Humsafars (krpkab) part 8

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I told ma about Zeenat ”Kya Zeenat is out of coma” She said happily ”Ji ma and I still haven’t fulfilled the promise mujhe jald se jald vaada pura karna hoga ” I said ”Tumhe aaj bhi vaada yaad hai ” Ma asked me little surprised ( FLASHBACK OF FEW YEARS AGO
Dev : It’s my promise to u
Dev said to Zeenat cupping her face and as he said it she smiled ) ”The promise I’ve been living for 7 years usse bhulonga kaise, Ijazzat dijiye ” as I went ma pulled me behind ” Where r u going ” she asked me ” Zeenat se nazre milna ke liye ” I said and left from there. I was in the hospital sitting near Zeenat ” Doctor apne kaha tha ki ye better ho rahi hai phir yeh meri taraf dekkh kyu nahi rahi hai ” I asked him ” Look this is no small matter sath saal mein pehli baar inhone palke japkai hai ” He replied being calm then again I asked him ” Doctor does she feel that I’m here kya ye mujhe pehchan sakthi hai ” he replied ” Of course she must be recognizing u ” I went around her bed and took a look at her ” No, In anko ko pehechanta hoon even though my reflection is there they r still empty ” I said he patted my shoulder and went I went close to Zeenat ” Mera vaada pura hone ko hai U have to come back to see it ” (FLASHBACK FEW YEARS AGO
Zeenat : Dev aap artist hai design kijye shayari kijiye par business apse nahi hoga
Dev went to her and cupped her face
Dev : I promise u that my name will be in the top ten rich people soon) I picked my phone and called Rehman ” Rehman suno time is less is that deal done ” I asked ” Arey Dev bhai the Singapore people haven’t send the consent till they do we can’t do anything jaldi kya hai ” He asked back ” I’ve made a promise to someone don’t want to break it ” I said and cut the phone


I was taking care of ma sitting near her ” Beta why did u stay back even u should have gone out with everyone ” Ma told me ” Ma taking care of u is very important and tomorrow I have office also so better I stay with u ” I said and was about to go when ma’s phone rang it was baba how can he call I took the phone and cut it ”Beta I don’t know y he called par ek bar baat toh karne de warna….” Ma said I replied being little angry ” Warna kya ma” Ma got scared and said ”Warna woh yahan aa kar sab ke samne hungama kar deng ge he said like that ” I was calm ” Ma no need to take tension unhone ka na woh yahan aayenge aane do aap hume kabar kijye hum police complaint karenge ek baar woh hawalat ki hawa khayenge toh Khuda kasam sare tameez dekhenge ” ma noded no ” Ma don’t worry when I’m here u don’t need to be scared of anyone ok. Promise u’ll call if anything happens” I said and ma noded yes I smiled left and called that guy ”Aap ma ko kese kahe sakthe hain ki aap hungama khada karenge haan agar aap yahan ayenge toh hum aapko jail bijvaynge ” he answered back ” Tum mujhe jail bijvaogi apne baba ko ” I answered getting angry ” Nahi mein baba ko nahi apne ma ke pati ko bijvaoungi samje” I said and cut the phone. I started talking to an employee as I went sir was behind me I went left side he also turned to my side I went right side he again turned my side he got angry held me by my shoulder and turned me angrily.

His anger reminded me of his rage when he said to shift my desk away ”Sona what happened what were u doing anyway come let’s work ” Linda said ” Linda ji today can I sit on ur desk..” She cut me off and said ”It’s not allowed ” But I pleaded her being helpless ” Please Linda ji ” She agreed and I sat on her desk and stated working.



I looked around Sonakshi’s desk she was missing from there I looked around all the desks I saw her working on Linda’s desk this raged me I tried looking at her but Linda covered her she tried to peek at my cabin she saw me and started working this raged me more I went out first where Sona was sitting then to Linda she stood ” Who gave permission to change the place may I know ” she was quiet this raged me more ” I waiting who gave u permission t change ur position ” Then Sonakshi stood up and said ” Humne kiya hai aapne hi toh kaha tha” I got really angry I went to her desk and flicked out all the papers she stood still saw something and went behind ”Ma aap yahan ” she asked her mother


I was tensed why was ma here ” Beta he has messaged me he is coming home ” just then ma fainted I was shocked I looked behind that Gabbar what does he think he is he pushed me away and carried ma out I ran out following him he took ma to the outhouse and kept her on the bed ” Medicines kahan hai ” He asked me I checked the drawer while he called Dr. Khurana. After sometime he came up with a therapy which helped ma get better sir left and then everyone came back Dadi, Maya, Zarah everyone came back I was happy.


I was in the room suddenly Kurti apa came with some people from the band ”Arey beta mubarak ho Zeenat teek ho gayi ” She danced then she stopped those people ” Beta agar koi r hota toh shayad kisi or se shadi kar leta par tune aisa nahi kiya shabas beta” I just smiled to what she said



While I was lost in thinking about the marks I saw on Sir’s back dadi Myra and Zarah were continouosly blabbering on how Gabbar helped me out the days they were not there Ugh!! So irritating he is how can they talk sweet about him Hmph!! Then I called Dr. Khurana about the marks he said it will be fine in sometime



I saw Kurti apa dancing in the hall I stopped her and asked her what she’s doing ” Mubarak ho begum Zeenat wapas aa rahi hai ” She dancing and went away I broke into a smile ” Zeenat aye ya na aye yeh khuda ke haat mein hai Dev or Sonakshi ke nazdik ana yeh mere haat mein hai. Chingari lag chuki hai bas thodi hawa milani hai. Mein Sonakshi ko Dev ki biwi bane se pehle is ghar mein rahna hoga taki woh zyada se zyada ek dusre ko dekh sake or nazdik aa sake” I broke into a smile and went

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