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hlo guys…its me mehreen here…so swaragini is going to end….i feel sad…not because its going to end…its that the fanfiction will reduce from now on..i already started to write one fiction which i made 3 shots too…now i dont know i should post it or not….
guys pls take this as my request..pls dnt stop writing…its because i feel very good time reading this story….specially when we can potray the character….so pls take this as request and pls dont end writing…keep swaragini alive through writing…
Now my mission is going to end and my life with swara
Swara pov

I don’t know what happened to sanskar..i feel like he is avoiding me..i know he is busy..but then too feel like he is avoiding me..all rituals are completed…now I am completely free…I joined my 2 days before…it’s a week we had came from there..sanskar went somewhere to meet someone..i still don’t know what he does and where he is…why cant he just tell me…he no more speak to me…and will come late at night..is he really busy or something else…his eyes says something else..and now I am really worried..
Uttara : swara..which one is best…silver ya red
Swara : silver
Uttara ; which sari are u going to wear?? …wait…don’t tell me..u didn’t think about it
Swara : actually..
Uttara: I knew it..u be naa…come I will take for u..
Swara : okay
Uttar; okay..u wear this for tomorrow…
Swara okay

Sansakr came full tired..his tie was loose..coat was in one of his hand and full messy hair..as if he didn’t sleep for days…
Uttar; okay..i am going
Sanskar : why this sari? He ask uttara..
Uttara: woh..we have to wear sari for tomorrow s theme party so..
Sanskar : okay..
Swara : u fresh up..i will bring our dinner here..
Sanskar : our dinner matlab..u didn’t have ur food
Swara bit her lip and cursed herself for saying
Sanskar : how much time I told u no to wait for me..its 12 now..i have eaten from office…he went to washroom…
A tear escape from her eyes..she gently wipes it…

Sanskar pov..

Its becoming harder for me by coming days..i really want to end this soon…when I reach room,,she already slept…she didn’t take her food today too..i sighed…I have to do something…I looked at the sari she kept. She will be beautiful in this..i imagined,,something strike me…ohh no..this is a plan to find princess aradhya…now what to do..
After a while…sanskar came to the room..saw swara sleeping peacefully..i am sorry swara,,but I have to do this..he took an ointment and looks at her..

A agirl is speaking to someone in dark room..
Girl : tomorrow we will find her..yeah, I will make sure of it..but u promised me something
Man : yeah .. I know…I wont do anything until u do…..do wat I say..or else…(he smirks )
Girl ; no..i will find her..give me some more time…
Man : only a week…
The man cut the call..the girl sighed…

At college…

Swara and uttara enter the college..
Kittu ; ohh mere ram..agayi meri dono dosth
Uttara ; wat hapnd today u r so fast..chakkar kya hain haan
Kitttu : nothing..bass aise he..come we will go inside the hall

Sahil : sanskar…jeevika and viren bhai is safe..i am coming with them..
Sanskar : what..but how..y u didn’t tell me before
Sahil : I will tell u everything..but now go to college..now…swara is in danger..i am on the way…
Sanskar : what ?..
Girl : I said u to give me time..u said I have one week then
Man : no today is the last day or else…
Girl : okay..but don’t do anything to her..pls..
Yes the girl is krithika..
Kittu : I am sorry swara..but I have to put u in danger to save my sister..she took the revolver and aimed at swara
Sansakr reached the venue..and look everyone..he saw swara with uttara laughing..he sighed…but then he saw krithika aiming at swara..before he could do something there was the shot …
Swara was taken to hospital…she was unconscious..and kittu too had taken to hospital..yes sahil shot krithika..jeeviak told krithika is her sister..and she does all this to protect swara..she was under mission…
It was her plan to make sanskar marry swara…she was the one who put sanksar on shekhars mind by different source..she thought he will see the mark and sanskar will able to find she is princess aradhya (she know sanskar and sahil is under the mission ) but all her pln got flopped..
Now what..mission got over..swara is found a sprincess aradhya..now will sanskar allow her to go with sahil ??

so here is the update…and comment and let me know….i dont care how much i comment i get,,,but the comment i get it value a lot for me….this brings to write more…
sorry for the late updates…actually the shots are there with me but internet connection is not there to update…so thats why it takes time…sorry again…

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