Humsafars 8th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 8th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Zaki asking Samaira to leave. Samaira tells Alvira that Zaki is insulting his child’s mother. Alvira asks how can you talk to her like this. Samaira blames Arzoo as Zaki is not ready to take up the responsibility because of her. She tries to blackmail her. Rahman says my daughter’s life is ruined. It will be better if we both die. Sahir says there is only one solution and tells that they have to get the test done again. Zaki says but the test is done already. He says if you have not done anything the results will be same in all the reports. He says if you refuses then we will think that old report is fake. We have to do this for Rahman Saheb. He calls the hospital. Samaira and Rahman smirks.

Sahir comes to Arzoo and offers a business proposal for her. He says our lives are entangled. You came in between my life’s biggest deal. I mortgaged everything for this deal. He says Zaki have to marry Samaira for this deal. He is refusing as he is mad about you. I acted to love you to fulfill the bet. I have proved that you loves me, but he is still refusing. If he doesn’t marry Samaira then everything will be finished, Saiyyara and his home. He asks her to marry him to save his business and home. Arzoo looks at her with surprise. Sahir says he will give her money and everything. He says you thinks money doesn’t matter to you, but it is only in books. In reality nothing can be done without money. He says you and your family will never be deficit of anything.

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Arzoo gets teary eyed. She asks won’t you sit on your knees and asks me to marry me. She says this is the place where I told you that I am ready to marry you. She says there is one difference. This Arzoo is not the same. She says that Arzoo have a heart and this Arzoo have only pain. You broke my heart for one deal. You are not a human, but a machine. You understands balance sheet well than emotions. You can’t understand love, emotions etc. This is the difference between you and Zaki. Zaki does whatever his heart says. She asks where is your wife. She might left you because of your hunger for money. She says I don’t like to see your face. You do not deserves my hatred too. She shows the knot in her dupatta and opens the knot saying it is my answer. She promises to herself that she will hate him from now onwards. At once I loved you, but Allah knows I won’t repeat this mistake. She turns to go, but her dupatta stuck in his watch. Sahir tells her that irrespective of your sayings, you will marry me only. Arzoo replies that she will die, but will not marry him.

Nausheen shows her jhumkas/earrings and tells Arzoo to sell it to get some money. Arzoo looks at the bangles given by Sahir and thinks it might be fake like his love. Zara shows the 2 lakhs rupees cheque. Arzoo gets happy and hugs her. She says Farha was after them.

Arzoo tells her that she will give the money to Farha now itself. Zara refuses to give her money and asks Arzoo to arrange from somewhere else. Arzoo tells her that Ammi took loan from Farha. Zara says so Ammi will return it. Arzoo says Ammi took the money for us. Zara says this money is only mone. Nausheen asks did you know what are you saying? Zara says I know and leaves. Arzoo gets sad and hurt.

Sahir recalls Arzoo’s words that she will hate him from now onwards. Ashrafi calls him gabbar chaudhary. Sahir makes Ashrafi sit on his shoulder. Sahir tells that Arzoo is upset with him. She has a reason and right. He says I don’t have anything. I have no one to share my feelings with. He asks Ashrafi to hear him. He tells that he doesn’t know what is right and what is wrong. He is getting attracted towards Arzoo, but the old promise is keeping him away from her.

He cries. Ashrafi feels pity on Sahir and Arzoo. He thanks Ashrafi for staying with him. Arzoo wonders from where to get money. Zaki comes and offers her money. He says this is his money. Arzoo thanks him and refuses to take the money. Zaki tells her that he is not pressurizing her by giving money. He says he will wait for her answer. He says you are my friend before and keeps the money in her hand. Arzoo thinks her own sister Zara refused to give money and her friend Zaki is helping her. She thinks friendship is more stronger than blood relation. She goes towards Zaki and Sahir comes in her way.

Arzoo comes to Zaki ignoring Sahir and tells Zaki that she needs a friend and not a life partner. Zaki says he is her friend always. Arzoo looks at Sahir and tells Zaki that she needs a friend who has a heart. She promises that she will be his friend always. She agrees to marry him. Zaki hugs her happily. Arzoo looks at Sahir and reciprocates his hug. Sahir gets jealous. Zaki rushes to give the good news to Alvira. Sahir comes to Arzoo and tells her that your lecture was good. He promises her that she will marry him only. Arzoo says I will die, but will not marry you. Sahir says lets see.

Arzoo is dressed up as a bride. Maulvi Saheb asks her if she agrees to marry Sahir Chaudhary. Arzoo is silent.

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