Humsafars (krpkab) part 9

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I was in my room with Asharfi on my shoulder ”Kuch samaj aaya aapko” To my utter surprise he replied ”Gabbar Chaudhry…….Gabbar Chaudhry” ”Yeh kisne sikhaya tumhe” I replied just then Sonakshi came in ”Asharfi, Asharfi come from here” She said raising her hand near my face to take the parrot then she put her hand back ”Asharfi be a good boy and come from here tum jante ho na ki hum kitne gusse baaz hai ” Again she said and raised her hand when the lights went ” Asharfi is scared of dark ” She said to me worried I got up and started searching for Asharfi ”Asharfi” I screamed while searching for Ashrfi in the dark Sonakshi hand got burnt because of the candles on my table ” Ah!!” She screamed I took her hand and started rubbing it while she was just staring at me I looked up and she took her hand away angrily ” Hum yeh karlenge, or u’ll simply blame me that I burnt my hand purpuosly and u must be thinking I switched off the lights so I can enter ur room” She again looked around for Asharfi when her eyes fell on the bed ”Asharfi chalo yahan se warna yeh tum par bhi insam lagaynge ” I bent down to take Asharfi on my shoulder he came and she took him from there and went.



As we came out of the room the electricity came back ”Bijli aa gayi bijli aa gayi ” Asharfi said just then Kurti Apa came ” Sahi kaha is khabakt tothe ne ab is ujale mein tumhari kale harkat toh chupengi nahi ” I was shocked ” What ” I said ” Oh how innocent she is look at her face ” I was getting mad ” What r u saying ” She said ” I’ll bring out ur true face in front of everyone, Ay dharkast suno toh” She screamed and went from there while I followed her and she started screaming that I’m bad and all that nonsense when everyone came out ” Kurti apa ab yeh kya naya tamasha hai ” Alvira aunty said ” Haan hua kya ” Anam asked ” Arey what u asking me ask this girl what happened jo Allah miya ke gaye ka nakam pehen kar is ghar mein gulchare uda rahi hai ” She said tears were almost coming out of my eyes ” Kurti hold ur tongue ” Dadi said but she back answered ” Arey u should have held ur daughter begum jitni bholi samaj kar aap isse layi utni hi shatir hai yeh ” she said which made tears come out m eyes ” Kurti apa talk with some manners these r our guests ” Aunty said ” Arey that’s what I’m saying these r guests they should stay like guests no try to be the owners Arey begum this girl is characterless haan ” she screamed I was hurt a lot ” Kurti apa ur wrongly blaming me ” I said ” Arey tevar toh dekho isse ek toh tumne itni giri hui harkat ki or uske baad iski zaban kanchi ke tarah kach kach kach kach chal rahi hai ur characterless characterless I saw with my own eyes ” She said this was it for dadi she raised her hand but ma stopped her ” But what did u see Kurt apa ” Anam asked ” She is trying trap Zaki always roaming around him and I saw how she in his arms swinging around ” Enough is enough she blaming me for nothing ” No it was nothing like that I went to find Asharfi Allah knows I was going to fall and Zaki saved me ” I said ” Arey tum toh pehle se hi giri hui ho bas javan ladke chaiye bachane ke liye ” I was angry really angry

Just then Sir came this Kurti apa was brain washing him to remove me out of this house he turned towards me and she still kept taunting me ” Bas Kurti apa ” he said ” I respect u but what u said is not true she doesn’t have bad intentions and she didn’t come out of Zaki’s room ” he said ” How can u say this ” She asked back ” Because she came out of my room Kurti apa today u’ve insulted a girl in front of her family, I can’t ask u to tell sorry but mistake has happened” He said and turned towards us ” Sorry please forgive her ” he said and went from there.


Next day I was on the phone wanting to know about the Singapore investers but the problem was the company problems and Zaki going to jail was the biggest problem for this deal we had to rectify it



I was dressing up when I wore my watch it was the same hand Sir was rubbing because my hand got burnt I was having a half smile remembering last night ” Hai lazmi hai fizool bhi. Hai aag bhi hai phool bhi. Aasoon bhi hai Muskan bhi. Katil wahi wahi jaan bhi akhir aap hai koun aapko pura toh nahi pehchan paye par jo bhi hai jaise bhi hai psycho Gabbar Chaudhry ko thanks toh khna padega. Just then a man came telling us a relative came we all looked confused but I understood who that was I got up angrily ” Hum samaj gaye ki yeh rishtadar koun hai aal fikr mat kijye inki toh hum charas bo denge ” I said



I called up Anam asked her to come to the office so we can create a new design for the Singapore investors because this was no deal to be lost



I went to the hall angrily ” How r u Sonakshi and u Asha and where’s ma” my so called baba asked me ” Dadi toh aapka shakal nahi dekhna chahti Bejoy sahab ” I said getting angry
” This is the manners ur first wife gave right ” That lady said I was getting mad hearing her ” It’s better if u shut ur mouth because u r only interested in breaking others homes and throwing them out of there so now it’s better if u go out ” But none listened so I forcefully took their hands and threw them out ” Now if u come here toh hum aapke aiase charas boenge ki zindagi bhar nahi bulogi ” I threw them out and shut the door on their face. I went out ”Oh no today I’m late and this Gabbar Chaudhry also gave missed calls aaj toh hum gaye” I said sadly and left

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