Humsafars 26th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 26th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Zaki informing Arzoo that Sahir’s love is fake and he is pretending. Arzoo asks why he will do this. Zaki says he can answer you. Arzoo goes to his room tensedly. Zaki follows her. Kurti Apa smirks. Arzoo comes to Sahir’s room and asks whatever Zaki was saying is right or not. She asks is this true? Sahir says you just said that I am your humsafar and I returned your trust so where did it go? Arzoo asks him to answer her question. Sahir says why I will lie? Zaki says he is lying and asks Sahir to tell the truth. He says tell her that you did this to win the challenge. Sahir asks Arzoo to look in his eyes and know. Zaki says he can do anything for his advantage. He is lying. He can do only business and not love. Sahir bends down on his knees and proposes Arzoo for marriage. He asks will you be my Humsafar. Arzoo gets shocked and happy. He asks will you marry me? Zaki is shocked. He says he is lying. He is betraying you and won’t marry you. Sahir gets up and takes Arzoo to the hall. Zaki gets thinking.

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Kurti Apa tells Alvira that Arzoo is doing love drama. She is sometime with Zaki and sometime with Sahir. She will make the brothers fight and become enemies. She asks her to kick her out of house. Alvira says nothing will happen. She reminds her that it is her house and she cares for her house. Anam comes and says it seems you don’t care for this house. Sahir and Arzoo come there. Alvira asks Sahir what are you doing. Sahir says I want to ask her something. He asks Arzoo Nausheen Khan, will you marry me? Will you become my Humsafar? Everyone get shocked. Sahir asks can you trust me now? Will you marry me? Alvira tells Arzoo that we understood your answer and asks her to reply. Arzoo goes to her room. Alvira stops Zaki from following Arzoo and tells Sahir that she is very happy with his right decision. She asks Zaki to congratulates Sahir. Zaki says Arzoo didn’t reply to Bhai. Alvira tells everyone that they know about Arzoo’s answer. It will be yes. Kurti Apa and Anam get shocked. Alvira asks the servant to make everyone eat sweets.

Arzoo goes to her room and smiles happily. She looks at herself in the mirror and blushes. She thinks is this true? She gets happy thinking she will become Mrs. Sahir Azeem Chaudhary. She thinks what Ammi will say upon this. She thinks everything is going steady. Sahir is not giving her chance to even take a breath. She thinks at one side is Sahir and one side is Zaki, who said that everything is a lie. Why Sahir is hurrying up for marriage? She wonders what to do?

Sahir tells yes….yes. He recalls Arzoo’s words that he made her love complete. He thinks what did I do? Am I playing with Arzoo or my heart is playing with me. Am I just pretending to love her or love her truly. He gets angry and says Arzoo was right. I myself don’t know how many Sahirs are there in me. Arzoo is residing in every Sahir’s heart. He recalls Arzoo confessing her love and hugging him. He gets angry at himself as he recalls moments with her. He breaks the things in his room angrily.

Zaki is seen drinking wine and sitting in the lawn. Kurti Apa comes there. Zaki says you loves Arzoo and have to do something to save her from Sahir. Kurti hears him. Kurti Apa comes to Anam. Anam asks did you keep taveez in Arzoo’s room. Kurti Apa says she kept it under her pillow and doesn’t know why it didn’t work. Anam says it is just nonsense. My wish is to become Saiyyara’s VP and I won’t let Zaki get that place. Zaki doesn’t have time to think about VP position, so think that I became VP of Saiyyara. Kurti Apa says you are not looking at the loss which is far. She says love can even make a man. Zaki may become VP to prove himself infront of Arzoo. Anam gets tensed. Kurti Apa asks her to do something else Arzoo will ruin her dreams. Anam says she won’t let her ruin her dreams. Kurti Apa asks her to attack weak person ie, Zaki now. She smirks.

Arzoo is happy and keeps smiling. Arzoo thinks am I ready to become Mrs. Sahir Azeem Chaudhary? Am I ready to take up this responsibility? She asks will I be able to fulfill the relation with this house?

Sahir scolds Zaki for informing Arzoo about his challenge. He tells Zaki that he will marry Arzoo to stop him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Y is sahir spoiling arzu’s lyf

    1. By the way , Natasha do you watch this serial?

  2. Natasha Sahir loves arzoo but doesn’t want to accept it . His mind thinks that he is playing a game with her but his heart knows that he loves her otherwise why he was jealous of zaki when they were seen together?
    Anyways thanks for the update hasan

  3. @Kashish..u are completely rite in saying sahir is love with arzoo but his to ignorant to realise his love for her…….but than his 1st wife zeenath wen arzoo finds out abut her it wil break her completely….just hope arzoo comes to findout abut sahir truth abut his past before she marry him.

  4. Kashish i agree wth u but he should tel d truth of his lyf before he marries her as when arzu wil get to knw it she wil break!

  5. Hi, where’s the update for 29 November 2014….please update soon. -:((((

  6. Where’s the update for 29 November 2014?

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