i am waiting for you raglak – episode 1

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Hi guyss…… I am here with this new ff of raglak. Hope you all like it….

A beautiful mansion is shown (Gadodia mansion). where everyone is doing puja. After the puja dadi look at everyone.

dadi: where is she?

shekhar: may be she is in her room. maa please don,t disturb her or else she will become ????

dadi: yess! i know what she will become is i disturb her.

suddenly a girl came

girl: dadi maa you don,t worry i will go and bring her.

dadi: meri ladoo go faster and bring her here i will teach her a lesson.

shekhar: swara take care of your self.

swara: ok papa, papa you ask maa to make for her.

shekhar: ok

swara went to the room to wake her up. she went inside and saw someone sleeping fully cover by bed-sheet. swara went and open the bed-sheet , the bed-sheet is cover by pillows. she get shocked look at the pillow.

swara think: where this girl went. now what i am going to tell dadi maa. she will get if i tell her that she is not here. god please me.

swara went downstairs .

dadi: where is she??

swara: wooo….. dadi maa she is not in here room.

dadi: what?? where did she went early in the morning. shekhar beta you need to control her. she is becoming crazy day by day.

shekhar: ok maa

@ road

a girl is walking. she is wearing traditional costume. she is standing in a bus stop. suddenly some boys came.

girl: what you are doing to do

one boy: nothing just looking.

girl: what you want.

another boy: what is your name?

girl: raa….ragini

another boy: ragini hmmm nice name

ragini: please let me go

the first boy: dude nowadays very hard to find a girl in traditional costume right.

2 boy: yaa!

ragini: so you like this dress.

first boy: yessss

suddenly ragini start remove her traditional costume and become modern.

the boys open there mouth in a very big O.

After this ragini came to collage.

@ Gadodia mansion

ragini came home after finishing collage. dadi maa catch her at the main door. ragini get shocked.

ragini: dadi maa

dadi: where did you went early in the morning.

ragini: dadi maa woooo! i went to temple to pray for our family.

dadi maa angry mood went to cool mood after hearing ragini went to temple.

dadi: really

ragini: yess dadi maa did i ever try to lie you( with innocent face)

dadi: ok beta i believe you now you go to your room and take rest.

ragini: ok dadi maa.

ragini went to here room. swara came there.

swara: ragini really yo went to temple early in the morning, don,t you dare try to lie to me

ragini: deedee you know what i didn,t went to temple, i went to college.

swara: then why did yo lie to dadi maa, you know very well if she find out this. she gone create big scene.

ragini: haan! i know that and i know this also that you won,t tell anyone about this.

swara: ragini youuu! It impossible to change you.

ragini: deedee i don,t want to change, i am happy the way i am.

swara: and i am happy because i got a little sister like you.

swaragini hug each other and smile. suddenly they heard sumi calling them.

sumi: swara and ragini beta come to my room faster.

swaragini: haan! coming

swaragini came to sumi room

ragini: maa why did you call us.

sumi: ragini beta you father and me are leaving to London tomorrow.

After hearing this ragini get shocked because if maa and papa leave then dadi maa will be at home and she gone kill me by teaching cooking, God please save me from this dadi maa.

swara: maa really you and papa are going to London tomorrow.

sumi: haan! swara beta.

swara: but maa for what you both are leaving to London.

sumi: your father business partner had invite us for a party in London.

ragini: ohh! maa if you and papa is not here then dadi maa is gone kill us.

sumi: i forget to tell that dadi maa also won,t be here for one week because she is going back to village to attend a wedding.

ragini get happy after hearing this.

swara: after how many days you will be back maa.

sumi: after one week.

ragini get more happy after hearing that her maa, papa and her dangerous Hitler dadi maa also won,t be here for one week. she can enjoy this one week.

ragini: maa take care of your self and papa too.

sumi: ok beta. it very late you both go and sleep. Good night my sweethearts.

swaragini: good night maa..

@ ragini room

swara: yo are happy right.

ragini: for what

swara: that dadi maa is not gone be here for one week.

ragini make a sad face and started to laugh.

ragini: deedee i not happy. i am very very very happy that Hitler dadi maa is not gone be here for one week. i can enjoy this one week and yo know what deedee, coming one week no college and nothing. i am going go out and enjoy this one week.

swara: ok baba you enjoy this one week, and i am not gone disturb you.

ragini: what??? you gone stay at home and going to do this aunty work.

swara: if i talk with you then i have skip my sleep so good night bye i am going to my room.

ragini: good night


Swaragini came to sendoff sumi and shekhar. after that they both went railway station to sendoff dadi maa.

swaragini came back home and ragini start to dance whole over the house. swara started to get headache of her.

swara: ragini stop the music.

ragini: deedee no i am not gone stop the music today. sfter so long i am listening this music. please don,t ask me to stop.

swara: ok baba i am going to college take care of your self.

ragini: no college, this week no college for both of us OK.

swara: what????

ragini: yes today we are going out.

swara: no ragini i am no coming for your stupid outing. please leave me.

after sometime swara agree to go out. Ragini take swara to a beach side hotel. they both decided to stay there for one week until there parents came back to india.

next day swaragini went to beach side for a chit chat walk.

ragini: didi you know today i am from that Hitler dadi. she make me crazy..

swara: stop call dadi Hitler.

ragini: if i say something bad about her you will get angry.

swara: raginiiiii……….

ragini: ok  didi…..

while they are walking and talking suddenly someone came and slap swara.

ragini (shouted): heyyyy…..

ragini get angry and slap him back….

PERCAP: shocked swaragini. There life gone change…..


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  1. Interesting dear

    1. Shobikah

      thank you……

  2. Anju24

    Superb dear… Loved ragini… Swarag bonding is sweet… Excited to know why swara was slapped. The orecap is interesting…

    1. Shobikah

      thank you dear. very soon i will post the next part

  3. Hi dear if possible join Wattpad as now a days raglak fans don’t visit telly update

    1. Shobikah

      I have already join wattpad. Thank you dear

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