Humsafars 1st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 1st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sahir lying on the bed and is shattered. He recalls Arzoo’s words and gets pained to recall whatever Arzoo have gone through. He removes his shirt and starts beating himself with a belt while recalling Arzoo’s words. Doctor comes to treat Arzoo. Alvira takes her in. Anam calls Zaki and informs her that Arzoo was brought by Sahir in an unconscious state and her clothes were torn. Zaki heads back to home. Doctor tells Alvira that he gave her injection and she needs rest. Zaki rushes to Arzoo’s room. Alvira looks on. Zaki sees Arzoo’s state and gets shocked. He asks Nausheen not to worry and promises to never let anything happen to her and her family. Nausheen thanks Sahir. Zaki tells her that Arzoo is here because of Sahir Bhai. Nausheen doesn’t understand his words. He comes to Zara and consoles her. Zara weeps and hugs him. She asks why did it happen with my Api. Zaki says sorry as he couldn’t do anything and promises her that he won’t let anything wrong happen. She hugs him again.

Zaki comes to Sahir and asks what did you do with Arzoo? What happened to her? Sahir is silent and starts writing. Zaki says you are fabulous poet, but what is the use of it. He blames him for Arzoo’s condition. He says you are Saiyyara’s CEO, but you couldn’t identify love. You wants to ruin her. You knew that you are doing a big sin. Just say that you didn’t do any mistake. Sahir says no. Zaki says you don’t have a heart else it would have melted seeing her condition. Sahir looks on angrily. Zaki says it is just black stone which sees fame and success. Sahir is pained and hurts himself with the pointed nib of the pen. He recalls Arzoo’s words and starts writing poetry with his blood.

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Arzoo gains consciousness as she recalls the driver trying to molest her. She wakes up shockingly and tells Nausheen that they will leave and won’t stay here anymore. The servant informs Sahir that Arzoo gained consciousness. Arzoo asks Nausheen to come and gets up from the bed. Zara tells her that Api is not conscious till now. Zaki comes and says this is your house. Please don’t go. Arzoo scolds Zaki for hiding everything and says she wants to go far from there. She says I will go to Lucknow. She asks Zaki, why didn’t you tell me. Zaki says I tried, but. Sahir hears them and goes to Alvira’s room shockingly. He gets tears in his eyes as he bends down infront of Alvira and asks her to stop Arzoo as she needs rest. Please stop her. Alvira asks what shall I tell her to stop till her heart is broken. Sahir says he will accept the punishment given by Allah. He says he did a mistake so punishment should be his. He asks her to stop Arzoo. Sahir says please……Alvira goes to Arzoo’s room followed by Sahir.

Nausheen asks Arzoo to say what had happened. Zara asks her to say the reason. Arzoo says we will go and can’t stay in this city. She starts packing her bags. Alvira comes and stops Arzoo. She says whoever does wrong get punishment. She says I know that we did wrong with you and deserves punishment. She asks her to give her a chance to apologize for her sons’ doings. She asks her to give her a chance to apologize for hiding the truth. Arzoo recalls Sahir informing her that he is already married and asking her to go. Arzoo tells Alvira that she can’t stop and asks her to free her. Sahir tells her that he freed her. Sahir says it was fake, but was relation. I free you from the fake relation.

Sahir comes to Arzoo’s room while she is sleeping and Zaki is seen at her side. He says Arzoo emotionally and keeps Zaki’s hand away from Arzoo. He turns and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. wow it was really nice was an heart touching epidose.sahir agar itna pyaar arzoo se then y dont u say her yaar.for every girl her self esteem is sahir jaldi se apology to arzoo.may be she is hurt phir bhi u can try once atleast.and precap that amazing.looking forward for it.and guys happy new year to all.thank for update.

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