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Humsafars 8th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nausheen making spices. Dadi comes and recalls her mum in law saying she used to make good acchar. Nausheen tells her that she is making it for Ruqaiyya. Dadi praises her mum in law again. Nausheen tells her that she is thinking to start acchar business as Arzoo is not settled yet. Dadi says, I didn’t want you to do that. It is not easy to make acchar and blames her son Sarfaraz for their sufferings. Nausheen says I can’t end my ties with him. Arzoo comes to office and smiles. Sarfaraz gives kabab to Sana. Vicky comes and says you promised to bring biryani for me. Sarfaraz invites him home. He gets Nausheen’s call and disconnects the call.

Arzoo keeps on calling Nausheen and the number seems busy. Sarfaraz calls Nausheen who informs her about the workshop burning because of fire. Sarfaraz tells her that it was good. Your age is not right for work. Youe daughter is working in Mumbai. Nausheen asks, Arzoo is not your daughter? Sarfaraz tells her that he couldn’t recollect her face. She gets teary eyed and tells him that she will give the rent later. Sarfaraz disconnects the call. Arzoo is standing there but couldn’t see his face. She thinks with whom Ammi is talking to.

Anam tells Sarfaraz that embroidery work is not done properly. Sarfaraz tells that they do the work with hand and client is not liking it. He tells that he prays for Saiyaara’s well being. Anam asks him to give sample for new work. Sarfaraz tells that he have to go to Mumbai and asks her to send someone to his home.

Arzoo calls Nausheen and asks with whom you were talking to? Nausheen lies saying it was wrong number. Arzoo asks her to tell the truth. Nausheen asks her to meet her father. Arzoo refuses saying she will prefer to die rather than meeting him. Sarfaraz passes from there. Arzoo cuts the call and eats some tablet. She then throws it. It hits Sahir. Sahir looks at it angrily. Arzoo gets tensed. She goes to his cabin. Sahir asks, what is it? Arzoo tells him that it is Tamarind seed. Sahir says I know. Arzoo says, I got angry. Sahir asks why? Arzoo says she can’t tell. Sahir asks, can you do any other work? Arzoo says, she knows how to make designs. Anam comes and says designs are ready. She asks Sahir to send Arzoo to collect the designs. Sahir asks Arzoo to get the designs in 2 hours. Arzoo says ok.

Sahir stops Arzoo and tells her that Saiyyara is a fashion house and now you represents Saiyyara. He asks her not to wear this kind of dress from tomorrow. He asks her to wear according to their status and it is an order. Arzoo tells her that Saiyyara’s status will be known from her work and not by her clothes. She asks him to change his thinking and says it is not order but suggestion. Sahir looks on angrily. Arzoo comes to her desk and thinks she is a designer and not a courier girl. She thinks to collect the sample. Arzoo calls Nausheen again and apologizes to her. Nausheen tells her to lower her anger and reminds her that Sarfaraz is her abbu. Arzoo tells her to pray for her. Nausheen says Ameen. Arzoo disconnects the call.

Arzoo reaches Sarfaraz’s house. Sarfaraz’s second wife opens the door and asks her to sit. Arzoo comes inside and sees Sarfaraz photo with his second wife. She gets shocked and holds the photo frame. She calls him Abbu. Sarfaraz’s wife comes and hears her. She says Arzoo Sheikh. Arzoo turns and introduces herself as Arzoo Nausheen Khan. Sarfaraz’s wife says Nausheen threw the thorn and sent her here. She taunts her. She says, nothing is left with Nausheen now after workshop is burnt. Arzoo tells her that they have respect.

Sarfaraz’s wife taunts Arzoo saying Nausheen is eating from her daughter’s money. Arzoo gives her a good reply. Sarfaraz’s wife calls Nausheen clever. Arzoo gets tears in her eyes. She asks her to give her samples but her step mom keeps on taunting her. Arzoo gets angry but controls her anger. Sarfaraz asks, won’t you give me a reply. Arzoo says, she can reply her but don’t want to get stain on her clothes. She takes the designs and leaves.

Employees asks Sahir what to do as the consignment can delay. Sahir asks his assistant to inform the client. Sahir gets a phone call. He picks it and excuses himself.

Arzoo is walking on the road and recalls her step mom’s taunts. Some goons comes and snatches Arzoo’s bag. She runs after him. Sahir gets a call from the doctor and gets shocked. Arzoo runs after the goon and beats him. Sahir gets aggressive and throws the things in his room. Arzoo cries sitting on the road while it is raining heavily. Sahir too cries in his room. Arzoo picks her bag. Zaki comes in his car and looks at her. He calls her Jahan ara. He tells that you seems to be accident prone. Is everything alright. Arzoo looks at the designs. Zaki says, I am talking to you and you are looking at the papers. Arzoo thanks him for putting the breaks. Zaki praises her and offers lift. Arzoo starts going in the opposite direction. Zaki thinks she is different from the rest, beauty with ada/charm.

Sahir thinks to have strength and looks worried. Arzoo comes to office and gets to know that office is closed. Arzoo thinks she got late and will be able to show the designs tomorrow. Alvira calls her and asks to meet her after coming home. Arzoo thinks to clean the designs and give it to Sahir tomorrow.

Sarfaraz comes home and rings the bell. He wonders where did Begum go. His wife farha opens the door after a long time. Sarfaraz praises her beauty. Farha asks him not to pretend as if he doesn’t know anything. Sarfaraz says, I don’t know anything. Farha tells him that Arzoo came. Sarfaraz gets shocked. Farha tells him your daughter came here. Sarfaraz asks why did she come here? Farha tells him that Arzoo is working at Saiyyara. Sarfaraz says, I don’t know. Farha tells him that Nausheen will come following Arzoo. Sarfaraz asks, why she came there. farha tells that she came to take the sample.

Arzoo comes home and tells Alvira that she got late and will take samples to office in the morning. Zaki comes and says you are here too Jahan ara. He asks, are you following me? Alvira introduces Zaki to Arzoo and tells him that she is living with us in the outhouse. Alvira tells him that Arzoo is her friend Nausheen’s daughter. Zaki says, she is my responsibility now. Zaki tells her that she was saved from having an accident. Arzoo starts sneezing followed by Alvira. Zaki tells Alhamdulillah repeatedly. He goes inside. Alvira asks the servant to bring ginger tea for both of them.

Arzoo tells her that she will make kada for them. Alvira shows her the way to kitchen. Sahir waits for Arzoo and talks to Anam on phone. Zaki bumps into him and listens to him. He tells Sahir that this girl is here. Sahir sees the wet designs on the table and gets angry. Arzoo comes there with Kada. Sahir gives her angry look. Arzoo tries to explain. Sahir tells her that designs condition is so worst and he can’t bear her irresponsible behavior. Alvira and Anam come there. Sahir tells Arzoo that he wants the designs in good condition tomorrow on his desk. Arzoo gets tensed.

Sahir asks Arzoo to tell him what is the relation you have with Sarfaraz else he will throw her out right now. Arzoo gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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