Humsafars 8th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Humsafars 8th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Zaki informing Alvira that this time he is really in love. Alvira asks with whom? Zaki is about to tell her name, just then a lady enters calling his name. Alvira welcomes her and calls her Samaira. Samaira says she thought to give them surprise. She asks Zaki to get her stuff keep in the room. Alvira asks her to rest. Zaki goes to get her things.

Sahir is in office and thinks Arzoo didn’t come till now. Linda comes and asks shall I serve lunch now. Sahir refuses. He asks her to let the door open. Linda says ok. He thinks if she doesn’t come then I will go whereever she is. Samaira tries to get close to Zaki and says she will get marry to him. She says she told her parents clearly that she will get marry to him. I just told them that we love each other, didn’t show the pics. She hugs him tightly.

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Sahir comes to Arzoo and sits beside her. He tells her that no line is straight, you are a good designer but now good drawing master. Arzoo talks about life. She turns to go. Sahir holds her hand to stop her. Humsafars music plays……….Arzoo gets shy and tensed. Sahir looks at her. He asks her to stop. Arzoo sits back on her place beside him. She looks at him while he is still holding her hand. She asks him to leave her hand. Sahir does. He tells her that he knows why you are ignoring me. Arzoo thinks even sir knows that I am in love with him. She says I am leaving. Sahir asks her to stop. I wants to say something. Until I am done with my words you can’t go. He says these three words are difficult to say, but. Arzoo gets tensed.

Sahir tells her…….I……Arzoo turns her face. Sahir asks her to look at him. Arzoo gets hopeful. He says I am sorry………Arzoo asks for what? Sahir says I makes you cry always, scolds you etc. I am sorry. Ammi told me about you. She told that Sarfaraz left you and your ammi when you was a child. He again says her sorry. He adds that Sarfaraz won’t trouble you anymore. Arzoo asks how? Sahir says I told him not to trouble you. Arzoo asks did he agree?

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Sahir recalls threatening him. He says he just agreed. You have reached here to the big fashion house. I respects you a lot. You said right, whoever is near to us can give us pain. He recalls Zeenat. Arzoo says you know my pain, but what is your pain. I can see the reflection of your pain in your eyes, but now wants to see its real face. Sahir gets up and is about to leave. Arzoo says whenever I wants to know anything from you. I don’t get any answer. Why my all questions leaves unanswered. Why can’t I know about you. Sahir says he has some rules in life and asks her to be in her limits. She asks what is my limit. Will you decide my limit now.

Arzoo tells him that she will cross all limits now to know his pain. Sahir asks her to stop interfering in his life and asks her to stay away from him. Arzoo thanks him for making her realizing her place and says your pain doesn’t matter to me now. Sahir says your existence don’t matter to me. Arzoo says even I don’t care. They look at each other and starts walking in opposite directions. Sahir turns and looks at her. Then Arzoo turns and looks at him. She starts walking again. Sahir again turns while the Humsafars song plays……..

Arzoo thinks about Sahir’s words asking her to stop interferring in his life. Alvira asks Arzoo to come in her room as she needs to talk to her something. Arzoo says ok. Sahir gets a call from someone who says I heard that you are mortgaging your property. Sahir says I can do anything for Saiyyara. The man says I am coming there tomorrow. Arzoo tells Alvira that she was shocked when Sahir said her sorry. When I asked him about his pain, he got angry. She insists to know his pain and asks Alvira to tell her what is bothering him day and night. Alvira gets thinking.

Alvira tells Sahir that you mortgaged this house and property just to fulfill the promise made to Zeenat. Sahir says he will do everything and if needs be then he will sell himself.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thanks fr d update

  2. sahir this not fair.wt arzoo is asking u is right.when u have right to know wt problem arzoo has.then even she has right to kown ur problem right naa.we hope to c some good scene btw sahir and arzoo.thanks for fast update.

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