Humsafars 25th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 25th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vikram asks Zeenath why was she getting so intimate with Sahir. She says she was just acting to trap him, if her plan executes well, she will insult Sahir and leave him, then they can be together forever. He asks if she is telling truth, he will help her and can do anything for her. He asks what is her next plan. She says they will have to kill Anam and Alvira. She says Anam knows who tried to kill her before.

Alvira informs Anam and Azroo that Vikram has come and is investigating Zeenath in her room. Anam thinks till when they will hide that they don’t know each other and thinks when problem comes, they will blame her and make her a scapegoat. Arzoo asks he to come with her to Sahir’s room and tell the truth. Alvira thinks what will happen now.

Sahir in his room thinks he has to tell Zeenath about Arzoo. Arzoo comes to his room and tells she wants to talk to him something important and calls Anam. He gets anry seeing her and asks what is she doing here. Arzoo asks him to listen to her as someone is trapping her. Anam proceeds. He asks if she can prove it. She says she will prove it by evening and walks out.

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Sahir comes to Vikram’s room and asks what is he doing with Zeenath, his trugh has come out and both he and Zeenath will not be spared. Vikram asks him to control his emotions and asks if he will file case, without evidence he cannot do anything. He asks him to get evidence, else he will put him behind bars for misbehaving with policeman. Sahir says he will get evidence and walks out.

Anam gives evidence file to Arzoo. Arzoo thanks her. Anam says she does not need to thank her and says she has to gather some more evidence that Vikram and Zeenath were together since the begging and asks her to give file to Sahir. She walks out. Vikram holds her and says she cannot gather evidence against him and Zeenat. She says Zeenath is playing with you and wants to get back to Sahir. He does not budge and kidnaps her. Arzoo informs Sahir about Anam missing and gives him the file which Anam gave.

Sahir checks file and says it is Zeenath’s dad’s will. He goes to hall and asks servant to call everyone. Alvira is surprised to see his changed behavior. Everyone gather in hall. Alvira asks if everything is alright. He gives her will papers. Alvira reads it and is shocked to see the clauses. Sahir asks if everything was for this file. He takes file back and asks her to tell if it is lie. Alvira says it is truth, and if he sees from her perspective, she did what a mother should do. She says she married Zeenath’s dad and become Zeenath’s second mother, but Zeenath never accepted her and always hated her, she even provoked her husband against her and he took Zeenath’s side. He did not take care of her and her children and was only concerned about Zeenath and before dying he transferred all his property in Zeenath’s name and she and her children were forced to become Zeenath’s puppet. One day, she brought Sahir and told she wanted to marry an orphan artist.

Alvira further says she took care of everything and as a mother, she was concerned about her children and played her game. As per will, if something happens to Zeenath, Sahir will get the property and if he marries another woman, property will go back to Zeenath. She accepts that she is behind Zeenath’s accident due to which she went into coma, she even tried to kill her in America, but when when was doubted, she even harmed herself. When it is an issue of he children, she can go to any extent. She wanted Sahir to sign the deal to get Sayyara in her hands. She says Sahir took Sayyara to new heights, but she cannot let it go in some stranger’s hand.

Precap: Vikram says Zeenath if they want to save themselves, they will have to elope. Zeenath pushes him and tells Sahir that she does not know what Vikram is talking about.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Nice episode, thanks for fast update H Hasan. I can’t believe that this show is ending this week. I’m so attached to SaAz that it’ll be very very hard to live without it. HarShiv please come back with HS2 but on different channel like colors or zee tv. Sony tv doesn’t deserve this show. HS and SaAz have a Very huge list of fans in whole world and we want to see you everyday. I hope my words reach to production house and we will get our HS back with lovely pair HarShiv again…. I will miss SaAz/HarShiv, LOVE YOU forever…

  2. Going to miss this show…was the only show that I follow every day. ..wait eagerly the entire day to watch it…..but now I have nothing to look forward to at night…gone miss saaz n this show. ….love Saaz

  3. so cute and romantic couple i will miss them alot after the show will end…..sad to know this …..

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