Humsafars 29th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 29th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Arzoo tearfully saying goodbye to her family. Meanwhile,Sahir is in the same airport too,he goes to get his ticket however gets angry because he has got an Economy class ticket instead of Business class. He calls his secretary and scolds her but she tells him that she had done it only so that he could reach the auction on time however he is still angry. In the line for security check,Arzoo gets into a bit of a situation when the officer tells her not to carry scissors ,who had various other items such as water bottle etc as well hence the line gets delayed and Sahir who is forced to stand in the line too,gets angrier by the minute. Arzoo gets a call from Dadi and starts chit chatting with her lol. The officer asks her to throw all such items into the dustbin and just when she does so,she hears Sahir telling on the phone that he would blast the entire place (as in he would scold everyone) but she takes it in the literal sense and alerts the police. The police take him for interrogation and Arzoo feels happy and proud of herself.

In the flight,she wishes to have a window seat however gets the middle seat. There is an old man sitting by the aisle next to her. She calls her dadi and complains about not getting the window seat takes her seat and Dadi encourages her to sit by the window seat so that she would get a good view and she does it. She prays that the guy having the window seat doesn’t come. Meanwhile Sahir is still interrogated and then some minister comes and helps him out. He boards the flight and prepares to keep his luggage in the hold and thus stands in front of Arzoo who is busy watching the air hostess giving out instructions and she asks him to move and they argue. They argue some more and the old man has fun at their expense. She then realizes that the window seat is his and requests him to change but he refuses.

She gets angry and starts to eat imli and he gets weirded out and asks her to stop but she refuses. Then she leans forward to see the window view and he gets even more pissed at her proximity. As the plane takes off,Arzoo feels nauseous and he gets scared that she might puke so wishes to change seats but there isn’t any available so he offers to change seats. Arzoo is overjoyed that her plan worked. Meanwhile,Arzoo’s Dadi and Ammi pray that she reaches safely and her sisters pray that she calls them soon to Mumbai. Just then some turbulence occurs and she gets scared and holds Sahir’s hand and he stares at her and removes it. Arzoo starts babbling that she can’t die now as she hasn’t achieved much and she has so many secrets within her which will all go down with her and starts to blab some of her secrets to him. And then she asks if he doesn’t have any to tell and instead of answering he tells her that he knows that she fooled him by her prank just to have the window seat and glares at her.

Precap- Arzoo arrives in Mumbai. In the auction, Sahir bids on a dress for 2 crores and when someone asks him why he bid so much,he says that now he would burn the dress. Arzoo hears him and is shocked. Someone argues with Sahir’s mom that she should get the position of vice president and not Zaki. Just then Arzoo comes there.

Update Credit to: wintergreen

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