Humsafars 9th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Humsafars 9th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Arzoo asking Alvira to say what is bothering Sahir. She asks her to say what is the secret and asks about his hidden pain. Alvira tells her that Sahir reached this place after a lot of hardwork. He wants to make his company worth 1000 crores. She says you will come to know everything. She asks her to give him some time. Arzoo says ok. She gets a phone call and gets shocked. She comes to Sahir and asks Sahir did you mortgage our house and property to fulfill the promise made to Zeenat. Sahir says yes, the promise will be fulfilled. I will mortgaged everything and says he will mortgaged himself if needs be. He says he will get the money and make Saiyyara 1000 crores company. He says once the deal is signed then Saiyyara will become 1000 crores company and everything will be fine. Alvira says did you know that 600 crores risk is very big. Sahir says I know, but it is nothing infront of the promise made to Zeenat. Tomorrow the delegates are coming to seal the deal.

Zaki talks with Arzoo and greets her. Arzoo teases him. Arzoo says she is getting late. Zaki looks at her and says he didn’t do her makeover to make her cook food. He asks her who complimented you. Arzoo says no one except my family. He takes her to his room and asks her to look in the mirror from his eyes. He says you will fall in love with yourself. He compliments her eyes. Sahir hears their talk and gets jealous. Arzoo tells Zaki that her beauty is because of him as he did her makeover. She recalls that she has to serve food to Sahir and goes. Sahir is seen sitting on the dining table and asks is anyone there to serve food. Arzoo brings food and says sorry. Zaki comes and sits on table. Zaki talks to Sahir and says he did Jahanaara’s makeover. Sahir nods. Zaki says Bhai noticed your makeover. Sahir says I didn’t notice anything. Zaki asks him to look at her and calls her beautiful. Zaki says he won’t stop now. Zaki starts eating the fruits and starts coughing. Alvira comes to him followed by Arzoo. Zaki tells her that you saved my life so my life is yours. Arzoo tells him that you acts like a child.

Sahir recalls Zaki’s praising words for Arzoo. He recalls Arzoo’s concern towards Zaki and gets even more jealous. He thinks why he gets effected by her. Zaki wakes up and opens the door. Samaira comes in and reminds him that they went to Paris last month. Zaki asks so what is the matter. Samaira says I am pregnant. Zaki asks how can you get pregnant. Samaira says you did it. Zaki says I don’t know how to react. Samaira says she will talk to her father regarding their marriage. Zaki gets shocked.

Arzoo gets misscalls. Sahir tells that designs should be original and not a copied one. Arzoo is busy on phone typing messages. Sahir tells her that her concentration should be here whenever she is in his cabin. He asks about some file. Arzoo tells him that Zaki is somewhere and will reach here. Anam asks how did you know? Arzoo says he just messaged me. Anam taunts her. Sahir says enough and recalls Arzoo’s words. He gets angry. Arzoo gets Zaki’s call. She tells him not to call her during office hours. Arzoo comes to Sahir and tells him that she needs to go out for some personal work. Sahir asks what? Arzoo says you told me that we will not question each other and you also said that my existence doesn’t matter to you. I will work and you will get all designs by evening. Sahir says what if I don’t give you permission. Arzoo says I will go then also. Sahir asks her to go and don’t asks him. He gets angry.

Arzoo comes to the hospital and asks what are you doing here. Zaki tells her that he brought Samaira here. She thought she is pregnant and that’s why I took her here to get the pregnancy test done. Arzoo asks what are you tensed though. Zaki says he can’t say anything and says nobody knows about it at home. He is asked to fill the form. Sahir comes there. Arzoo starts filling the form. Sahir meets the doctor and says Alvira’s report is ready. I will get it now. Doctor tells him that the couple is tensed. Sahir gets shocked seeing Zaki and Arzoo together. Nurse asks Arzoo to fill another form and asks her to wait for some time as the pregnancy report will come. He recalls Arzoo insisting to go leaving office work. He gets very much angry.

Sahir hurts himself. Arzoo comes to him and holds his injured hand. Sahir pushes her and looks angrily. Arzoo is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Excited for d precap

  2. Misunderstanding misunderstanding…. Sahir… How the hell you came to the conclusion about Arzoo like that…you were jealous to the core today… masha allah

  3. wow yaar sahir itna jealous.oh ho much jealous is not good for ur health.and waise bein if get jealous by zaki and arzoo.then it is right becoz u love her.per if u angry on arzoo character then its really can u even thought that agrzoo can do this.phir bhi waiting for more scene of arzoo and sahir.thanks for update.

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