and elder brother of LAKSH MAHESWARI..

He was in his last year of graduation (what he is studying i also don’t know :p ) okay in last year of business management… he is going to join his father business soon… not to mention but still mentioning :p he is a no. 1 flirt.. but he flirt only with nice girls not with nagins…

This is his story!!


this is their story!



This Story Starts from SHOSAN Marriage SORRY SORRY from there first night !!(actually i forget in which situation i should get them married so starting from here only *Silly me* :p )

Sanskar enters inside his room angrily due to his sudden marriage that also to a village gawar (illeterate) girl.. according to him his life his finished! ..

He Saw her sleeping coach..right now he was feeling to kill her nd after killing her he will kill himself! BUT he didn’t do that..proof is ME ( if my papa would have killed mumma how could i come in this world *intelligent me* )

Sanskar(murmer)- iss gawar ko bhi mere palle padna tha.. my whole life is destroyed because of this stupid idiot gawar aurat!.. why the hell i go to that silly village!

He chnged his clothes nd go to sleep!

next morning..

sun rays peeps inside through window nd direct lands on my papa’s face because of which his sleep get disturbed but his caught one Angel *who can be that angel* offcourse MY MUMMA ( after me my mumma is only angel )

sanskar get memerized nd keep on staring her ** HAAYE! FEELING SHY**

but soon he come to senses..

Sanskar(thinking)- what happen to me right now? why i was staring at her.. what was that feeling! OMG IS IT TRUE?? HAS SHE… i mean am I?? o GOd i m feeling attracted toward her? omg i m sure this girl is doing black magic.. GAWAR DAYAN kahika! **PAPAnki side se i m solly mumma asa bolne k liye #holding ears# **

Ater 2 hours..

all were at breakfast table…

shona was serving bf to every1

shona was about to serve sanskar but he stopped her showing hand..

sanskar (folding his hand)- NO need already uh have filled my life with roses ! i m happy with that only.. no need for more.

shona was standing with blank face..

sanskar looks at her nd continue ” mera mtlb hai tumne phele hi meri zindgi bahut achi krdi h aur meharbani mat kro… english to aati nhi hogi” he was about to say more but ram intreputted..

Ram- Shona beta mujhe woh parantha dona.. its very tasty!

Sanskar(mumers)- she should have added some poison also! gawar.. *crying face* where the hell i m stuck yr!


days pass sanskar behaviour has no change.. he keeps on taunting her but somewhere he was falling for her too! but one day it was limit.. now he want to get rid  of her anyhow!..

On others side shona always stay mum.. only speak some word like she is in great thinking or like something is moving in her mind! she observes things but never spoke! She is always lost in her thoughts * dont know what she keeps on thinking** hsomewhere she likes sanskar but seeing his behaviour she


Sanskar started extra marrital affair with his secretary Ragini…..

Nagini keeps on roam around sanskar like a tail while sanskar feels irritated nd feels SHONA is much better than this nagin… where the hell i m stuck! * how irritating* did you get only her to fake this affair ( he fake his affair to get RID of SHONA because of which he is gonna badly regret)


5 months later-

A man was sitting inside his room buring his head between his leg nd crying!

Man-please Shona please come bck i miss you…I..I LOVE YOU SWARA..i love you please come bck……i cant live without you i ill die…i ill die! please come bck…i m incomplete without you! when you are punishing me like this!.. how can you..

the man is revealed to be sanskar… alot happen in this months…

sanskar realized his love, nagini drama,sanskar make  shona fall in love with him, revealtion of TRUTH!! which truth? wanna know ??

 let move in flashback

1 month before!

its after Shosan falling for each other!

Maheswari mention was decorated beautifully! as there was some buissness party!

SwaSan was Looking beautiful!

swara was looking very handsome nd sanskar was looking very beautiful in white  colour saree nd white colour 5 piece suit !.. :p

party has been start nd ur heavanly couple aka my heavanly mumma papa were desending the stair holding each other arms..

somewhere sanskar was insecure nd this party is among big buissness man all are well educated nd belong to higher class families except shemish nd SHONA..

client(forwading his hands)- hey mr. nd mrs maheswari.. you both are looking MADE FOR EACH OTHER..

sanskar(shakes hand)- THANK you Mr. chadda..while shona just smile..

mrs.chadda comes near shona..

