Humsafars 22nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 22nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Vikram asking Sahir to be happy as he came to find first wife and safe second wife. He says Zeenat is missing. Did you inform the police? Sahir is silent. Vikram says Police will do their work. You will get answers to your questions and asks him to take care of everyone, especially of Kurti Apa. He says she got unconscious. Sahir looks angry. Arzoo comes to her room again and thinks where did Zeenat go? Sahir comes and holds her. He says Policeman told him about the attack on her. Arzoo says whatever happened is with me. No need to worry. Sahir holds her and then sees her neck while touching her. He says you didn’t apply ointment being stubborn. Arzoo looks at him.

Sahir brings ointment and asks her to apply without showing attitude. He asks her to tell about the incident. Arzoo tells everything and a flashback is shown. She says she is saying truth, but no one is believing her without proofs. Sahir says I believe you and I will find him. I will make sure that he doesn’t do it again. He holds her hand and says she is his responsibility and he has to take care of her. He says I will not forget my duty. Arzoo asks him about Zeenat. Sahir says I don’t know. Arzoo asks do you think that these things are happening because of me? Sahir gets a call and informs her that Police got a dead body and thinks it to be of Zeenat. He leaves.

Alvira tells Zaki that she is worried about the house and sons. Zaki says I don’t know who is our enemy. Your sons can take care of themselves. Alvira says a mother always gets worried for her children. Zaki asks her not to worry as her blessings are with him. Arzoo thinks this house has changed within 3 days. It seems to be secrets hidden in this house. She sees someone sleeping on the bed under a blanket. She takes out the blanket and sees Zeenat sleeping. She gets shocked. Zeenat holds her hand when Arzoo tries to go. Arzoo shouts. Zeenat twists her hand. Arzoo asks her to leave her hand. She manages to escape. She rushes to Sahir. Sahir is talking on phone. Arzoo comes running and informs them that she saw a woman in her room. Sahir says lets see. Arzoo says she won’t go. Sahir is shocked to see Zeenat. Everyone is shocked. Kurti Apa thanks the God. She says my daughter has come back after 7 years. She asks her to open eyes and come out of coma.

Sahir tells Arzoo that she is Zeenat, but who brought her here. She is in coma. Arzoo tells them that she hold her hand. Sahir calls Doctor and asks him to come fast. Arzoo asks him to believe her. Kurti Apa asks Arzoo to stop and says you are lying. She smirks. Nausheen asks Arzoo to calm down. Arzoo tells her that she hold her hand. Zaki says you might have felt, but it didn’t happen. Arzoo says how to make everyone believe her. Doctor checks Zeenat and says she is still in coma. She can’t even move her finger. He says your wife is misunderstanding. He leaves. Sahir goes to drop him. Alvira wonders who brought Zeenat home. Why the person kidnapped her first and then dropped her home. Kurti Apa says her Zeenat is back. Arzoo says she hold my hand. Kurti Apa gets up and takes her outside. She accuses her for taking advantage of helpless woman. Arzoo is firm on her sayings. Kurti Apa says you can’t tolerate your sautan and that’s why you are doing this to throw her out. She calls her thief and says you have stolen her husband. She asks her to leave if she can’t leave with her sautan. Sahir comes and hears her. Arzoo says she hold my hand and keeps repeating it. Sahir looks at her state.

Arzoo comes to Zeenat. Zeenat opens her eyes and smiles. Arzoo gets scared.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Same here

  2. Hi fari, just read the spoilers. Sahir will get shot and Arzoo praying for his life, and Sahir open his eyes. I’m so excited to see SaAz together. 🙂

  3. Hi Everyone Roma..Zaynab & inderjeet please go read todays spoiler. ..

  4. indrajeet sarkar

    Yeah far u r right…how zee at stopped the attack on her?she has done attack on herself

  5. Agree with you Fari

  6. I agree with you @ Fari

  7. Its zeenath dats doing all dis definitely sure about it…kurti aap is involved with her..

  8. really feeling sorry for arzoo…

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