I AM IN LOVE TWINJ ONE SHOT { A moment to fall in love}

I wouldn’t have write it but yashu di asked me so yeah take it …and enjoy ..
“I AM SORRY PAPA” But Really Trust Me I will marry the person for sure you had choosen for me as I know my Papa can’t choose something bad for me I trust you Papa and I love you alott but before than I want to explore myself I want live once for me so I am going on this trip without informing you don’t get angry with me your twinkles lovesss you alott mele Pyaare Papa ??? I’ll be back soon as I can’t even stay away from you all love you ? Raminder tajena urf Rt( twinkle’s) father read the note which was sticking in her room on the dressing table mirror with a smiley and a choclate on the desk ..
Ufff kya Karu mein ye ladki ka her wedding is almost after 2 week and she ran away for her some stupid trip RT huffed in frustration and went ahead to the big hall where 2 boys are whispering something to each other ..
Papa where is she ? You went to call her for dinner na Kabir (twinkle elder brother asked) with a puppy face ..
Your sister went away ? Rt said in stern voice ..
What ? She ran away ? It’s her wedding after 2 weeks Abeer (her another brother) spoke to get hit by his wife Meher ..
Papa didn’t told she ran away okay Meher said while Abeer nodded ..
Oh okay huh he said ..and turned towards Rt while both Kabir and Abeer sat infront of him
Papa you know na how much she is scared we have always treated her like kid Kabir said ..
Yeah Papa let her enjoy this trip she will be back after all she is Raminder tajena proud hai na Abeer asked ..
Yeah I know that even I love my twinkle alot but she has to learn her responsibilities now rt said ..that’s why I fixed her wedding with my friend son without even letting you all meet that family because I knew like always she will scares the guy with her stupid antics and notorious plans and make him run away rt said while Kabir Misha Meher and Abeer were controlling their laughs without rt notice ..
She will learn by time ji you don’t worry let her enjoy Leela said standing beside Meher ..
Haan right mummy ji misha too added ..
The guy and his family is really very good my twinkle will rule there rt said ..
No doubt Papa after all you have choosen him Kabir said..all smiled and proceeded towards dinning table ..
Hah it was so difficult to convince Papa Kabir said and Abeer nodded yeah but after all he loves twinkle alott she is daddy princess he will not be angry with her Abeer said while both the brothers smirked ..and went ahead and joined Taneja family for dinner …
Finally I reached her a girl said eyeing the bus she had her luggage she was wearing hoodie and jeans with her boots looking astonishing she got a call ..soon she picked up ..
Hello twinkle said her friend from other side ..
While twinkle sat in the bus arranged by the camp people though her friends left from other bus she had no option opting this bus ..she sat talking to her friends ..
Can’t you guys wait for me I would have joined you all na twinkle said on call …
Are we thought you are not coming so ..her besti chinki said ..
Enough huh twinkle said ….
Acha drama queen don’t worry you are just 2 hrs away from us till the time you reach there we will be gelled up enough to welcome you Mahi her another friend said ..
Fine twinkle ended the call and took a seat beside a lovely handsome hunk who was having his headsets on and was looking outside ..
Their journey started twinkle looked at him while he was still looking outside window feeling the cool breeze on his face ..
Hah I hate you chinki Mahi twinkle murmured how I’ll live without talking to anyone huhu see who’s is this he is not even turning ..
Heyyy twinkle said without noticing his headsets still gets no response from his side ..
She again tried but failed ..huh he is ignoring Twinkle Taneja she said and take a selfie she clicked it with him and posted it on her account with caption #hellbored ???
She was tired and fell asleep resting her head against the seat head bored while the guy turned and looks at twinkle her face covered with hoodie cap and her fairs which are falling on her cheeks he smiled at her and kept on looking at her without any blink …
Twinkle phn starts Beeping which broke her little sleep she looked at the number of comments she got …she opened it to find her brother’s commented..
Kabir : Ohh so journey started runaway bride @twinkle
@ twinkle Hey whose the guy behind you ?? abeer ?
But he looks cute see his side cut : meher ??
You are married don’t forget @meher :Abeer commented ..they goes on teasing each other ..
Huhuh firstly I am getting bored and you ppl @kabir @meher @abeer twinkle commented and I am not D
Hehe teasing enjoy baby your last days before your prince charming takes you : Abeer ??
Foot ?prince charming @abeer : twinkle commented ..
She felt someone gaze on her and looked at him only to be lost in his hazel eyes they looked at each other ..while her phn sound bring them back to reality ..