MRS. chadda_ hello mrs. maheswari..

shona- Hello mrs. chadda (so formal uff)

while sanskar get worried.. he was more worried as he dont want shona to get insulted..he will not be able to bear that!

mrs.chadda- you are looking beautiful..i m sure mr. maheswari must have been faint.*wink*

shona blushes

Shona- nothing like that mrs. chadda even you are looking beautiful..

sanskar eyes left wide open!

sanskar(murmers)- shona knows english?? means she is educated? she is not gawar? (suddenly he feels guilty after using the word gawar nd remembers old time) but one min. why she didnt told me then? she never hide anything from me! i ill ask her! maybe she want to give me surprise! maybe she is learning english… dont know what is happening around me *confuse*

soon party get over!

after 1 hour…

every1 was in hall… shemish was standing avoiding eye contact… sanskar face was having thousands of questions.. while swara was standing agin BLANK… in confuse state lost in her thought!

sanskar- shona i want answer? if uh were educated why didnt you told me?

Shona(confuse)- i dont know!

sanskar- huh! wht? ( he take deep sign) tell me one thing uh r educated?

shona (confuse)- i dont know!

sanskar was getting angry now! before he could burst shekhar interupt!

shekhar- sanskar beta hume maaf krdijiye ! shona padhi likhi h! humne kisi tarah se paise jodkr use sbse chupa kr padhaya h! humare gaow me padha nhi skte the issliye humne nhi btaya! hume maaf krdijiye *he folded his hands*

sanskar- nhi baba aap maafi mat mangiye apki glti nhi h! bura toh mujhe iss baat ka lga shona ne mujhse yeh baat chupai! * he looks at her with hurt eyes while she was agin looking CONFUSE*

she was looking at every1 face nd was getting more confuse but suddenly her eyes met with HIS EYE which were filled with tears..

she can read that he is hurt! he turns bck nd start moving upstairs while she runs behind him !

shona- sanskar ek mint. meri baat suno.. sanskar please wait a min. let me explain.. i really dont know anything actually i…….aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..

sanskar stops hearing her scream nd looks bck only to see most horible sight! his SHONA was dipped in blood! when she was following him her leg slips nd she fall down the stair resulting in head injury!

sanskar take her in his arms nd rush toward hospital….

sanskar was crying badly while shemish were consoling him

sanskar(crying)- baba my shonaaaa.. it its all my mistake i should hve listen to her … i should hve not get angry! nor i would hve get angry nor she would hve fallen down! due to my carelessness she is in this state!!..

shekhar- no beta glti toh humari h.. hume tumse sch nhi chupana chaiye tha.. na hum tumse kch chupate na yeh sb hota!..hume maaf krdo…..

both were crying when doctor comes out!

sanskar- doctor! doctor shona?

doctor(keeps hands on sanskar shoulder)- relax mr. maheswari your wife is alright! it was minor injury but we r still waiting for her to get consious as its head injury we cant say anything till then!..

after 30 mins shona get concious..

sanskar (happy)-shona! shona finally uh get consious! you know how worried i was? do you even care for me? why the hell you were running like that? ha? waise how are you now? feeling pain?

sanskar was non stop speaking while shona was again looking confuse! :p but this time she speak..

shona (pushes sanskar a little)- ae mr. who the hell are you? nd what the hell you are in my room? nd who the hell is this shona? i m SWARA.. SWARA MALHOTRA! daughter of piyush nd seema malhotra…alright stop calling me this shona na all nd get out of my room! i need rest! nd ya send doctor inside!…

sanskar was looking at her with shocked face while shemish were looking at each other with fear!!


precap- swara shona kaise bni ?

sanskar come to know whole truth

 swasan  love story start… SWARA MAlhotra (completly opposite to shona,tikhi mirchi)

sanskar- uff wht the hell yr my shona was so sweet  nd look this swara full tikhi mirchi dayan kahiki..urgghhh hey bhawan puri duniya me yehi mili thi mere liye! ( he irritatingly look at his clothes which were full wet due to swara)…..


urghhhh finally i finished it more than 1600 word oh god too hard… my hands are paining!

anyways leave it

i have leave many thing in flashblack! i.e shosan marriage, sanskar realization, shona falling for sanskar, shosan scenes, shosan romance! well i will give some shosan scene in part 2 alon g with shosan marriage alright!

swasan nd shosan ek saath!

good night!!

take care! horror dreams every1!!

#Innocent Samaira

#Only daughter of SwaSan

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  1. love it

  2. Awam starting dr n thanku for swasan gf getting irritated by seeing rashan ffs I mean don’t hate them but I don’t know I don’t like their pair

    1. Anu

      Even i dont like.. they r pure Bhai behen jodi?.. next part is already updated on my wattpad id.. do read there if you want.. on telly i wont post anymore?

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