Humsafars 1st December 2014 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 1st December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anam points the finger on Arzoo. Arzoo says she didn’t know about the vendor’s name. Sahir asks her to stop and says how can you be so careless. Anam smiles. Arzoo says I have selected the best vendor. I didn’t know that the job work is going to Sarfaraz. Anam says you seems to be innocent and will refuse that Sarfaraz is your father. Sahir gets shocked. Anam says a daughter will give job to her father. It is other thing that Saiyyara is ruined because of daughter and father’s love. Sahir asks Arzoo, is Sarfaraz Sheikh your father? Arzoo gets tensed and replies yes. Anam says did you hear her Sahir. She chose her father between Saiyyara and her father. Sahir thinks about Arzoo’s words and says I asked you before about Sarfaraz but you didn’t say.

Arzoo says I didn’t tell you as he left us 15 years back that’s why didn’t tell you. I wouldn’t have approve if saw his name. Anam says his name was there in the file. Arzoo says it was there. Sahir asks her to bring the file. He gets angry seeing Sarfaraz’s name in the vendor list and shows it to Arzoo. Arzoo says she can’t betray him. Sahir says I lost the deal because of you and your abbu. Arzoo tries to say, but Sahir asks her to get out. Arzoo picks the file and leaves. Sahir goes.

Farah asks Sarfaraz, why you didn’t pick Sahir’s call. Sarfaraz says he will save Sahir now and talks about land. Farah says I thought to get Samaira married in that house. Sarfaraz asks, who saw this dream? Farah says Samaira. Sarfaraz says her dream would be fulfilled for sure.

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Arzoo thinks about Sahir’s words and gets sad. She thinks I can’t get my family upset because of me. Zaki looks at his photo with Arzoo and says in today’s time photo shop is there. He turns and sees Arzoo. He thinks it is his imagination and drops the photo. Arzoo asks can I come in. He asks her to come in and tries to pick the photo. He tells poetry and sees her tensed. He asks what is the matter.

Sahir recalls Arzoo giving him explanation and gets tensed. Alvira comes and tells him that she knew that Arzoo was Sarfaraz’s daughter. Arzoo doesn’t want her name to be connected with Sarfaraz as he left them. Why you are punishing her for her father’s deeds. I will tell you how she reached here.

Zaki says sorry and says I didn’t like Sarfaraz saheb. We will take him to Sahir. Arzoo says I proved to be damage for Saiyyara as the deal was cancelled. Mr. Mehta don’t meet anyone without an appointment. Zaki says 1 min and shows her photos of girls. Arzoo asks why you are telling me about these girls. Zaki says I can do anything. Arzoo says Mr. Mehta is not a girl. Zaki says these girls have got married now. I didn’t want to marry anyone of them. Arzoo sees photo kept on floor and asks about it. Zaki says I wants to marry her. Arzoo didn’t know that it was her photo. Zaki says lets go to Mr. Mehta. They leaves.

Sahir thinks about Arzoo’s words that her abbu left her as she is a daughter. She saw her mother living like a widow. Alvira sits beside him and says life have given you pain. I hope that you will understand her. You scolds her, but she wipes her tears and gets ready to face the life. I am sorry that you couldn’t understand her pain.

Sahir calls Sarfaraz and threatens him not to look at Arzoo again.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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