Hi I am Kunj …the guy beside her forwarded his hand ..and smiled at twinkle ..
I thought him to be sadu twinkle thought while Kunj was waiting for her ..he snaps his finger before her ..
Oh sorry twinkle she said while he shakes their hands ..and smiled ..again she was engrossed in phone ..
Uff how can someone be this much addicted may be she has boyfriend Kunj you will get bored I told Yuvi that I didn’t wanted to go but no he pushed me for this trip huh Kunj thought ..
Hey twinkle broke his chain of thoughts ..
Haan Kunj replied turning towards her
Wo I am getting bored can we talk for sometime ? Twinkle asked with puppy face ..
Honestly even I am Kunj said smiling ..
So why this trip ? Twinkle asked …
To prepare myself before going into hell Kunj said ..
Wht ? Twinkle asked with wide eyes ..
No it was my brother who was going for this trip but at last moment he back off and forcefully sent me Kunj said..
Ohh twinkle said ..
And you ? Kunj asked ..
Wanted to feel last days of my life she said with pout and make a grimace then while Kunj was confused ..
Means ? He asked ..
I am getting married after 2 weeks so my best friends planned this trip she said .
Acha Kunj said and they continued talking to each other and soon became friends …
It was early morning when they stopped on a nearby dhaba to have something while twinj too come there and ordered for them ..in the mean time twinkle again took her picture and posted #lovenature #earlymorningvibes ??
Uhmm I need a fork Kunj said ..while they settled on the table there ..
Hehe who will give you fork here twinkle asked ..
Huhuh I need now Kunj said ..
You doesn’t seems to be of here ? So where are you from ? Twinkle asked ..
I am of here only it’s just that I have stayed in New York so Kunj said ..
Oh but now you have to eat by your hands only twinkle said ..and started her food while Kunj without having any option keeps looking at twinkle ..
Wait I’ll make you eat twinkle said and fed him while he smiled at her ..and sees people looking at them ..
Enough I’ll have it by my hands he said ..
How rude twinkle replied ..
Are sorry but everyone is looking at us only Kunj replied ?
Oh I didn’t saw twinkle smiled sheepishly while he laughed slightly and they continued eating ..while Kunj was having great difficulty twinkle captured his pic .
#choclateboyhavingdifficulty she posted and giggled …
What happen Kunj asked ?
Nothing twinkle said and hides her phone
She started walking capturing the Beauty while Kunj sees everyone in the bus and didn’t found twinkle ..he went out in search of her after 5 min he saw her taking pictures of monkey ..
Hey why are you taking pictures of yourself Kunj teased her ..
You are calling me monkey twinkle asked ..
Hooo no Kunj said ?
Huh sadu you are twinkle said ..
Well let’s leave our bus is going Kunj said ..
Huh let’s go twinkle replied they went and sees everyone disappeared .. and went towards dhaba owner and enquiried ..
It left 5 mins before only he said ..
Hell both said together
If you have not wasted our 5 mins in your wastage talks we wouldn’t have missed it twinkle said ..
Huh it was your fault why you went from here Kunj said ..they started fighting ..
You are a Siyyapa queen huh Kunj said ..
And you are a monkey twinkle replied ..
Let’s have this blame game later we didn’t have our luggage ..
Seriously ? You are worried about luggage twinkle asked and Kunj nodded ..
Huhuh even network is not coming in my phone how I’ll post now #stuckedwithastranger ?✌ twinkle said ..
Huhuh stranger Haan Kunj asked sternly
Don’t fight now let’s find some way twinkle said ..
They again enquired and got to know it’s a city few kilometres ahead ..
I am not going to walk twinkle said ..
Ohh so my highness should I lift you ? Kunj asked sarcastically
You can I won’t wind twinkle said and winked at him ..
Shameless Kunj said ..
I am twinkle announced proudly standing on a rock there ..
Let’s take a lift twinkle said ..
Not a bad idea you have mind also Kunj said ..
Oh hello I am hell smart twinkle said ..
I though you are like social media Kunj said ..
Fast ? Twinkle asked glitter in her eyes ..
No useless waste of time Kunj said and started huh ..
Sadu Kahi ka twinkle said and followed him ..
They stand there waiting and praying for anyone to pass from there it’s had been an hour ..
I am again feeling hungry twinkle said Kunj eyed her ..
Such a impossible girl he murmured he saw one car coming ..
Wait I’ll stop it twinkle said ..
No you will do again any Siyappa Kunj said ..
