I desire you Part 1 BeHir SS

I desire you Part 1

A grand function…

Business award function…

All popular Business men sat together.Their families sat on another side to cheer them up.

Bela and her twin sister Kalyani sat together.

The organizers of the show gave speech.

The bubbly Kalyani was giggling.

KALYANI:These guys are so funny Bela.Stupid fellows!They think they are great and are giving boring speech.

Bela and Kalyani burst into laughter.

They started distributing awards.

“And the final award…the best Business Man of the year is…

Bela and Kalyani were eager to hear the name.

“Mr.Armaan Malik.

Bela and Kalyani smiled seeing Armaan going on the stage to receive the award.

He received the award.

KALYANI:Bela…jeeju is looking so cute.Right?

Bela smiled.

Armaan received the award.

A:Thanks a lot.But I would like to give the credit to my fiance Bela Sundari without her help this would not have been possible.This is for you Bela.

Bela smiled.

KALYANI:So sweet.

A:Bela…please come on stage.

Bela was shy.


Kalyani pushed her to the stage.Bela went and stood near Bela.

A:Thanks a lot for supporting me Bela.

Bela smiled.

The host:What a beautiful couple!Both of you dance…come on.Make this event colourful.

A:Why not?

Bela was shy:No no…I don’t know to dance.

Armaan pulled her towards him.

BELA:Armaan…what are you doing?

Armaan looked at her eyes deeply:Why are you lying that you don’t know to dance?

He held her hand and started dancing when they played slow music.

Two painful eyes watched this and wept silently.Their dance pierced the heart of those eyes’ owner.

It was none other than Mahir Sehgal.

The photographers were clicking Armaan-Bela’s photos.

Mahir could’nt bear it.His Bela is with another man now.

Suddenly Bela’s eyes met Mahir.She was shocked.His shadow of pain fell on her face.

Mahir and Bela reached their lonely land of dreams.

She felt that his eyes spoke a lot to her.Their eyes exchanged painful glances.

Bela asked him silently:Mahir…why are you back now?

Mahir’ eyes said:I have always desired you and I will desire you always.Even death can’t stop me from desiring you.

Chaaha hai tujhko, chaahoonga har dam

Marke bhi dil se yeh pyaar na hoga kam

Bela asked him silently:Did you ever think of me?Did you ever think of meeting me once?

Mahir answered silently:Every now and then your memories kept haunting me.Your memories brought tears nto my eyes.Because your were only a memory for me.But our sweet memories kept telling me that we will meet again.But I never thought that our meeting would be like this.I had to see you as somebody else’s woman.But my love for you will not decrease.I will keep loving you.Because my life is you Bela.My life is our love story…Mahir and Bela’s love story.

He suppressed his pain.

Teri yaad jo aati hai, mere aansu behte hain

Apna to milan hoga, pal pal yeh kehte hai

Kya yeh zindagaani hai, bas teri kahaani hai

Bas teri kahaani hai yeh jo zindagaani hai

Chaaha hai tujhko, chaahoonga har dam

Marke bhi dil se yeh pyaar na hoga kam

Mahir asked her silently:The promises and vows we made…were they lies?Then why did you leave me and go?Why did you break our relationship?Tell me my love…I waited for you.Give me your love in return please.

Teri voh baatein, voh chaahat ki rasmein

Jhoothe the vaadein, kya jhoothi thi kasmein

Jaane tamanna kya yeh sach hai, bas itna keh de

Toot jaaye na lamha aitbaar ka

De koi sila mere intezaar ka

Bela’s tears rolled down her cheeks.

Her heart spoke to him:

I also desire you and I will always…my love for you will never diminish even if I die.

Chaaha hai tujhko, chaahoongi har dam

Marke bhi dil se yeh pyaar na hoga kam

Her tears told him:All those vows were true Mahir.I am yours.But all my life I have to bear the pain of separation.Only troubles are there in my life.

Teri hoon teri, jo chaahe kasam le le

Mujhko hamraahi tu apne gham de de

Saari umar hai mujhko dard judaai ka sehna

Raaste mein khoyi hai manzilein meri

Mere saath jaayengi mushkilein meri

Mahir confessed his love silently:But still I love you Bela.

Chaaha hai tujhko, chaahoonga har dam

Marke bhi dil se yeh pyaar na hoga kam

Though his confession was silent,Bela could feel his love.

Bela’s heart cried:

Mahir,I know how much you love me.Your silence expresses your love for me.But even when you are near me there is distance between us.I am helpless Mahir.My life is not to live happily in your love.My life is only to drink our tears.

Tu saamne hai mere, phir kyoon yeh doori hai

Tujhe kaise bataaoon main, haai kya majboori hai

Yeh bhi koi jeena hai, sirf aansu peena hai

Sirf aansu peena hai, yeh bhi koi jeena hai


Samud’s land of dreams broke when Armaan called Bela.

A:Bela…shall we go?


Arman held her hand and walked off.Bela turned back and looked at Mahir.Mahir looked at her painfully.Kalyani who followed Armaan and Bela noticed Bela looking somewhere else.She looked around and was shocked to see Mahir.


Kalyani felt sad.She could understand what Bela and Mahir underwent.

But she walked away helplessly.

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  1. Saniya fathima

    Wow…bt y sis first epi itself pain of behir ….eager 2 know where they met nd how did they fall in love nd their breakup, semma start sis very happy tat u didnt stopped writing abt behir loved it

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank you very much

  2. Saniya fathima

    How kind…bela could hear mahir’s mind voice true luv……very eager 2 know y did bela broke up wat was d reason behind this suffering..painful scene was wen mahir saw bela with an other boy nd thank god bela’s sis is in their support

  3. Dont worry saniya my friend fron next ff it may happy even i cried reading that scene when bela and mahir looked at eachother. And how r u saniya long time no see what happened ur not even on insta now y?? We last chated in naagin page

  4. Saniya fathima

    S yaar busy wit studies fairwell of 3rd years etc..bt still i visit these ffs nd wat abt u?

  5. yaar sis this ff is so emotional but i cant see behir suffering . i am eagerly and excitingly waiting for the next part.hope to see behir together in next part .please sis give it fast . i cant wait soo much .pleeeeeese give the next part soon.

  6. Anuva

    Kalyani is Bela’s sister. Surprising. First itself shock. Bela is engaged to someother guy. Mahir is looking at them in tears. Can’t see my hero like this. Why they got separated? Mahir’s lines “Tell me my love…I waited for you.Give me your love in return please.” It’s a poetry. Excellent sissy. Their wavelength is visible when they speak through eyes. Kalyani knows about their love. Atleast she should try to unite them. Emotional starting. Waiting to know past.

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank u very much

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