Humsafars 29th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 29th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Arzoo praying for Sahir’s life while his operation is going on. She tells God not to take his Sahir from her. She requests him to return her Sahir. She thinks a thing importance is known, when it goes far. She recalls marrying him and cries. Kurti Apa sees something and takes Sahir’s name. She says no one will be saved now. The doctor comes and tells Arzoo that he wants to inform something. Arzoo asks is he fine now? Doctor says they take out the bullet and the next 4 hours are very crucial for him. He asks her to pray for Sahir. Alvira comes there and asks Arzoo about Sahir’s condition. Arzoo says he said that next 4 hours are crucial. Alvira says nothing will happen to my Sahir. Alvira gets a call, she leaves asking Arzoo to be there. She says she has some important work to do. Arzoo wonders what is her important work.

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Arzoo comes inside the ward and asks Sahir to wake up. She cries and urges him to wake up. She asks him to fight with her, lie etc. She says your Arzoo will be incomplete. I didn’t say that I can’t live without you. She cries. She prays to God for his life. Doctor comes and checks Sahir. Doctor says he should have gain consciousness by now. Arzoo says still 5 mins are left for 4 hours to complete. She asks Sahir to wake up. Doctor asks her to be strong. Arzoo says you can’t go leaving me. She says still there are so many fights pending. Sahir gets consciousness and opens his eyes. Arzoo is happy. Doctor says you scared us, especially Arzoo. Sahir asks are you fine? Arzoo says yes. Doctor tells Sahir that Arzoo needs bed rest. Sahir says he needs to be at home. He insists to go home. Doctor says ok, but complete bed rest. Arzoo smiles. Sahir wipes her tears.

Kurti Apa comes to Arzoo and asks her about Sahir. She says he will come home in sometime. Arzoo lifts the bed with a remote. Kurti Apa asks her about the magical bed. Arzoo tells her that it is Godrej carbon hydraulic bed where we can store anything easily. Kurti Apa says it is really good. Arzoo lights the paper. Kurti Apa asks what is it? Arzoo explains that it is Goodnight fast card to prevent mosquitoes from coming in. Kurti Apa says I don’t need to know all this. I have to pray for Zeenat and Sahir. She leaves.

Sahir is seen resting on the bed and tries to get up. Arzoo comes and stops him. She asks what are you doing? Sahir says I need to go to office. Arzoo asks him to sleep and makes him lie on the bed. They have an eye lock. Arzoo says you won’t go anywhere. Sahir says no one stopped me before. Arzoo asks him to listen to her. Sahir gets a call. Arzoo switches off the phone. Sahir asks her not to act like a kid. Arzoo asks him to rest else she will take him back to Dr. Khurana. Sahir says no one has shown the right on me till today. She asks him to sleep and moves her fingers around his eyes. He closes his eyes. Arzoo thinks she made Sahir quiet today. She applauds for herself. Alvira asks Arzoo about Sahir. Arzoo says he is better now. Alvira asks her to have food and gives vada pav. She says it is godrej yummiez vada pav.(It seems they are advertising godrej products).

Vikram comes home and installs the phone. Alvira asks what are you doing? He greets her and says he has installed godrej security video door phone at the door. He says we can keep an eye on the persons coming home. He shows Zaki coming inside the house. Vikram tells him about the incidents. He calls is it Nyamath house or Kayamat house. Alvira asks him to solve the mystery. Vikram asks why didn’t you inform Police about attack on Sahir. Anam tells Arzoo that she needs Sahir’s signatures. Arzoo says I will not give you permission to disturb him. Anam asks who are you? Arzoo says I am his wife. Anam says I will take his thumb impression. Arzoo asks her to wait. Anam says Sahir will throw you out if he didn’t get Australia’s contract. She says business comes first. Arzoo stops her and says Sahir comes first for her.

Arzoo sees poison bottle and gets shocked. She looks at Sahir and the glucose bottle.

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