No no I’ll prove it twinkle said and ask him to hide .. thinking it to be a man who was driving a car but to her shock it was an old woman ..
What ? The old woman asked ..
I want lift please twinkle said ..
No I can’t let any strangers in she said .
Huhu please where I’ll go with the alone road please she said ..
How you came on this alone road then ? She asked twinkle back ..while twinkle was turning angry ..
Uff Kunj you had to do something he said and went towards her ..
Hey hi lovely lady please give us lift Kunj said and continued his cheesy talks while she looked at Kunj and asked him to get in making twinkle shock and angry ..while Kunj sat in front and twinkle at the back looking at them …
She again took a picture and caption it #oldisprettymuchgold???
While Kunj and the old lady was talking and laughing twinkle was burning in jealousy ..
Soon that lady dropped them in city and went off bidding bye to Kunj while he smiled ..
Finally we reached here he said and looked at twinkle ..
Hey what happen ? He asked ..
Nothing now you go your way and I’ll mine she said and waves him bye while Kunj held her and pulled her near him ..
What happened ? Haan we came here together I won’t leave you until you reaches to camp safely he said ..
No I can manage no more Siyappas now you go twinkle tried to come out of his grip ..
Shut up I won’t leave you Kunj said no don’t do this drama we have to reach there soon he said ..while twinkle without having any option agreed to him ..
Freshen up then we will see how to go from here Kunj said ..
Okay twinkle replied and went ..
She is really a weird combo Kunj scratches his hair
After sometime they check again and the option available was to go by car / Jeep they had their food and rented a jeep ..
While twinkle anger vanished and she was back to normal mode again they sat and was enjoying their journey while decided to play game while the driver was driving ..
What should we play? Twinkle asked ..
I don’t know Kunj replied ..
You are such a boring person twinkle said ..
Whatever Kunj replied ..Let’s just talk na Kunj ended
Okay twinkle said ..
So you are getting hitched ? Arrange or love ? Kunj asked ..
What you think ? Twinkle asked ..
Love may be ?Kunj said …
If I had an option I would have denied both it’s an arrange marriage twinkle said ..
Ohh Kunj replied …
You won’t believe I don’t know the guy twinkle said ..
What ? Kunj asked unbelievable you are so socioholic you would have saw his picture atleast ..
Yeah Papa gave me but I Burned it twinkle said
What so bad Kunj replied ..
Huhuh I denied so many proposals and I would have denied him too but his good luck twinkle Taneja is in his Destiny ..
Poor him Kunj Murmured ..
You said something ? Twinkle asked ..
No Kunj replied ..
Why you denied ? Kunj asked ..
I am not interested in these things I am very much scared of this thing’s a girl’s life changes totally man twinkle said ..
That’s true but it’s beautiful too Kunj replied ..
I don’t think so twinkle said ..
Hheheh how you denied other boys Kunj asked ..
I have did many pranks like rating them talking about having an affair n all twinkle winked and Kunj mouth wide opened ..
Huh so bad Siyappa queen Kunj said ..
Don’t start again she replied ..
Okay okay cool down Kunj said ..
Shit I didn’t get chance to make this guy scared twinkle said …
Haha how you would have scared him ? Kunj asked ..
As far as I remember Papa said he is a very shy type of person so twinkle said and moved closer to Kunj ..I would have done something to make him cancel this wedding twinkle winked ..while Kunj was shocked seeing her this much close to him ..soon something covered his mind ..
But what if he would have pulled you closer like this he said pulling her more closing to him by wrapping his arms around her waist while twinkle was shocked their lips inches apart … suddenly the driver applies breaks and they fell on seat there with twinkle on top of Kunj ..while Kunj tucks her hairs behind and twinkle got up ..Kunj smiled mischeviously …
You didn’t answer me ? Kunj said ..
I would have kicked his ass twinkle replied making Kunj eyes wide again in horror ..
Thanks bro you applied brakes on right time Kunj said while twinkle laughed ..
They were enjoying their soon they reached the camp already chinki and Mahi was hell worried for twinkle ..as soon as they saw her she jumped hugging them while Kunj smiled ..
Childish how many shades she has babaji he said and joined his come Yuvi friend’s ..
While the girls left taking with them and Kunj left with boys (Rohan Aryan Manik) while all slept being tired ..
Next day the fun started with the games and all everyone enjoying their trip with lots of fun ..
There was a competition of climbing the mountain and hosting a flag there between the boys they all hurried up while Kunj saw twinkle and smirked …
Hey Siyappa queen Kunj said matching up her speed while she looked at him ..
