Humsafars 9th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Humsafars 9th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Arzoo getting dressed as a bride and thinks that every girl dreams about her prince coming and taking her along with him on a white horse. She thinks I used to sleep when Ammi used to tell the stories because I didn’t dream about any prince. Then Sahir came in my life. I understood what is life and love. I was taking breathe but not living fully. He made me realize what is love. Then he made me realize hatred. He made me realize that life is good without love. Myra comes and says I can’t believe that you are going to marry today. Zara comes and asks Arzoo to come. Myra asks her to come and leaves. She comes out of her room and thinks she is starting a new life with him, who left her after walking with her for a while. She looks at Sahir. She thinks she is getting married to a person who doesn’t love her. She says this is my story.

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Arzoo comes to the marriage altar. Zara and Nausheen bring her. Arzoo gives a fake smile as she is unhappy. Sahir comes there. Alvira asks him to come and makes him sit. People start gossiping at Arzoo and wonders why she agreed to marry Sahir as he is already married. They feel bad for Zaki. Zaki is seen drunking wine and crying. Anam smirks and tells we are also confused. Alvira greets Maulvi Saheb and asks him to start the nikaah. Kurti Apa wonders how Arzoo agreed to marry Sahir overnight. Maulvi tells Arzoo, do you agree this marriage. Everyone get shocked as Arzoo doesn’t reply. Nausheen checks and finds her gone. She tells Alvira that Arzoo is not there. Sahir gets up and goes to find her. Alvira asks Nausheen not to worry. Zara calls Zaki and informs him about Arzoo going/ escaping from her own marriage. Zaki gets shocked. Anam thinks Arzoo is trapped now. She can’t decide whom to marry. Nausheen wonders what Arzoo wants.

Arzoo is seen walking on the hot coal in the dargah. She recalls agreeing to marry Zaki and then Sahir threatening her to marry him. She walks on the hot coal and feels pain. Arzoo requests the God to give her strength as the chosen life will make her die. She says this Nikah is a business for him. I don’t have any other option than to marry him. She says her existence is telling her that it is wrong. Only God knows why she is doing this. She recalls the happy moments with him. She then recalls Sahir breaking her heart. Tadap Tadap Ke song plays……………She recalls Farha asking her to repay the money and Sahir offering to give her anything which she demands if she agrees to marry him. Arzoo thinks I will die and new Arzoo will come out from here who will marry him. Sahir and Zaki come there asking her to step out from there. Zaki feels her pain and cries. Sahir too feels her pain. Arzoo continues to walk and falls on Sahir. They have an eye lock. Zaki looks on.

Alvira asks Nausheen not to worry. Anam taunts Nausheen taking Arzoo’s name. Nausheen gets worried and asks Alvira to bring Arzoo. Nausheen cries inconsolably. Arzoo tells that she accepts her marriage with Sahir Azeem Chaudhary. Maulvi asks Sahir, do you agree. Sahir says qubool hain. Maulvi declares them humsafar. He says he never saw this kind of Nikaah and blesses them. Zaki is hurt and teary eyed.

The guest asks Alvira shall we leave. Sahir brings Arzoo while carrying her in his arms. Nausheen sees her legs burnt and asks to call the doctor. Maulvi Saheb comes there and asks everyone to congrat the newly weds. Everyone is surprised.

Arzoo feels pain in her foot while stepping down the bed. Sahir comes to help her. Arzoo says no need to do the drama and asks him to sleep on the couch.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. update the rest AFAP plz H Hasan.

  2. Thanks for the update

  3. thanks.

  4. Aarzoo was looking awesome in bridal attire.

  5. thanq h hasan

  6. hi @bhuvi. 🙂

  7. superb episode… n precap is amazing…omg i can’t wait till Monday…Sahir is going to have bad time…

  8. Hi harshu

  9. i cudnt watch it. N dnt knw whether wil b able to watch it on monday or not. I can only watch it during the another serial’s break which is viewed in our family. Atleast one repeat is needed for humsafars.

  10. @bhuvi, if u dnt mind, may i knw which state are u from?

  11. @ harshu… Am from chennai

  12. @ harshu.. Even i couldnt watch today’s episode… You are right repeat telecast is needed…

  13. Hey u can watch repeat on Monday morning at 10.

  14. Rachana sandeep

    Wow..they got married that’s enough…love will also happen asit is already between them

  15. Thanks for the update

  16. Why does it feel like an episode is missing…what happened to the report sahir wAs suppose to get n the re test….how did Sahir become the groom?

  17. I think he blackmailed her about destroying her fmly and thats y she agrd.

  18. wow yaar aaj tak i didnt c a marriage like this.i mean i watch diff type of serial and diff type of marriage.but this marriage of arzoo and sahir is diff and unique.i like it.aap haga will be interesting to watch now.waiting for monday.congurats for sahir and arzoo marriage.

  19. But yu knw y hes not confesing his feelings. if arzo knows the truth she will strt lvng sahir agn.instd hes giving pain to both of them. and y dese people are badmouthing about his 2 marrge. dats none of thr busness.. i dislke them.

  20. oh realy @sweta? Is there a RT for every episode frm mon2friday @ 10 a.m?

      1. Its on HD channel

  21. she said jutha nika to kar liya… what does she mean is it all lie? …or im missing something?

  22. repeat telecats are ther on HD. n that too 3 times.

  23. k. Thanq @ju.

  24. Finally Arzoo got married to Sahir.
    Very good I must say awesome episode.But instead of their love story now Sahir’s bad time will start as he will face more pain and tensions and worries.But if Arzoo knows that zeenat is in coma from 7seven years she will also feel the pain of Sahir and then apologize to him and will start loving and trusting him once again.
    Thanks for the update h Hasan

  25. I think, makers will show a flashback of how Sahir forced Arzoo for marriage….. Friday’s epi had something missing in it. Also they didn’t show Sahir walking on the burning coal as the spoilers showing. Very eagerly waiting for today’s episode. Please upload Monday’s episode

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