Humsafars 5th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 5th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Alvira asking the servant to serve the breakfast. Arzoo tells Zaki that she can walk and is not a princess. Zaki asks her to become a princess and holds her hand. Arzoo asks him to leave her hand. Zaki asks her to smile. Arzoo thanks him. Sahir starts coughing. Arzoo gets concerned for him. Alvira gives water to Sahir. Arzoo tells Alvira that she is going to her room as she is feeling suffocated here. She goes.

Arzoo cries in her room. Nausheen asks her to drink atleast tea. Arzoo says whatever happening is wrong. Nausheen tells her that taxi driver was a criminal and had done a similar crimes in the past. Arzoo thinks Sahir saved her in reality. Nausheen tells her that you made me stand infront of the world when your father left me. She says I don’t know why Alvira is apologizing to you repeatedly. I just now that my Arzoo can solve all problems. When factory was burnt, you didn’t get tensed. Then why you are crying, become my brave Arzoo once again. Arzoo hugs her. Nausheen asks her to face the world. She says if you feel that we shall not stay here then we won’t stay for a moment. This is my promise. She gives her strength and says life is about living with smile. She says I will make biryani for you. Arzoo nods smilingly. She asks her to drink tea. Arzoo thinks she can’t fight with her heart. Nausheen comes to the kitchen to make biryani. Zaki comes and says he prays for Arzoo’s happiness. Nausheen cries. Zaki says I hate tears Nausheen. He says he will cook food with her.

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Sahir comes to his room and recalls Arzoo with Zaki. He thinks of Arzoo’s words that she can’t sit while suffocating. He gets angry. Rahman Saheb comes and reminds him of Samaira and Zaki’s engagement. Sahir asks him not to remind as he recalls well. Rahman says if you fulfill your promise then deal work will be started. Sahir tells him to start the worl and promises that Zaki will announce his marriage with Samaira today. Rahman gets happy and leaves. Sahir thinks how it will happen.

Zaki comes to Arzoo and asks her to return his smile. Arzoo smiles. Zaki tells her that she will be his Jahanaara always. He didn’t know that his life will change after meeting her. He then Sahir is not responsible for yesterday’s incident. Arzoo says it happened because of him. She says she was trapped in love net because she was destined to see this drama. Zaki asks to stop crying and wipes her tears. He says you are not at fault and the mistake is of the person whom you loves. He says love is the emotion which makes a person closer to God and that emotion I have for you. I love you Jahanaara….Arzoo is stunned by his revelation. It comes as a shocker for her.

Zaki continues that he wants to spend his rest of the life with her as her humsafar. Arzoo is shocked and says I don’t love you and will never be. Zaki says I know that you don’t love me, but don’t worry. I have abundant love which will be sufficient for us. He says he wants to become her humsafar. He says when I said that I had nothing to do with Samaira then nobody believed me except you. He shows the DNA report that proves that he is not the father of Samaira’s baby. Arzoo says I have full faith on you. Zaki says I too trust you. I will be your good friend always whether you love me or not. Arzoo tells him that she needs some time to think. Zaki asks her to take a life but think surely. He leaves. Arzoo gets thinking.

Arzoo asks Sahir how can I trust you. Sahir says yes my life is a game for me. He threatens to cut his wrist with a knife. Arzoo gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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