Oh sadu ? Twinkle replied ..
Can’t you give me some good name like I gave you siyappaaaaaa queeennnn stretching the word ..
Huhuh monkey I won’t fall in your traps twinkle said running fastly while Kunj smiled and ran behind her he tired to stop her from reaching first their legs entwined making them fall on the snow ..Kunj on top of twinkle both looks at each other with an intense gaze while kunj take the opportunity and ran from there twinkle got up shouting at him and ran behind him panting heavily while they both reached together and hosted their flags ..
I did first both said together
It’s a tie fine Kunj said and twinkle smiled ..they stand seeing the city with twinkle again clicked the pictures Kunj smiled seeing her while she posted the pic ..
#lastmomentsofbachlorette she posted ..
While they shout they names standing there and it echoes back they smiled and went back while twinkle take out something and drank Kunj snatched it from her ..
Ohh that’s why I was thinking why you are not feeling cold ..Kunj said
It’s just a red wine don’t be so shocked twinkle said and winked ..snacthing the bottle back
You want some ? Twinkle added and forwarded to Kunj while he drank too ..
Both enjoying each other company alott at night they arranged bonfire and barbecue while all had fun playing and doing full on Masti ..
At night Kunj was not sleeping and was sitting outside his tent laying on floor watching the sky while twinkle too comes there and yawn seeing Kunj ..
You are awake still Kunj asked ..
Yeah my sleep broke because of these noises ..twinkle said with fear ..
What ? Which noises it’s so peaceful Kunj said ..
Huh there is a bhoot in my tent twinkle replied innocently which make Kunj laughed ..
Okay come here and lay you will feel peaceful he said and twinkle did and both of them were staring the sky .. taking to each other twinkle fell asleep Kunj smiled and unknowingly pecked her forehead he himself was shocked at first ..then dropped twinkle back in her tent ..and went in his tent ..
The camp was going to end and it was their last day they did a lots of lots shopping and gifted each other beautiful bracelets… with lots of pictures
They looked at the bus and started laughing recalling how they lost it ..
No Siyappa this time Kunj said ..
Okay twinkle said and took her last picture with Kunj …#besttripever she posted …
Soon they reached back Amritsar after having full fun in the bus ..
So see you soon Kunj said ..
What ? Twinkle asked ..
You are going to forget me ? Kunj asked ..
Oh no no you are my best friend now twinkle said ..
It’s too late I have to catch my flight bye Kunj said ..
Okay mr foreigner twinkle replied teasing him ..
Shut up Kunj said and they burst out laughing soon he left while twinkle looked on ..she call Abeer ..
Haan twinkle maa Papa already left we are waiting for you where are you ? Abeer asked ..
Just now I reached wait I’ll come home twinkle said ..
No need we don’t have much time do one thing reach airport from there we will pick you Abeer said ..
While they all met at airport and left for Chennai where twinkle wedding was held while twinkle was narrating Abeer and Kabir what all she did in trip and they were happy that she enjoyed ..Misha Meher Leela rt already left
Thanks bhai for sending me twinkle said ..
No need if you are happy then we are too Kabir said ..soon they reached the resort which was near beach booked for them ..
Twinkle hugged her parents and apologize to rt for her sudden disappeared ..while he forgave her ..
Everyone mingled up in the works the groom and bride family staying in same resort …
@ night they all were meeting for casual dinner twinkle was beautifully dressed by Meher and Misha and taken downstairs
Where is our bahu ? Groom father asked ..
Monu she is coming rt said ..while twinkle comes there and rt make her meet them ..
He is Manohar sarna and Usha sarna your to be father and mother in law rt said while twinkle greeted and took their blessings ..she is bebe Manohar sister rt ended …
Where is groom now bhai ? Leela asked ..
He is coming with his brother Usha said.
Uff he is taking more time than our twinkle Kabir said ..
We are here they turned to voices and twinkle was surprised too see Kunj ..and he was too ..
Come …let me introduce this is Yuvraj and this is Kunj my proud son’s Manohar said while all smiled ..
And Yuvraj she is twinkle your to be Usha said while twinkle and Kunj both were shocked ..while Yuvi smiled ..
The dinner continued with everyone having a glittering chat and lightening up the moment while twinj were still in state of shocked ..
Twinkle excused herself while Kunj goes behind her ..
You are going to marry Yuvi ? Kunj said ..
I knew it today only twinkle told him while Kunj thought ..
