Humsafars 30th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 30th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anam saying that business comes first for her. Arzoo says Sahir comes first for me. You can’t go inside. Anam goes in and asks her to stop her. Arzoo asks her to speak in low tone. She takes the file and starts reading it. Anam asks why you are reading? Arzoo says she is ready being Sahir’s wife. She didn’t want any trouble for Sahir or Saiyyara. Anam says do you remember who am I? Arzoo reminds her that she is bahu of the house like her and works in her husband’s office. Anam takes the papers from Arzoo’s hand and takes Sahir’s thumb impression. She says I won’t forget this. Arzoo says I won’t forget it too. She comes to Sahir and wonders about his relatives. She says you are not a human, but a money earning machine for them. She comes to Alvira and says I need to ask you something. Alvira asks Arzoo to call her Ammi. Arzoo smiles and says Ammi.

Alvira gets a message and is shocked. She shouts for Zaki. Zaki comes inside. Alvira says she got a message that her son’s life is in danger. Zaki says he is fine. He takes her to the room. Arzoo takes Alvira’s phone and reads the message. She says it is written that there will be attack on your son. Then why didn’t she think about her elder son Sahir. Arzoo wonders why Alvira didn’t think about Sahir? Why? She comes to Alvira’s room and searches in the cupboard. She gets Sahir’s medical file. She gets shocked seeing Sahir name without his parents’ info. She gets shocked and says his family is just me. She recalls Doctor asking her to sign on the consent papers for Sahir’s operation and refers to her as his family member.

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She recalls Alvira asking her to take care and leaving for some important work when Sahir’s operation was going on. She recalls Alvira’s concern for Zaki and not for Sahir. She says Alvira is not Sahir’s mother, then who is she? Kurti Apa comes and says you came to know about Sahir’s life one more secret. She says Sahir is not the son of this house and not Alvira’s son. This house is not of Sahir. Arzoo asks then who is Sahir? What is his relation with this house. Kurti Apa tells her that Zeenat is related to this house and therefore Sahir is related to her. Arzoo is shocked. Kurti Apa tells her that Zeenat is Alvira’s daughter, and Sahir is Zeenat’s husband. Sahir is orphaned, got home and relations here. She says my Zeenat only has the right on Sahir. Arzoo opines that there is no one related to Sahir here. She says he is alone and have been fulfilling all the relations since 7 years.

She says he hid this bug truth from me. She feels pain for him. She says this secret is unknown to everyone. She says the attacker doesn’t know that Sahir is not Alvira’s son and concludes that Sahir’s life is in danger. Arzoo comes to Sahir and holds his hand. She looks at the poison bottle and gets shocked seeing the glucose drip. She takes out the glucose drip from his hand and then thinks what to do? How to take out the poison. She sucks his hand to take out the poison and spit it. She falls down unconscious. Sahir wakes up and asks what happened to her. He sees the poison bottle and then looks at the glucose turning blue in color. He calls for Zaki, Alvira…..He asks Arzoo not to close her eyes and tries to take her in his arms, but falls down on the bed with Arzoo. They get unconscious. Zaki comes to the room and sees them sleeping closely. He moves his eyes. He then comes inside and looks at the poison bottle. He calls the doctor.

Later Vikram comes and questions him. Zaki says he already said. Vikram says there are so many secrets here and asks him to repeat once again. Zaki says when I went to their room, they were unconsciously lying on the bed. Doctor said that Arzoo saved Sahir’s life. Vikram praises Arzoo. Kurti Apa asks when you will catch the culprit. Vikram asks her to show her hand. Kurti Apa says have you become astrologer? Vikram says he will match their finger prints with the poison bottle. Alvira asks what is this nonsense. Vikram says my junior will come and take the finger prints. Now the culprit won’t be saved anymore. Alvira looks on.

Sahir says what did I hide from you? Arzoo says I know your truth that Ammi is not yours, but of Zeenat’s Ammi. I didn’t know that you are alone. Sahir looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. rittika mittal

    The partial update just scared me.. omg poor sahir.. alvira sucks, money minded b*t*h.. she wants zaki to be the head of saiyaara.. alvira ke 3 bache, zaki zeenat and anam ka husband.. uffff!

  2. Why did alvira make arzoo sahir’s wife when her own daughter is the wife of sahir???? And why does kurti apa show so much right on zeenat??????

  3. Feels sad for Arzoo and Sahir . But they both looked a cute couple in bed.
    Thanks for the update H Hasan.

  4. rittika mittal

    alvira wants zaki to rule saiyaara. saaz together so that zeenat divorces him. and kurti ka pagalpann for zeenat is craziness

  5. dont thnk alvira is dat much bad.because smewhere shw has told dat zeenat has given so much pain for Sahir and she wants him to live again .dats y ahe brght arzoo.feels bad for sahir.

  6. Too many secrets in there house….what is Alvira upto..what is she hiding from everyone. …now I am very confused who is behind all these attacks on Sahir & Arzoo…

  7. But the owner of saiyaara is sahir not zeenat or aalvira he made this much money on his own not because of them

  8. This is stupid… it does not make any sense why would they change the story line and make Sahir not the son of Alvira…they just should show Zeenat negative…why would Zaki call his own sister Bhabi…how lame the writers just changed the story line for suspense ..i dont like where this track is going

  9. alvira is behind all the attack. she want throw sahir out from niyamath house. so she wnt sahir to get married to arzoo. n whn zeenath get devoced thn alvira n her family will be owners of sayyaara. pathetic.. bt its k if arzoo n sahir did not get seperated.

  10. razoo wat ru saying desi tv update says dat zeenat and kurtit apa is behind dis. nw zeenat is gong to make arzoo as next suspect by makng dem belve dat arzoo is tryng to kill her. but were did u get the news of alvira.

  11. Totally agree with you Zoma

  12. But there is also a possibility that sahir may not be the son of alvira but zeenat is also not the daughter of Alvira because this information has been kurti kappa n she is not reliable source.

  13. * has been given by Kurti apa and she is not a reliable source.

    (Sry for the typing error)

  14. Now that I have read the new spoiler of humsafar…..I dnt know wat is happening. ..cant wait gor the suspense to unfold….Alviera is involved now also
    .wtfh is going on…I just hope everything unfold as quickly as possible & dnt drag..

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