Humsafars 9th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 9th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arzoo brings hands over design samples to Sahir. Sahir asks her to bring dry samples, else he will sue her. She starts sneezing. Alvira hears her sneezing and gives her herbal tea to drink. Anam scolds her for getting wet designs and asks if she cannot do her work, why did she come from Lucknow. Arzoo gets sad. Alvira consoles her and says there will be a lot of hurdles at the beginning, so she should not be dishearted and do something with which everyone should praise her.

Arzoo calls Nausheen and informs her about he mistake and samples getting spoilt. She says she will prepare samples herself. Nausheen says she should not take credit of someone’s work and tells her home remedy to clean the sample. Arzoo says he wants to tell her something and reminisces her stepmom scolding her, says she cannot tell her anything and cuts call. She then cleans samples and gives it to Sahir. Sahir checks it and gives it to Anam. Anam asks her not to lie that those are same samples. Arzoo says she used old home remedy to clean them and apologizes Sahir for not handing over sample on time. Sahir gets impressed. she goes back to her desk and prays god to help in every step of life. She gets a call from her father and angrily cuts it. Stepmom smirks seeing dad getting angry. Arzoo angrily engulps whole water bottle. Stepmom then brainwashes dad and says Arzoo must have thrown his samples.

Sahir says Anam that Sarfaraz/Arzoo’s father is cheating them by working for their rival also and asks her to hire Arzoo permanently and fire Sarfaraz. Anam asks why should they fire him. Sahir says he hates him for his betrayal and asks her to tell Arzoo to inform Sarfaraz about his job firing. Anam gives Arzoo Sarfaraz’s number and asks her to inform him about dismissing from work. She calls him hesitantly and speaks, but Anam asks her to speak professionally. Dad also scolds her for misbehaving with her father. Arzoo tells him in English that he dismissed from his duty. Anam scolds her for talking rudely with her client.

Sarfaraz calls Nausheen and starts scolding her for Arzoo’s misbehaviour. Daadi instead picks call and asks him to behave first and asks him to keep away from Arzoo, else she will come to Mumbai and will ruin his life. He says he will not interfere in Arzoo’s life and cuts call.

Arzoo sees Zaki’s girlfriend asking him the reason for dumping her. Zaki sees Arzoo and says he in love with Jahan Ara/Arzoo. Girlfriend says he is lying and says he is trying to fool her. Arzoo says her that Zaki is telling right and they are in love since a long time, she will get a better guy than Zaki. She thanks her and leaves. Zaki also thanks her for saving him. Arzoo says she saved that girl instead. He says she is his savior and welcomes her to his house. She says he is standing in her room and asks him to go out.

Sahir gets a call from Sarfaraz. He asks servant Joe to pick it. Once servant picks call, Sarafaraz requests him to fix a meeting with Sahir. Joe asks Sahir and he agrees. Sarfaraz thanks him.

Sarfaraz reaches Sayyara in the morning and gets angry seeing Arzoo. Peon informs him that Sahir is calling him. Sarfaraz gets into Sahir’s cabin and requests him not to dismiss him from work. Sahir gives him ticket and asks him to go back to Lucknow as he cannot afford being at Mumbai. Sarafaraz touches Sahir’s feet and requests him to give him one chance. Sahir says he should have thought before betraying Sayyara. Sarfaraz says he will not do any mistake again. Sahir asks him to stop working with his rivals and says he will not give him second change. Sarfaraz thanks him and comes out of his cabin. Anam stops him and says his contract is being given to someone else and gives back his sample. He asks who spoilt his sample. She says new intern spoilt it and points at Arzoo. He goes to Arzoo and asks how can she do this to her father. She says he was dismissed because of his betrayal with Sayyara and not for spoilt sample and says just like he betrayed his mom and family’s life, he betrayed Sayyara. She gives his sample and he leaves with it. Sahir calls her with new client’s file. She hands over him file. He asks her to get it completed today and asks what relationship she ahs with Sarfaraz, asks if he is the one who sent her here, repeatedly asks her to reply, else he will kick her out from his office. She stands still. He insists an she says he is from Lucknow, so she spoke to him. He asks if he was holding lucknow’s board. she says whatever relationship she has with Sarafaraz, she is now an employee of Sayyara and will not betray him. He says Sarfaraz is workign with me since 7 years and he knows him well, asks her to get out. She gets back to her desk and sits angrily. Her colleagues gives her cold water. She angrily gets up and leaves. Anam stops her and asks where is she going. She does not reply her and walks out.

Arzoo comes back to her room. Her stepmom calls her and starts scolding her and her mother, says she is a thief like her mother who ruined her happiness. Arzoo asks her to stop her allegations and says she stole her mom’s husband and ruined their happiness instead. Stepmom continues her allegations. Arzoo asks her to stop, else she will repent and cuts call.

Precap: Arzoo reaches dargah. A holyman says her that she will meet her life partner soon. Sahir also reaches Dargah.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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