Are it would be good na I’ll be with my best friend twinkle said while Kunj was not so convinced with her answer ..they left
Yuvi is younger to me and you guys are getting him married Kunj said frustrated ..
So what ? You denied to marry we have promised them that either you or Yuvi will marry twinkle it’s good that she didn’t saw your picture Usha said ..
Yeah Kunj Manohar replied ..while Kunj left from there this was heard by twinkle ..
3-4 days passed by twinkle was missing Kunj though he was maintaining distance from her … Ahhh why I am feeling bad if he is ignoring me he is my best friend na that’s why huh but still tomorrow is my engagement I should be happy but I am not ..I will get mad if this guy ignored me again …
huh I love him man twinkle said seeing their pics in her phone suddenly she realised what she said ..what this is not possible…I AM IN LOVE no no this can’t be but yes it’s true I love you Kunj ..I can’t marry Yuvi ..how to tell everyone ..
Twinkle went from there and shared that thing with Abeer and Kabir while they were shocked and asked her to confess it to Kunj ..
Soon twinkle called Kunj on the beach while he sees it’s and was shocked ..
I don’t know what and how to say this to you but I can’t take up this ignorance anymore Kunj I am getting mad and I realised that I couldn’t live without you I love you twinkle said while Kunj was shocked what ?? He asked ..
Yes I love you truly I can’t marry anyone else twinkle said while Kunj looked on ..twinkle she heard someone scream her name and turned to found rt and rest …
I am sorry Papa I can’t marry Yuvi I love Kunj twinkle said ..
No you will marry the guy I choose for you rt said ..
Yes she will definitely marry the guy you have choosen for her now don’t scare her ram Manohar said ..
Twinkle have a look at your wedding invitation first Usha said while twinkle was shocked ..
Twinkle weds Kunj ? She reads while all burst out laughing including Kunj ..
You are going to get married to Kunj only don’t worry rt said ..
Yeah and I am your Lakshman Yuvi said ..
Enough don’t tease her let Kunj answer her questions Leela said and all disappeared twinkle turned and looked at him ..
What’s these ? She asked with tears in her eyes while Kunj kissed on her eyes ..
I’ll tell you so this started when I first saw your picture I fell for you at that time only I wanted to meet you but didn’t got chance as rt uncle said that she will cancel this alliance too ..so they directly kept the wedding ..I didn’t knew that you are going on trip Yuvi handed me his ticket and told to enjoy my last days when I saw you in bus I was shocked but understood that it was all their plan to make me meet you I decided to be quiet but each time I fell more n more for you when I came here I told everyone not to tell you the groom is me only because when I bid off you at airport I saw your eyes has some feelings for me I wanted to know if you love me too or not so I planned this Kunj said ..he received a slap on his cheek ..
You are really idiot you know how much scared I saw when I realise that I love you and going to marry your brother twinkle shouted ..
Sorry Kunj made puppy face ..
Huhuh I won’t marry you now twinkle said trying to go but held her and back hugged her ..
Sochlo mrs to be sarna girls die to get me Kunj said ..
Huh I love you twinkle said and dare you think of anyone else she replied tears Falling off her cheeks while Kunj wiped it ..
I love you too jaan Kunj said making her blush…
Initially everyone gets kiss after proposal and I got slap Kunj said ?
You have done such thing to get slap only twinkle said and kissed on his cheek making him smiled they joined their forehead ..
I still can’t believe I am in love twinkle said ..
We Are In Love Kunj corrected her while both of them smiling…
The next day they got engaged happily twinkle didn’t forgot to share their pics again ..
#Mine??? she captioned the pic within seconds she got comments ..
Isn’t obvious any doubt mrs to be sarna Kunj commented ..
Not at all twinkle replied ..
Ohooo love birds Kunj what you did man the person who didn’t wanted to marry now very desperate to marry you Abeer commented ..
It’s Kunj sarna magic brother ..Kunj commented ..
Don’t fly now twinkle replied ?while all of them Burst out laughing ..
Then they got married all the rituals there life turned in a second ..it’s just takes a moment to fall in love ..???
Hufff finally done ✌
Long time writing haha kidding ?but I missed it ..
So yeah this one is for you all as a bid farewell ???
Comment guys show some love for twinj
One shot dedicated to aamu yashu di Mahi di my Simran and Shalu di ..
If any mistake ignore it ..
No proof read no time sorry to writers I am not getting time to read and comment sorry kiya ?
Bye allahafiz ??

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