I Desire You Part 9 BeHir SS(Malhar Kalyani as the supporting jodi)

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I desire you Part 9

Yash-Meera’s wedding…They were very happy.

Mahir and Bela smiled at each other.

Mahir went near her:Bela,very soon we will be sitting like them on the mandap,

Bela blushed:I am waiting to be yours Mahir.Marry me soon Mahir.

He smiled:We are already married Bela.

She blushed thinking of their secret wedding.

Malhar Rane came out of the airport.Kalyani ran to him.

KALYANI:Malhar…I am so happy.

Malhar held her close to him:How are you darling?

KALYANI:I missed you a lot.When I saw Bela with Mahir I was jealous as my man was not with me.

M:Because of that stupid astrologer our wedding is getting postponed.

KALYANI:In my house also everybody believes in horoscope.They say that our wedding should take place only after a year.

M:It’s ok…we will wait.We can’t go against them no.

She smiled:Anyways I am happy that you will be here with me till Mahir-Bela get married.

He smiled:Yes sweet heart.I am with you.

KALYANI:Then please help me to choose a dress to wear for Bela’s engagement party.

M:Thank God,you did’nt ask me to buy dresses for the wedding functions also.

Kalyani laughed:I am not going to spare you Malhar.After 2 weeks I will make you buy the most expensive dresses for the wedding functions.


Kalyani smiled:After all I am the bride’s pretty sister.I have to be dressed well.

M:Without expensive dress also you are pretty my darling.

She blushed.

Mahir-Bela’s engagement…

Mahir looked dashing in white shirt,black pant and black overcoat.

He was surprised to see Bela in a beautiful saree.He was completely bowled over by her beauty.Bela was very shy.

Kalyani was in a navy blue saree chosen by Malhar.

KALYANI:Malhar,how do I look?


She put attitude:I know I am the best.No one can beat Kalyani in beauty.I have won lots of beauty contests.
Malhar thought:My God!She started boasting.

Suddenly her eyes fell on Juhi who was wearing almost the same saree.She could’nt believe her eyes.Juhi was also surprised to see Kalyani in the same saree.Kalyani ran to Juhi.They both smiled seeing each other in the same saree.

KALYANI:How is this possible?

J:Even I am surprised.

KALYANI:Who chose this for you?

J:My boy friend Mayank.I had asked him to buy a saree for me.

KALYANI:Even I asked my fianc Malhar to buy the most beautiful dress.

J:How come both of them buy the same saree?

Suddenly Mayank and Malhar came towards them:We will clear your doubt.

May: Malhar and I are childhood friends.

Juhi and Kalyani were surprised.

May:2 days back accidentally we saw each other at the Mall.

Malhar:I was confused about which dress to be chosen for Kalyani.

May:Even I was confused what to buy for Juhi.

Malhar:Finally we ended up choosing the same one.

May:Luckily 2 sarees of the same kind were there.

Malhar:And we both bought it.

Suddenly Juhi and Kalyani burst into laughter.

Mahir and Bela exchanged rings.

Mahir whispered:We are officially engaged.After 3 weeks wedding…can’t wait.

Bela smiled.She was very happy.

After 3 weeks…

All were waiting eagerly to see Mahir-Bela’s tying the knot.

Bela was dressed up as a bride.

Anurag blessed Bela:I know that my Bela will be the best wife and daughter in law.

Prerna:God bless you beta.

Bela was brought to the mandap .All were very happy.

Mahir was very happy.

Juhi smiled:See…Mahir is blushing.So cute.

Mahir was shy:Juhi…you…
J:Mahir,if you keep looking at Bela now what will you do after marriage?

Mahir was again shy.
Mayank:See Juhi…our best friend Mahir is blushing when Bela came.
J:Yes…Our Mahir can’t stop blushing when his lady love Bela is near him.

They both giggled seeing Mahir being shy.

Mahir extended his hand to tie mangalsuthra around her neck.He was excited.Suddenly Bela got up.


All were shocked.

MAHIR:What happened Bela?

BELA:I can’t marry you.

All were shocked.

MAHIR:It’s not the time to joke Bela.

BELA:I am not joking Mahir.I am serious.I can’t marry you.So you please leave.

Mahir was shattered.

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  1. Saniya fathima

    Omg wat a shock unveil the suspense soon

  2. Nice epi. Surprised to see Malhar. Both Mayank and Malhar are funny. Good Behir got engaged. But why Bela stopped Mahir from tieing knot? Whether Sumitra taunt her by saying anything? Waiting for next episode sissy.

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