Humsafars 19th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 19th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sahir apologizing to Arzoo. She says there might be a reason for our every move. Today I got a call from Ammi. She told me that you returned the factory land. She thanks him and says you unburden my burden today. She asks why didn’t you tell me before. Sahir says he can do a mistake, but is not stupid. Arzoo asks what do you mean? Sahir says he got to sleep in the office with her for a night. Arzoo asks are you fine? Sahir gets a call and he gets shocked. He asks someone to talk to Singhania. Arzoo asks what happened? He tells Arzoo that he have to deposit 100 crores by tomorrow else everything will be finished. He says what will happen to my promise. If this deal cancels, then Zeenat will win and I will lose. She can’t win and I can’t lose. Alvira comes with Zaki and says you can’t be a failure. I want you to show Zeenat, what you can do? You did which she never expected. You are my strength and I can’t let you lose. She gives him some papers. Sahir gets surprised and says 1000 crores guarantee. He asks how? Alvira says she got lawyer’s call. I was tensed then thought about it. Zaki says he talked to Nawab Saheb and convinced him to invest in our project. I promised him that we will return the money after the project is finished.

Sahir gets happy and says Zaki has grown up. Zaki smiles. Sahir says I hope I will return the money. Alvira says you can’t lose. Our blessings are with you. Arzoo says we all are proud of you. Alvira asks him to prove Zeenat that she did a mistake by doubting on him. Alvira says show him that my son can do anything. Sahir is grateful to God and hugs him family. He promises to fulfill the promise made to Zeenat. Later he comes to Alvira and Zaki and says he wants to thank them. He says if you was not here, then it would have been impossible for me to strike the deal. Alvira says she is doing what she is supposed to do being his Ammi. She says she always loved him more than Zaki. Zaki says Ammi always loved you more than me, and I too loves you much. Sahir thanks them and gives some papers. Alvira reads the poetry of Sahir and smiles. Sahir says he didn’t know about his mother in childhood, so he used to keep writing about his mum. He thanks her for giving face to his poetry. Alvira says it is very beautifully written and I will keep it safely forever. She blesses him. She then turns to Zaki and asks him to be with Sahir while fulfilling the deal. She keeps the poetry papers in the drawer and smiles.

Sahir comes to Zeenat and says Zeenat’s words that” you are just an artiste, read poetry….This business is not your cup of tea”. He reminds her of her words and shows the file saying his promise will be complete now. Zeenat is pretending to be in coma still. Sahir says he will be very happy if you know about it. He says I did this because of you. You insulted and provoke me. I sold everything. I did this to prove that I am right and you are wrong. He says I got effected by your words, but now I am uneffected. What I have earned is Arzoo. She made me learn how to love and live life. He says I will sign the divorce papers after coming home. He says now I wants to go away from you. I don’t want my past to affect my future. I wants to leave my black past and start afresh with Arzoo. Once he is gone, Zeenat gets up and says you can’t be of Arzoo until I am alive. She gets her phone from the cupboard and call someone. A man is shown, probably Vikram. She says I am pretending to be in coma since many days, to win from Sahir. To get controls of everything. I did everything on your sayings. I even came infront of Sahir’s car. She calls him a loser. She asks how did Alvira reach here with a guarantee. Anam comes and gets shocked hearing her. Zeenat says she can live like a widow, but not like a divorcee. Anam gets shocked and come out of Zeenat’s room. Alvira asks did you see anything in Zeenat’s room. Anam says no and goes to her room. Alvira calls someone.

Arzoo gives best wishes to Sahir and prays for his success. Sahir says everything will be fine between us.Tomorrow morning will be a new beginning. He leaves. Anam comes and asks Arzoo to stop Sahir. Arzoo asks what? Anam says if you cares for your husband’s life then stop him. Arzoo says my husband can take care of himself well. Anam says only he can be trustable in this house. She asks her to listen to her. She says she needs Sahir’s help and that’s why he has to be alive. She tells her that Zeenat is just pretending to be in coma and is perfectly fine. She has mentally lost it. She wants Sahir and wants you to be out of his life. Sahir went to her room and told that he will divorce her. I heard her talking on phone that she can’t be Sahir’s divorcee and can stay as his widow. Arzoo gets shocked and calls him. Anam says he might went for a meeting. They leave. Sahir gets a call from a stranger. He asks him not to sign the deal and decide after seeing the video. Sahir looks at the video.

Vikram tells Sahir that you might have come to me as your wife is missing. Sahir says he don’t trust him and asks how does you know that Arzoo is missing and I got a phone call.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Very nice episode, thanks for update H Hasan. I hope everything sort out and SaAz live happily forever. 🙂

  2. Excellent!!!

  3. Have anybody tried to write to gul khan via Facebook or something
    So she Will maybe Think again about not shutting humsafars

  4. Vivi gul khan is not shuting d shw. I thnk sony is forcing her to shut shw bcuse dey cnt tke expenses of a shw with low trps.


  6. The show is going off air peope? True?

  7. Zeenath,Vikram & alvira are in this whole drama together. .They want to bring saahir & arzoo down & get all the business n properties. …..on one side alvira is actiing sweet & all caring to saahir but shes a ANACONDA SNAKE WHO WANTS TO SWALLOW SAAHIR & ARZOO ALIVE…maybe Anam is with them as well…cant wait for this whole mystery to unreveal…..why Sahir & Arzooo??????????I love them too bits & the show its different from every other shows & I am very sad its going off air:-(

  8. How about the three knots Arzoo tied in her dupatta/veil as three promises to herself? When those promises going to fulfil? If I remember correctly, one knot for buying her own house, second for get a good job and third for her mom’s kidneys operation. all this will be shown in only 6 more episodes? I doubt. There’s lots of things to see in this show. Don’t want to end this show. Very sad 🙁

  9. Update fast plz

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