Humsafars 7th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 7th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anam asking Alvira to give her salt. She then looks at Farha and asks her to let it be as all the spices are here. Farha comes there and says she came to look at the insulting people. Arzoo gets angry. Farha says Nausheen acts to have self respect, but meets my husband at my back. She accuses her for meeting Sarfaraz. Nausheen asks her to come in and they can talk. Farha says you took money from him and then not returning him. Arzoo says she didn’t take any money. Farha asks Arzoo to question Nausheen and says her husband is giving away his money to her. She says Sarfaraz is my husband now and asks her to leave him. Arzoo says her ammi didn’t take money from Sarfaraz. Anam taunts them and asks Nausheen to say. She says it is not good to have drama early morning.

Nausheen accepts to have taken money from Sarfaraz for Myra’s admission. She says I didn’t take any favour from him. It is his responsibility to take care of his daughter’s needs. Arzoo asks when did he fulfill our needs and promises Arzoo that she will return her money. Farha gives her 2 weeks times and leaves. Nausheen apologizes to Alvira. Zara takes Nausheen inside. Anam says what a family. Arzoo looks tensed. She recalls Farha accusations and gets hurt while walking. She sits down on the bench and cries.

Sahir sees her crying and sits beside her. Arzoo looks at him. Sahir asks what happened. Arzoo says she will make everything fine. Sahir says I will help you. Arzoo refuses to take his help. She comes to her room and asks Nausheen when she will stop taking his help. Nausheen reminds her that Sarfaraz is her father. Arzoo says he is not her father. Nausheen says she took money for Myra’s education. Arzoo says he is not our abba. Zara tries to speak. Arzoo asks her not to interfere. Zara goes from there. Anam consoles her and smirks. She thinks to give wound to Arzoo through Zara.

Sahir recalls burning the factory. He gets a call from a channel informing that he came to know about the sting operation on him. Sahir says it is done by competitors and recalls Rahman. He comes to Rahman and asks what is this insult. Rahman says it is just a trial, just see what I can do. Sahir gets angry. Rahman says he have to do this as Zaki didn’t leave any option. Sahir says I will do as you says. He says reports don’t lie and the truth is written on your daughter’s face. Let me do what I am doing. He leaves. Rahman smiles.

Arzoo thinks of her promise to repay Farha’s money. Zaki comes to her and compliments her beauty. He says you are blushing like this rose. Arzoo smiles a little. He asks her to give her tension to him. He says I want to become your humsafar. Sahir looks at them and thinks to do something else everything will be lost, Saiyyara and Arzoo. Nausheen gets Farha’s call asking her to return the money soon. She insults Nausheen and asks her to accept to have beg infront of my husband. She taunts her for living at Alvira’s house and eating free food. Nausheen gets angry. Farha asks her to get some money to Alvira or else send Arzoo to Sahir. He will give money. Nausheen says Arzoo is your step daughter. Farha laughs and says she has nothing to do with Arzoo and threatens her. Arzoo takes the call and says she will return her money in 2 weeks time. Farha asks her to return the money till the evening else. Arzoo says if you tells anything to my Ammi then I will ruin you.

Anam talks on phone. Zara comes and thanks her for helping her getting the calender assignment. She shows the cheque of 2 lakhs rupees. Anam says sky is the limit. This is just a starting. She asks did you inform your Api and Ammi. Zara says no. I got this because of you so came to you first. Anam asks her to inform her family. Anam thinks Zara will do what she is thinking. She feels pity on Arzoo.

Sahir talks on phone and asks someone to send the reports. He thinks he will keep Zaki away from Arzoo. He waits for the report to separate them.

Arzoo shows knot in her dupatta and says it is my answer. She says I will always hate you and this is my promise to myself.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Detailed updates. Thanks for it.

  3. Zaki baby….please allow Arzoo to breathe…. She is in her own problems and you are busy with your proposal…. But hey thanks for bringing that smile on Arzoo.
    Sahir dear…. Allah knows Even if you get the report what is the proof that Arzoo will believe you.
    Farah chudail kahika… Arzoo said she will repay the money then why are you calling back again and asking for money.oh ya…. You are running out of money probably…. We understand!
    Zara…..Aappi ki mano… Anam ki nahin warna you will be destroyed…. Poor girl

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