Humsafars 23rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 23rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Arzoo driving car with her siblings. Siblings thank god that Arzoo is safe. Arzoo asks how did they come to know about the accident. They say their friend told them. Raini starts and Arzoo and her sisters come out to enjoy it. All 3 get drenched in rain and congratulate for season’s first rainn. They drag Arzoo’s friend also who is irked that her car seat will get spoilt. Arzoo tells her shayari and enjoys rain, but says she does not understand her shayari. Arzoo asks her to pray as first rain’s prayers come true. Friend runs back into car while Arzoo and her sisters pray. Sisters pray about boyfriend while Arzoo prays about getting a new job. Sahir calls his car dealer and scolds him that his car has stopped in rain and says he hates rains. Sisters see stopped car and pushes it. Sahir watches girls pushing his car but cannot see their faces clearly. Car starts and sisters starts enjoying rain back.

Sahir meets MLA and asks why is his factory still not demolished. MLA says he cannot disobey court’s order but can demolish it illegally with an accident. Sahir asks what does he mean. MLA says he is his guest and he will clear his problem by his way. Sahir’s mom comes and asks about his factory. MLA says he will get it done soon. His wife comes with mangoes and he requests Sahir to taste them. He says he does not want to have mango and angrily says he does not like mangoes. Wife then asks mom to have mangoes. Mom says sahir does not like mangoes and will tell the story some other day.

Arzoo and sisters enjoy mangoes. Parrot sees Zara enjoying mangoes and calls her mango thief. Arzoo asks her to think about her beauty contest. Zara says she will become a good heroine like Sonakshi Sinha even if she will gain weight and will work with Ranbir Kapoor some day. Daadi hears Ranbir’s name and asks what she is talking about Rishi’s son and calls mom. Mom brnigs towels and dries Arzoo’s hair and asks why did she get wet in rain. She says she wanted to pray in first rain. Zara starts sneezing. Mom goes in to bring herbal tea.

Sahir looks at Arzoo’s design. Mom requests him to attend beauty contest for her sake as she is a chief guest and hopes her search ends in that show. Sahir agrees and starts looking at design back. Servant brings burnt toast and asks if he is sure he will eat it. Sahir angrily looks at him and eats burnt toast.

Arzoo prepares her designed dress for Zara. Everyone likes it. Mom Nausheen says daadi Arzoo did not accept any alliance till now. Daadi says she will soon accept it. Zara gets ready with arzoo’s designed dress and Arzoo prays for her success.

Arzoo asks Zara to get ready for the event soon. Arzoo says she is waiting for their friend who is also participating in beauty contest. Once friend comes, she likes he dress and asks if she can wear it. Aarzoo gets angry seeing a short dress. Zara says Arzoo that she made a good dress but to win she needs modern dress. Azroo says people are modern by thought and not by dress. Zara says people look at dress and not thoughts and says she feels her chances to win will increase. Arzoo says she will not stop her and wishes her best of luck. Mom and daadi gets irked seeing it and daadi says her MIL used to have a bigger hand kerchief than this dress. Zara asks friend to try her dress while she will wear her dress and goes in.

Fashion show starts with all girls portraying their designs. Sahir’s mom watches all dresses carefully. Sahir joins his mom. Zara comes wearing her short dress and her family claps for her.

Arzoo speaks to someone on phone and says she is thinking of celebrating factory’s stay orders and says nobody can come in factory’s way. Sahir also says to someone on phone, he will destroy whoever comes in his way. They both come next to each other without identifying each other.

Precap: Sahir’s men blast factory with gas truck. Arzoo says she will accompany him to Mumbai.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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