Humsafars (krpkab) part 3

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Gabbar tried a lot finally he found a rock and broke the cube I was saved or I would suffocate in that box. I went in my room few people r right The Gabbar Chaudry cannot become nice” How can u get in the glass cube, U know that is the jahan ara dress worth 2 crores if something would have happened to the dress then” He spoke just like a Gabbar” How can insult me like that if something would happen to me then, only worried about that dress” This Gabber gets really angry and insults my family but I’m also Sonakshi Asha Khan I also got angry and threw my jhoomro khan(mobile) on him Gabbar also got angry but he saw few reporters and calmed but the shocking news was he was the MD os saiyyara where I was the intern.

I ran out of there seeing a chance and bumped in Zaki who heavily inebriated and held my arm but I got really irked and went fro there Gabbar sees this ” Zaki how many times I’ve told u not to drink and come to parties” Zaki replied ” Sorry bhai ” Just then Alvira aunty came ” Zaki Dev is right even after warnings u’ve done this ” And aunty slaps him poor Zaki started crying and hugged Gabbar ” Sorry bhai ” Gabbar replied ” It’s ok go apologize to ami ”

I called Zarah as usual I’m sure they were fighting finally they picked up the phone ” Api bade dino bade phone kar rahi ho ” Zarah said ” Zarah yeh chodo hum ek problem mein phas gaye hai humne humare boss ko jumroo khan(phon – last time I’m telling the meaning) se mar diya ” I said ” Haye re tune itne handsome ladke ko mar diya ” Dadi said oh god these people will never change ” Par beta agar zyada chot lagi to herbal leaves laga ke woh teek honge ” Dadi at times give good ideas ” Aapka shukriya dadi ” I said and hung up happily. But I never knew Gabbar didn’t now I’m staying in his outhouse y I’ll tell later. In the office ” Linda ji aap hume bata sakte hain ki Gabb aa Dev sir ka cabin kahan hai ”
She told me I entered as usual he got angry but I applied the herbal recipe on Gabbar ” What r u applying ” he asked ” Yeh dadi ka herbal recipe hai aapke ke liye accha hai ” I said ” Ok now get out”

At home Gabbar got shocked seeing me at his house that’s y I said he never knew I stayed in the house but Alvira aunty to rescue ” Beta yeh Sonakshi hai saiyyara ki nayi intern
Meine isse Lucknow mein dekha issi liye yeh humare ghar mein rah rahi hai aur mein usse yahan layi hoon yeh humare outhouse mein rah rahi hai tumhe koi itraaz hai ” Ovio he couldn’t say no ” Nahi ami ”

Then aunty came in my room ” Aaj ka din kaisa tha ” I remembered the fight with him and said yes ” I replied ” I brought u here with Asha’s permission so work hard and make them proud ok ” Aunty said ” Aunty please hume maph karo ” I said ” Kyun” I told her evrything ” Arey teek hai beta galtiyan toh hoti hai na ab aaram karo ” And aunty left

How was it hope it wasn’t boring if u all don’t like it I can stop this ff
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    Amazing story

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    Awesome..superb.. fabulous

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    It was fantastic !!!!!
    I am so so sorry for not commenting on first two parts??
    Post next one asap!!

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  5. Amazing……????❤??……and the best part is there’s no….ishwari….!!!!??……episode was awesome……???❤???

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      thanks so much maleeha
      Ishwari will come maybe in the last episode?

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