I Hate That I Love U (RagSan) Episode-11

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Sanskar sees ragini who is coming with one girl..
Ragini sees him nd passes a smile..
Girl:who is he ragini
Ragini:our senior..
Sanskar:thats it
Ragini:haan then
Sanskar pouts
Ragini smiles..
The girl looked at them puzzled..
Ragini:he is my friend too..
Sanskar smiles
Ragini:nd sanskar she is manvi my new room mate nd classmate..
Manvi:hii..u r looking very handsome..
Ragini rolled her eyes..where sanskar just smiles..
Manvi:are u both are in relationship
Manvi(turns at sanskar):can i have date with u..
Ragsan looked at her shocked..
Manvi:bolona mr handsome
Ragini(held manvi hand):sanskar we need to go class bye..
Saying she drags manvi along with her..
Manvi:hey ragini ,y are u taking me..i need ans from him..
Manvi:kyun..he is looking so hot yaar…he is ur friend naa ,help me yaar..
Ragini:what the hell are u talking..
Manvi:y are u reacting like this..he is ur friend only na..i will try him..
Ragini:u cant do that
Ragini In mind i dont want anyone cme bw us nd ruin my plan)
Manvi:kya hua
Ragini:i sais no..
Manvi:did u have feeling for him..
Ragini:u cant understand..plz leave this matter..
Manvi looks at her confused..
Ragini:chalo..getting late for class..
Ragsan comes to beach nd sat on sand..
Sanskar:y did u take ur friend like that in mng..
Ragini:kyun..are u feeling bad
Sanskar:haan..y not ..one beautiful girl came nd aakd me a date..i should ans her naa..
Ragini looks at him angrily..
Sanskar (smiles):kyun cant i go
Ragini:y not .u stay here..i will go nd sent her..u both go wherever u want..
Ragini turns angrily..
Sanskar(held her hand):im just kidding yaar
Ragini:stop lying..i knw u r that type of guy..
Sanskar:excuse me??
Ragini:vo..vo. I mean all boys like that only na..they needs one girl as gf to spend time with them..they needs another girl to marry nd leeds happy life..
Sanskar:im just kidding..all boys are not like ragini..
Ragini in mind but u r like that only naa..
Sanskar:do u really think im that type of a guy..
Ragini looks away..
Sanskar( made her look at him):do u really think..
Ragini looks into his eyes..
Sanskar:i have a respect on love..i need one girl in my life..she will be my everything..if i love anyone i will not leave her hand till my last breath..
Ragini feels his words are genuine..she thinks is this the same guy who waa the reason for my sus death..
Sanskar:where are u lost..
Ragini:vo..vo..kuch nay..sorry
Sanskar:thats ok..
They spent some time there..
Days are passing ragsan became close..ragini fallen for sanskar but she herself mentally preparing that she is doing this for her revange…
One day at night..
Ragsan sat on bench near hostel..ragini having ice cream,sanskar just admiring her sat beside ragini..her hair strands falls on her face due to wind..she gets irritate to sruck them her ear back again nd again..
Sanskar smiles..he moves to her nd tucks her hair behind her ear..ragini looks at him nd shivers a bit when his cold fingers touched her soft cheeks…
She looks at him lovingly which makes sansksr lost in her eyes..
Both have a romantic eye lock..sanskar cups her face nd rubs her cheeks with his thumb..
Ragini closed her eyes..he moves close to her nd kissed her forehead..ragini looks at him with intensity..sanskar moves even more close nd kissed on her lips..he kisses her passionately,tears rolling down from ragini’s eyes..she feels time would stop there at one moment but at another moments she remembers her revenge ,why she came here..she does knw what to do..she does not want to sanskar leave where as she cant forget her sister death..She pushed him..
Sanskar came to reality..ragini looks at him with moisty eyes..
Before he could complete his sentence ragini runs towards hostel..
Sanskar feels sad..
Ragini comes to washroom..she says no ,he cant be the one who betrayed swara..he cant be..she cries..

She comes out from washroom nd takes her mbl nd sees sansksr missed calls nd sorrymessages..she wiped tear drop near her eye..she switched off the mbl nd sleeps..
@next day
Sanskar tries to meet ragini in clz but she ignores him..
Ragini roams here nd there in room..she gets call from sanskar..she doesnt pick..he messaged her that he is waiting for her near hostel..
Ragini doesnt reply..
Sanskar waited for her sometime,ragini doesn’t came ,he felt bad nd started his bike to go but stops seeing ragini..he smiles..
Ragini doesn’t spoke anything,she sat behind him..sanskar droves..
Both came to beach nd sat..no one can spoke a word..after a long silence..
Ragini doesn’t look at him..as if she look ,she would lost in him..
Sanskar( takes her hand in his hand):im sry i should not have kissed u..but it was hard to control my feeling whenever u are near me..kyun ki..i
Ragini jerks her hand nd stood..
Sanskar:ragini plzz listen
Ragini turned her face nd says in mind i knw sanskar what u wants to tell..but ur words make me wk nd make me fall for u more nd more which should not happen..
Sanskar held her hand..
Sanskar:i love u ragini..
Ragini heart skipped a beat..she closed her eyes..
Sanskar(kneel down in front of her):i really love u madly..
He forwarded his hand nd says hold my hand once,i will never leave u till my last breathe..
Ragini tries to calmdown her heart..
Sanskar waiting for her reply forwarding his hand..
Ragini( turns nd wiped her tears):i need to go sanskar
Sanskar looks at her sadly..
Ragini not able to control her feelings seeing sanskar like this..she goes nd hugs him tight nd says i love u too sanskar..sanskar smiles through his tears nd reciprocates hug…
Sanskar(brks d hug nd kissed her forehead):thank u so much..
Ragini smiles wkly..

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