Humsafars 30th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 30th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Zara telling Daadi that Sahir has swimming pool in his room. Daadi gets excited and jokes that her saas/mother-in-law dreamt about bathing in a big bath tub, but those days they had only corporation water. She requests Zara to show swimming pool soon. Zara jokes that she will have to see it from far, else she will fall in it. Daadi jokes that Jeetendra, Dharmendra, Vinod Khanna will save her. Nausheen gets Sarfaraz’s call who asks her to meet him in a nearby restaurant. She agrees. Myra informs her that she is going to a nearby shop. She insists that she will accompany her and walks out with her.

Arzoo comes to her outhouse and starts searching Zara’s dupatta designed by her. She does not find it and thinks of asking Zara, but she gets a call from office asking to come back to office soon.

Anam thinks of getting dupatta from Zara before Arzoo gets it. She sees Zara showing daadi Alvira’s house and gets happy that she can get it from her easily. Alvira sees Daadi and says she misses Lucknowi food, especially mirchi ka salan. Daadi jokes about her saas and says he used to like it prepared from her, says she will prepare it for Alvira today. She asks Zara to continue checking Alvira’s house. Anam calls Zara, but Arzoo also comes there and asks Zara about her dupatta. She says she brought it, but does not know where she kept it. Arzoo asks her to keep it safely and give it to her once she comes back. Once she leaves, Zara runs excitedly to meet Anam.

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Nausheen meets Sarfaraz at a restaurant. He talks to her romantically to her. She asks why did he kick his own daughters and mother from his house. He gets irked and says he called to get a favor from her and asks her to request Alvira to hire him back at Sayyara. Nausheen starts crying vigorously.

Arzoo reaches Sahir’s cabin and says she got proof and will get it now. He says he is going for a meeting now and will see it tomorrow morning. She sadly walks out and sees Zaki there. She thanks him for his help. He says he is her friend and there is no sorry and apology in friendship, Maine Pyar Kiya film’s dialogue. He then starts flirting with her. She says he flirts better than him. They both continue talking smilingly.

Anam takes Zara to her room. She gets mesmerized seeing it. Anam then shows her wardrobe and asks her to select the best one. Zara selects one. Anam says she can keep it as a gift. Zara says it is very costly. Anam asks her not to think much and hands over it. Zara is hesitant to accept it. Anam says she can exchange dress with her then. Zara says she busy clothes from roadside shops and has a few kurtis, dupattas, etc. Anam asks her to give dupatta to her which has design over it. Zara thinks she will give Arzoo’s gifted dupatta and will convince her later. She takes Anam towards outhouse. Arzoo sees them going and before she could call Zara, Daadi stops her and starts conversing with her.

Zara shows Anam her dupatta. Anam says it is very beautiful and asks her to give it to her. Zara says this dupatta as my sister’s love and nothing is beautiful than love, so she cannot give it to her. Anam says she respects her thoughts and says, your sisters showed her love and she has to show her love for her sister. She says her family needs money, so she can give her 1 lakh rupees along with dress. Zara is surprised to see 1 lakh rupees cash, but says she cannot take it. Anam says with 1 lakh, she can help her family well. Zara thinks she can help her family with it and accepts offer. Anam takes dupatta and gives money. She says this dupatta is hers now and she will not return it back. Arzoo sees Anam coming out of outhouse and thinks what is she doing here.

Precap: Zara informs Arzoo that she sold dupatta to Anam.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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