Humsafars 30th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 30th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sahir and Arzoo hug each other. Sahir then steps back and pushes Arzoo a little. She gets confused. He asks her if she made decision? She smiles and says yes. He says good, I want to tell you something too. I already have someone in my life. Arzoo’s smile disappears! Sahir continues, I am married. Arzoo says such joke is not good, I will get heartattack. Sahir says, joke! All this was joke only. Arzoo starts moving back. He asks her what she thought only she could play love games? He can play it too! Arzoo asks, you’re married already? Sahir says, 10 years ago. Arzoo gets shocked of her life and falls down. Sahir forwards his hand to help, but she signs him to stop. She again confirms all he did was deciet? He says yes. She breaks down now! and recalls close moments she spent with him. Sahir walks towards her, but she turns away and asks him to leave for God sake. Sahir slowly moves back, stops, and then leaves after looking at her. Arzoo cries in a shock.

Alvira comes to Kurti Appa and tells her there are other places in home to cry. She lost in end in this game. Kurti Appa says she doesn’t cry, but make others cry. And it’s not over yet, anything can happens and tables can turn quickly.

Arzoo is alone now and she cries it all out loudly. Zaki sees her and sits beside her. She asks him why Sahir did this to her. Zaki was trying to tell her the truth, but she didn’t listen and believed in Sahir’s lie because she loves him. She continues crying. Zaki gives her his shoulder and comforts her. He too starts crying seeing Arzoo like that. He consoles her saying life doesn’t end with one dream not coming true. A kid doesn’t stop playing when he falls. He gets up and starts playing again. Arzoo asks him why Sahir did that to her. What was her fault? Zaki says, she had no fault and regarding Sahir, there are two sides of a coin. He’s not taking Sahir’s side, but he had his reasons and tells Arzoo to make sure she gets answers from him.

Sahir comes to his room and he sees Arzoo everywhere. He says to himself, only your heart hasn’t broken, Arzoo. My heart has also broken. I gave you wounds, but I am feeling the pain as well. And now this pain will become my wajood (existence). He recalls their close moments now and hurts himself. Blood flows from his hand.

Kurti Appa sees Zaki bringing sad Arzoo inside. She goes to Alvira and proudly tells her about her victory. She informs Zaki told her the truth. Alvira asks her how she knows when Kurti Appa says she saw sad face of Arzoo.

Arzoo washes her face. She sees bangle and again remembers time she spent with Sahir and cries. She says he must answer her why he did this to her.

Sahir looks at his wound when Alvira comes in. Sahir hides his hand. Alvira asks him why he told the truth to Arzoo. He says because she was going to find it one day anyway. If not by him, then someone else. Alvira asks what will happen now? He says that he proved to Zaki that Arzoo doesn’t love him. Now he will marry Samaira and deal will be done as well. His promise will be fulfilled. She asks what about Arzoo? Sahir says what about her? She asks if he has no feelings for Arzoo. Sahir says they have a lot of time to talk about his feelings, but for now she should get Zaki ready for Nikah. Alvira leaves. Sahir looks at his wound and recalls the words “what about Arzoo”.

Arzoo storms in and questions Sahir why he did all that. He must tell her. She has that much rights. He asks you want to know why I told you truth? Because I was tired lying to you, tired of doing love drama. He tells her how he planned and purposely did everything to please her. He ate her “stupid” parathas. He looked at smiling, lovingly, and even proposed her. Anyone would get tired of lying. He also got tired. Arzoo asks so all this was drama? He says yes. Both stare at each other and episode ends.

Precap: Arzoo is going somewhere in taxi in night. The driver stops and tries to molest her at a quiet place.

Update Credit to: diya.d

  1. i <3 u zaki so touched. U supported arzoo.

  2. pls gv updates fast

  3. sahir this not fair yaar.maybe ur right by doing this arzoo got hurt but u got hurt more than her.oneday when u truly love arzoo then in that time u will be rejected by arzoo.then only u will known wt heart hurt.thank for sad of arzoo.two bro have played with a innocent girl heart.u guys should shame on urself to hurt a gril.

  4. i did’nt expect this from sahir………so sad of poor arzo…..

  5. What is going on with sahir…why did he have to tell the truth so harshly n cold. He can only redeem himself if he is he going to save Arzoo in precap n realize his love is real n he can’t live without Arzoo.

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