I Desire You Behir SS Part 13(Malhar Kalyani as a supporting jodi)

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I desire you Part 13


Bela:Don’t cook up more stories.You are exposed.

Sumitra burst out:Yes.You are right.I don’t love Mahir.I just pretended to love him.I married his father only for money.Before death he had transferred all his property in Mahir’s name.So I had to pretend to love him to have a luxurious life.If Mahir marries he will start moving away from me.With that the wealth I deserve to enjoy will also go.So I don’t want Mahir to marry at all.

BELA:Your wish will never get fulfilled.Mahir will marry me.Before that I will expose you in front of all.Then Mahir will kick you out of his life.You will lose everything.

Sumitra was shocked:Don’t try to be smart with me Bela.If you marry Mahir I will kill him.

Bela was shocked.

Sumitra:I can go to any extent to achieve success.I only planned Mahir’s mother’s accident to enter his father’s life.In the same way I killed his father also to get his full property.After that only I came to know the blo*dy truth that he had put everything in Mahir’s name.

Bela was shocked.

BELA:You…you made him an orphan?You brute!

Sumitra:Don’t shout Bela.Just remember that if I find that Mahir is useless I can easily kill him also.If you marry him I will kill him.If you tell my truth to others I will kill him.Now tell me..what do you want?Mahir or your wedding with Mahir…a short lived marriage with Mahir?

Bela was shattered completely.

Bela burst into tears.Sumitra had a wicked smile on her face.


Armaan was driving his car.He was shocked to see a lady on his path.He stopped the car and came out.

He went near her.She was shocked.

Both of them became emotional.Their eyes became wet.

They remembered how they met in the rain.He tried to woo her by walking behind her in the rain.With a naughty smile she encouraged that.

Then on a sunny morning both of them confessed their love by holding hands together.

They shared an emotional eye lock.

A:Are you fine?

Again her eyes became wet.

S:My husband needed only my money.He tortured me to the core.He even tried to kill me.Somehow I escaped.My parents regretted getting me married to him.They tried to correct their mistake by filing a case against him.He was proved the culprit and was sent to life imprisonment.But he did’nt want to have that.So he committed suicide.

Armaan was shocked:You suffered this much…

She lost her control and rested her head on his shoulder for comfort.She shed tears.Armaan was very upset.

Ar:Don’t cry.Now you are free.So you have to be happy.

S:How can i be happy Armaan?I lost you.I lost all my happiness.I underwent a lot of mental and physical torture.

Armaan wiped her tears.Suddenly she moved backward.

S:Sorry Armaan.When I saw you for a moment I forgot that you are engaged.Congrats.

Armaan felt sad.She walked away.His heart longed to stop her.But he was helpless.

He thought:If Bela had’nt entered my life I could’ve brought Simran back to my life this moment itself.What a fate God!

Bela’s phone rang.It was Sumitra.

She attended the call.

Sumitra:I want to meet you now itself.Very important.

BELA:Everything is over between us.I obeyed you by cancelling my own wedding with my love Mahir.Now what do you want from me?

Sumitra:You have cheated me.You have re entered Mahir’s heart.I can’t forgive you for that.

BELA:I did’nt.I was always in Mahir’s heart.I never went out of his heart though you pushed me out of his life.Then how can I re-enter his heart?

Sumitra:Stop it.I want to meet you.I want to see you directly.

BELA:Ok.I will come now.

Kalyani over heard Bela’s words.

She thought:To whom was Bela talking?One thing is sure.For this person only Bela got detached herself from Mahir.I have to find out.

She rang up Malhar and told him about this.
KALYANI:Malhar…now Bela got a phone call.Seems to be a mysterious phone call.She was talking to that person about breaking up with Mahir and her love for him.One thing is clear from her conversation with that mysterious person.Bela broke up with Mahir for that person.Unfortunately I did’nt recognize the person on the phone.

M:Oh!Can you trace the number?

KALYANI:I may have to get it from Bela’s phone.But now I can’t.Bela is going out to meet that person.
M:Really?Then Kalyani…this is a nice opportunity to find the truth.I will come with the car near your gate.We will follow Bela.

KALYANI:That’s a great idea.

Bela thought:Why can’t that Sumitra leave us alone?She can never change.

Bela met Sumitra.
BELA:Tell me what do you have to talk to me directly.
Sumitra:Get out of Mahir’s life.
BELA:I told you..I have already gone out of his life.
Sumitra:Then why is he not marrying the girl I chose for him?If he marries her we would be the most richest family here.But he does’nt want that fortune because of you.
BELA:So you are selling your step son for money.
Sumitra:That is none of your business.Don’t think you have defeated me.
She smiled:I will win Bela.If I could separate you and Mahir on your wedding day easily I can easily remove you from his heart.

Bela smiled.
BELA:That can never happen Sumitra aunty.To erase me from Mahir’ heart is imposible.If that was possible Mahir would have hated me when I ditched him on the wedding day.But he stood by me.Still he has faith in me.That is because our love is strong.
Sumitra burned with anger.
Sumitra:Never think of getting united with Mahir.Don’t you know what I will do then.I will kill Mahir.
Bela got tense:I will never go back to Mahir.Because I want to save his life from a witch like you.But I know that you can’t kill him as your present intention is to get him married to the rich girl you have chosen.That’s your current idea to be a rich Queen.

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  1. Saniya fathima

    Very nice epi hope tat kalyani nd malhar find out the truth loved the scene wen sumi was fuming in anger seeing mahir’s true love 4 bela… Sad 4 armaan so sad hope tat tey both unite nd leave bela nd mahir 2 unite waiting 4 d next one

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank u very much

  2. nice chap.hope Kalyani followed bella. Waiting 4 nxt chap

  3. it was really good episode but i want to read it first episode plz help to do this guys plzz

    1. Jasminerahul

      check my posts. previous parts are there

  4. dii the ff is really good i loved it plz post the next ff soon im very much excited

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