Humsafars 21st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 21st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Zaki bringing Zeenat home in an ambulance. The ambulance stops as the driver sees the road blockage. The ward boys get down and tries to clear the road. Suddenly smoke comes inside. They feel suffocated and unable to breath. Zaki coughs. The ward boys come back and sees Zeenat missing. They see Zaki and the nurse sitting unconsciously. Arzoo is sitting in her room. She gets scared with the noise and sits down. Then she sees a reflection. The ward boys try to wake up Zaki. He gets consciousness and gets shocked seeing Zeenat missing. He looks for Zeenat on the road and calls Sahir. Sahir picks the call. Zaki informs him that Zeenat is missing. He regrets shocked and says he is coming. Arzoo continues to get scared and screams. Everyone rush to her hearing her screams. Vikram asks her to open the door. They break the door and sees her sitting scared beside the table. Arzoo tells that someone tried to take her life. Vikram looks out for the killer and checks the window.

Nausheen asks her to drink water. Arzoo tells her that someone tried to suffocate her neck. Vikram says nobody came here as we were sitting outside. Arzoo asks him to believe her. Vikram asks where was he? Nausheen asks her to remember. Arzoo says she is saying the truth. Alvira says everyone is yours, who will do that. Kurti Apa says it is not human’s doing, but of a ghost. Arzoo gets scared. She shouts that she is saying the truth. Vikram sees marks on Arzoo’s neck and says there is a reason for this. He says this has started after her marriage. Her mistake is that she is the bride of the owner. Alvira scolds Vikram for asking Arzoo to wear sky blue dress and then blaming her for the attack. She asks him to find the culprit behind the incident. She says I will complain to your senior officer, if you continues to accuse me. Vikram says Govt gives him salary to doubt the guilty. He leaves. Arzoo is really tensed.

Sahir comes to the place and asks Zaki, how did it happen? Zaki tells everything. He says I shall call the Police. Sahir stops him and says their family is already tensed. If they tell anything to Police then what will they say. He says I don’t want to recall the past. We have to find out about Zeenat. He gets Alvira’s call.

Alvira asks Sahir to come home fast and asks is everything okay. Sahir says everything is fine. Alvira asks him to tell truly. Sahir says he will talk after coming home. Vikram says he was standing outside the door and thinks that someone went from the window. He then sees the foot prints. Kurti Apa splashes water on it and pretends to fall. Vikram helps her to get up and asks where are you going. She starts her acting. Vikram says you fell on the place where the culprit left her foot print marks. She apologizes to him and says she will take his permission before falling next time. Kurti Apa sees horse foot ring and shows to Vikram. Vikram gets thinking. Alvira comes to her room and reads the message ‘no one will be left’ on the mirror. She wipes it off and goes out. Vikram assures Arzoo that he will not let anything happen to her. Sahir and Zaki come back home. Vikram leaves. Alvira comes and hugs Zaki. She says we are on the target. Sahir says nothing will happen to us, nor Zeenat. She asks what happened.

Zaki tells that Zeenat is gone missing while coming home. Kurti Apa blames Arzoo. Sahir asks what is her fault. Kurti Apa continues to blame Arzoo for breaking her home. Sahir asks Alvira to take care of Kurti Apa and says he will find Zeenat. Vikram comes back and says your name should be Shatir Chaudhary. Vikram says everyone look respected at first glance. If we see carefully then only can know the person. He tells about Zaki’s character and says he knows everything. He doubts on Zaki as Sahir snatched his love from her. Zaki says it is wrong. Alvira says Zaki can’t think like that. Vikram says he didn’t see any woman getting her son remarried, although his first wife is alive. He accuses her for everything. Sahir gets angry and holds his collar.

Sahir tells Arzoo that Vikram told him about the attack on her. Arzoo asks him not to worry as whatever happened is with her. Sahir says your safety is my responsibility. Arzoo looks on surprisingly. He gets a call from Police station and tells Arzoo that they found a dead body.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Boring storyline…so very disappointed with writers :((

  2. this twist sounds good for me. thriller in btwen romance.

  3. Interesting twist to the love triangle. ..can’t wait for suspense to be revealed. .

  4. Did anyone else notice that Kurti apa had her black mole on the left cheek today instead of her right cheek as she normally does? Will be keeping a close eye…..

  5. I’m somehow thinking that Kurti Apa and Zeenat have a hand in this!

  6. ya al dis is doing of kurti apa and zenat to make arzo nervos and out of huse. zenat is out of coma but no one kows dis and she behaves normly wen arzo is arund.

  7. @i, kurti aapa revealed abt her mole in one of the earlier episodes (while in conversation with Daadi) that it is not a mole but its a kind of sticker to ward off evil eye.

  8. I agree with ju and janaki. This mystery will be resolved soon. Love you SaAz. 🙂

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