Humsafars 23rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 23rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Arzoo recalling client’s words and thinks she couldn’t believe that Sahir supported her. She turns and sees Sahir standing infront of her. He asks are you fine? Arzoo says yes. She thanks him for supporting her. She says I did a mistake, but you became my voice. For thr first time you didn’t throw me out of your cabin and thanks him. Sahir asks her to have lunch with him at home. They sit for lunch. Sahir says I hope you likes chinese food. Arzoo talks about she used to make it and her desi fried rice is awesome. Sahir says it is authentic fried rice. I hopes you likes it. Arzoo says I will like it. She says if you stares me like this then how will I eat. They start eating. Sahir asks did you go anywhere in Mumbai. Arzoo says she went with Zaki and he didn’t have money that time. Suddenly she feels pain in her neck and couldn’t talk. Sahir takes her in his arms and asks his employees to call the doctor. He takes her to the room and checks her heart beat. He hurriedly gives/pinches her injection. Arzoo starts taking heavy breaths. Doctor comes and checks Arzoo. He asks what happened to her.

Arzoo says suddenly I stopped breathing while I was having lunch. Doctor asks do you have any allergy with egg. Arzoo says yes. Sahir says he ordered food without egg. Arzoo asks how did you know? Doctor says because he too have allergy with egg and he gave you right medicine at the right time. Doctor leaves. Sahir sits on the bed and says sorry to Arzoo. He says I will get that hotel closed. Arzoo says you didn’t know naa that I am allergic to eggs. Sahir recalls reading about her in the resume and ordering the food. Arzoo thanks him for saving her life. She says if you would not have been there then I would have died. Sahir says I too have died and says I saved my own life. She says she can’t repay his favour and don’t know what to say.

Sahir gets touched by her words. He asks her to trust him. Will you trust me? Arzoo nods yes. He asks why don’t you confess your feelings when you loves me. Give me an answer. Arzoo says her answer is same. Sahir asks her to tell the truth. Arzoo asks him to change the questions. Sahir says the truth can be seen in your eyes and asks her to tell. She says whatever I wanted to say, I already told you. He says you have to confess now. He starts touching her hand sensually and says now see what I can do…. He holds her hand and tells her that he is going in water and he will take the next breath when you confesses the truth. He falls in the swimming pool. Arzoo gets shocked and panics. She asks what is this madness? Sahir is still in the swimming pool.

Arzoo asks him to come out of it and cries. She says she can do anything for him. She closes her eyes and gets in the pool. She confesses to love him and says I love you. Sahir faints. She makes him lie on the coach. She urges him to wake up and then gives him mouth to mouth respiration as he is unconscious. Sahir gains consciousness. Arzoo cries and hugs him. She asks him not to put his life in danger again else she can’t live. She says I love you……………and hugs him emotionally. Sahir reciprocates her hug. Zaki comes and sees Arzoo confessing her love. He gets shattered. Sahir signs Zaki and smiles. Zaki goes from there.

Zaki thinks his heart is broken and says you don’t even know how much I loves you. You loves bhai and I thought you loves me. He says I was blinded in love. He cries saying she don’t love me. He says Bhai is right about me. My love is incomplete. He drinks wine and cries. Sahir recalls Arzoo saying I love you. He thinks he did it right, but why he is not feeling that. Mann Mast Magan plays…………..Arzoo smiles and is happy after confessing love to him. Sahir writes Arzoo on the paper while she writes Humsafar…..Sahir says Saiyyara and burns the paper. Arzoo throws flower petals on herself and lives the moment.

Arzoo looks at Sahir smilingly. Humsafars song plays…………Sahir looks at her smiling face.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Sahir is gone hurt arzoo…his so selfish. ..

  2. What I don’t like about this show: an unmarried woman falling for a married man. Serials are teaching people the wrong things. You should be faithful to your wife/husband whatever may happen. And if you no longer want to be faithful to them, either work things out or last resort- divorce.

  3. does arzoo know that sahir has wife?please clear my doubt as I have not seen earlier episodes.

  4. arzoo dnt knw about sahir’s wife zeenat.

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