Humsafars 18th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Humsafars 18th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sahir holding Zaki’s collar and asks him to repeat his words. Zaki says that Arzoo too loves him very much. Sahir says did she say anytime. Zaki says she has not said by words, but I can see. She is concerned towards me. Sahir thinks his moments with Arzoo and her concern for him. Zaki says she loves him. Sahir says she doesn’t love you and is just using you. Zaki says you are blinded. Sahir says she is greedy about money and wants to become the daughter in law of this house. Zaki says how can you say that. Sahir says I will get the proofs. She will confess her feelings for me and will say me I love you then you will realize that her love for you is just a betrayal. Zaki is shocked.

Ashrafi wishes Happy Birthday to Arzoo. Arzoo thanks her and says she forgot her birthday. She misses her Ammi. Nausheen calls her and wishes her birthday. she says we will pray for you in Ajmer Shareef. She asks about her. Arzoo says she is fine and missing them. She asks her to take care and ends the call. She prays for Sahir. She gives suggestion to Ashrafi not to fall in love with anyone specially with the person like Gabbar Chaudhary. She says he reminds me that I am no one for him. She tells she has done this for him and he hurt her. He doubted her. She decides to stay away from him.

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Sahir greets his mum. Alvira reminds him that his coffee is getting cold. Arzoo comes and greets Alvira. Sahir and Arzoo have an eye lock. Both of them try to hold something and touches each other hand. They stare each other again. Alvira looks at them. Alvira gets Nausheen’s call. Nausheen informs her about Arzoo’s birthday. Alvira assures to take care of Arzoo and blesses Arzoo. Sahir hears her. Alvira asks why didn’t you tell me that it is your birthday today. Arzoo is about to say. Sahir tells Alvira that he needs to attend a conference. Alvira tells him that today is Arzoo’s birthday. Sahir says I heard. He asks Alvira to send coffee to his room and goes. Arzoo looks on.

Zaki calls Arzoo and says I wants to say you something. He asks her to walk while he says alphabets. Arzoo starts walking and sees him. Zaki wishes her happy birthday. Arzoo thanks him and asks how did you know? Zaki says I came to know. Truth is that I came to know about your birthday from your CV at Saiyyara. Arzoo thanks him for the rose. Zaki says it is just a starting of celebration and he has dedicated today for her. He dances and sings happy birthday. Arzoo laughs and leaves.

Sahir comes to Samaira and asks can I come in. Samaira says I will inform abbu that you came here. Sahir says I came to talk to you about Zaki. You both have to solve your problems. I wants to unite you both. Samaira says she can handle Zaki, and blames Arzoo. She badmouths about Arzoo. Sahir gets angry and stops her. He says I will bring you closer to Zaki and asks her to keep Zaki away from home today. Samaira says ok.

Linda talks on phone. Arzoo says I will do. Linda asks her to chill and they will do. Arzoo says Sahir is troubling all the designers. Linda gets Sahir’s call. Linda says it is a special project. Sahir signed on his design for the first time in 5 years. Arzoo is shocked to read Sahir’s mail asking Linda not to tell anything to Arzoo and keeps her away from the project.

Zaki plans a surprise birthday party for Arzoo and talks to Manager. Samaira comes and tells Zaki that she is not well. She asks him to take her to the hospital and falls on him. Arzoo comes to Sahir’s cabin and asks why did you send mail to all the employees asking them to keep me away from the special project. She asks why did you humiliate me and asks him to fire her. Sahir looks on.

Sahir holds Arzoo’s hand while the song Kehte Hai Khuda…..Rabta plays…………..The place is beautifully set for the birthday.Arzoo and Sahir look at each other.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Love d precap

  3. Thanks so much for fast update. Nice episode, I hope Sahir realize his mistakes and truly confess his love to Arzoo 🙂

  4. sahir will record that moment with arzoo. arzoo will say she love sahir. n sahir will shw that video to zaki.

  5. Sahir is using arzoo but not realising he has fallen head over heels in love with her. ..I hate this side of sahir..

  6. Spoilers showing that Arzoo will reject Sahir saying that she doesn’t love him and run away from there. I hope Sahir realize his mistake and marry with Arzoo.

  7. I love this episode

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