Humsafars (krpkab) part 10

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Sorry for being late, sorry I was busy preparing for exams


Yes finally, I got the deal, my dream project but, ”Dev babu don’t be so happy I have my condition” now what condition ”I’ll only get the deal for u if my daughter Samira marry’s ur brother Zaki..” What!? How can he say that, no..but I guess Zaki will agree I really don’t know ”Ok, I’ll convince him” I said and went out of there direct to Zaki’s room.

“Zaki…Zaki” I called out and he came ”Haan bolo bhai..” He replied ”Uh…I need to talk to u” I asked him ”Haan kijiye” He replied casually but unfortunately he doesn’t know the bumper surprise I’ll give him, ”Haan u know na about my dream deal na (he nodded) Rehman has a condition that he wants u to marry….uh…his daughter…Samaira” I knew it, I just knew I made out by the facial expression’s how shocked ”But bhai, u know I love Sonakshi then…” Ugh!! He and this Sonakshi, coming in between my dream project….but one thing I’ve figured out is that she has some feelings for me….IDEA!!, ”But she loves me” I said which shocked him ”How can u say so” He protested, I smirked ”I’ll prove it u within a week” I said and left.



A new and beautiful morning….the day passed swiftly and smoothly Gabbar Chauddry didn’t burst out on anyone but since 2 days he has been hiding a project from me…but what is it?? Just then I got a message lo shaitan ka naam zikar kiya or uska message…I read the message ‘Sonakshi please come in the hall’ he messaged I went I reached there and to my surprise the whole hall was decorated in red white balloons and dim lights so pretty just the Dev sir came out in a white shirt, pant and a white coat with a black tie looking quite handsome….wait wait he’s Gabbar Chaudry or someone else??? ”Thanks for coming here, I have something for u” He said and held my hand taking me near a statue covered with a cloth. He removed it and I was surprised seeing…..


How’s it please give ur views

Which one u want next : My love…..will come BACK!



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  1. Short but nice! Post the next one soon! And yeah, I wouldn’t mind either of them!

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