Humsafars 24th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 24th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Arzoo seeing Zeenat’s phone and gets shocked seeing Jaan calling. Zeenat gets up hearing Arzoo. Arzoo tells her that Anam was right. You was just feigning to be in coma and whatever happening here is because of you. She switches on the video on her phone and puts in under her dupatta. She asks what do you want. Zeenat asks her to leave Sahir. Arzoo says Sahir doesn’t love you and he has only one Arzoo. He told me everything and I am his humsafars for life. I won’t leave him. Zeenat says I won’t him be of others if he is not mine. Arzoo says lets see who wins your hatred or my love. Zeenat sees phone in Arzoo’s hand and runs to snatch it. She puts it in water and tells Arzoo that she splashed water in her conspiracy. Arzoo is stunned and says I will expose your conspiracy. Zeenat asks her to take her spoiled phone. Arzoo takes it and leaves. Evil Zeenat smirks and thinks lets see until when Sahir will support you. I won’t let you be Sahir’s wife. She calls Vikram and asks him to listen to her carefully. Vikram looks on. Vikram thinks it seems Zeenat have to finish her game soon.

Sahir tells Alvira that he can’t believe Anam. Alvira says Anam can’t do a sin. Sahir says Anam has problem with Arzoo since long. Alvira says Anam might have not digested the fact that Arzoo is your wife now. She asks him to talk to Anam and punish her if she is guilty. Sahir says if Anam is ready to tell the name of person then I am ready to talk to her. Arzoo comes and tells her them that she wants to tell them something important. Zeenat moves her fingers and opens her eyes. Kurti Apa gets happy seeing her coming out of coma. She thanks the God and says she knows that she will be fine. Zeenat asks for Sahir. Kurti Apa goes to call Sahir. Arzoo tells them that she has proof in her phone and is about to tell them about Zeenat, just then Kurti Apa comes there and informs that Zeenat came out of coma. She tells that Zeenat wants to meet you and asks him to come fast.

Arzoo thinks Zeenat played this trick before I could do anything. Sahir comes to Zeenat. She falls. Sahir makes her sit. Zeenat holds him and asks how are you? Alvira looks on angrily. Zeenat makes Sahir recalls their moments and asks how are you? Arzoo enters. Zeenat asks who is she? Kurti Apa says she is Zaki’s wife. Sahir says no. Kurti Apa stops him. Zeenat says Zaki has grown up. Alvira asks why did you lie? Kurti Apa says she can’t give her a shock. Zeenat asks Sahir to tell whatever happened when she was in coma.

Kurti Apa asks Zeenat to rest for now and talk to everyone afterwards. She asks Sahir to sit with Zeenat. She takes Arzoo and Alvira out. Zeenat tells Sahir that God has given her a chance to apologize to him. She apologizes to him and says I know you waited for me for 7 years. I couldn’t understand your love. Will you forgive me? Sahir looks on clueless.

Anam wonders Zeenat ended her acting to be in coma. Surely she is ready with some dangerous plan. Arzoo comes there and gets shocked seeing Anam there. Anam asks her not to tell Sahir about her. Arzoo says I am sure that Zeenat can do anything. Now she ended her acting. How will I prove that she was acting. Sahir is trapped in her acting. How to protect Sahir? Anam tells her about Vikram and says we have to control him to expose Zeenat. Arzoo is shocked to know that Vikram is Zeenat’s boyfriend. Arzoo says it means Vikram is with Zeenat. Why he will shake hands with us? Anam says we don’t have any other way out. Zeenat is very clever woman. She came out of coma when she was about to get exposed. She was after you. She knows well about your marriage with Sahir and now pretending as if she doesn’t know anything.

She tells that Kurti Apa introduced you as Zaki’s wife. She tells that Zeenat wants to save her marriage. We shall tell this to Vikram and then he will come to our side to take revenge. Arzoo says how can a police officer go against law. Anam says Zeenat trapped people and then control them with her clever talks. Arzoo asks if Kurti Apa is with Zeenat. Anam says no, I don’t think. Even Kurti Apa loves her very much. We have to stop Zeenat else you will be her first victim. Even Sahir will be trapped by her. We have to expose Zeenat infront of her else she will ruin you and your marriage.

Sahir asks Zeenat to take rest and is about to leave. Zeenat stops him and apologizes. She talks sweetly. Sahir thinks Zeenat have to get to know about Arzoo being his wife. Zeenat traps him in her words. She apologizes him and says she is repenting for her mistake. She hugs Sahir. Vikram comes there just then and gets shocked seeing Zeenat forcibly hugging Sahir. Sahir too is tensed and doesn’t reciprocate her hug. Vikram thinks what she is upto. Sahir asks her to rest. Vikram tells Sahir that he needs to question Zeenat and asks him to go. He eyes Zeenat.

Arzoo comes to Sahir and says Anam is missing. Sahir asks what do you mean? Arzoo says I searched her everywhere. Sahir says it might be Vikram and Zeenat’s work. Arzoo gives some file to Sahir and says it is given by Anam.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Very nice episode, thanks for the update H Hasan. 🙂

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    1. 8:30 p.m in sony television

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  4. No it didn’t… They were telecasting new show

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  6. No 2pm in morning only so injustice to hamsafar viewer they are not allowing the viewers to watch last episode of hamsafar sony has already done their injustice to viewers as well as writers of hamsafar nw they are telecasting it at 2pm morning that no I see it and bring any rating that make them to extend the show for a while sry to say I have sony channel

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