Humsafars 16th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 16th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Arzoo thinking not to fight today as the day is very special. She thinks to give a gift and make a design. She then thinks designing is very time consuming so then thinks to do something else. She thinks to give him new memories. She calls and talks to him. She thinks to make icecream and says she is a big icecream baaz. She makes the icecream and blushes thinking about Sahir. Arzoo calls Sahir and asks when you are coming? Sahir asks did anything happen? Arzoo says no and asks him to come home early. Sahir goes home. He comes to his room and finds it decorated with candles. Arzoo asks how is it looking? Sahir says I didn’t notice. Arzoo says your wife is working since morning and you are saying you didn’t notice. Sahir says I couldn’t keep my eyes off you. Arzoo gets shy and blushes. Sahir says this room looks good when you smiles. Arzoo says I will be egoistic if you praise me.

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Sahir is about to kiss her. She stops and asks him to close his eyes. She brings the balloons and asks him to open the eyes. She wishes him happy valentine’s day. Sahir says he didn’t remember and haven’t done anything. Arzoo says I remember naa, I am giving you my heart and breathe. Sahir promises to keep it safely. He tries to get closer to her. She stops him and says aren’t you hungry. Sahir refuses to eat parathas/noodles/etc. Arzoo says she made something special. She brings the icecream. Sahir says you made it at home. He then recalls something and refuses to eat any sweets. Arzoo says you might have left it 7 years ago. I thought to give you new memories, and forgot that your past is with you. Sahir stops her and eats the icecream.

Arzoo smiles and looks at him. Sahir makes her eat it and says it is good. He says your cooking standard is good. Arzoo says can’t you tell straight. Sahir kisses on her hand and says thanks for filling his life with sweetness again. Arzoo says she has a surprise and says she is lucknowi and determined.

Arzoo starts moulding the sand and says she wants to make dream from the sand, in which there is no third person in between them. Sahir asks what we are making. Arzoo tells the poetry and says she is making a dream for him which he will remember daily. Sahir says what? She says she is making coffee mug. She makes the pot. Sahir says they will fill the colors once the pot is dried. He asks what is next surprise. Sahir says he didn’t remember. Arzoo says I gave you many surprises. Sahir checks time and says market might be closed now. Arzoo asks him to give him memorable thing. Sahir asks for her hand and takes her.

Zeenat comes to Sahir’s room and fumes looking at the candles, balloons for the valentine day celebrations. She says she wish to burn the entire house. She looks at the mud put and breaks it saying she will destroy her dreams. Sahir asks Arzoo to wait and goes inside the outhouse. He brings the guitar. Arzoo says I didn’t know that you plays guitar.

Sahir wishes her happy valentine day and sings Aye Mere Humsafar Ek Zara Intezaar…….song…..Arzoo smiles. They have an eye lock. Sahir thanks her for giving him memory. Arzoo smiles.

Arzoo comes to know that Sahir burnt her Ammi’s factory as she sees some papers and gets shocked. She thinks Sahir is the person whom she hates the most.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Hasan thank u so much

  2. Thanks for update H Hasan. Please update the rest fast….

  3. Lovely episode 🙂 precap looks sad but I hope Sahir will say sorry for burning Arzoo’s factory. I’ll miss SaAz VERY much.

  4. Thanks for the update H Hasan. Loved today’s SaAz episode.I liked the way in which Arzoo arranged many surprises for Sahir and Sahir too singing a song for her….I liked the way in which Sahir ate the ice cream so as to not hurt Arzoo…….But that Zeenat,she again came to their room and did break the mug and the balloon…There is no type of privacy in their house.

  5. And he will build the factory once again to say sorry to Arzoo

  6. See guys I have got the full lyrics of the title song of this serial –
    Aakhon ne abhi Jo
    Baatein kahin hai Teri
    Sinee mai hamare
    Saanse chali hai Teri
    Tuhi aasman…….
    Mere dil Ki zameen ka raha
    Haan saanse yeh meri
    Kare sajda tera hi aada
    Ruthi hai Khushi bhi
    Tute yakin bhi nahi
    Jeene ke ujjale
    Milenge kabhi toh yahin
    Doondhe hai koi
    Tere dil Ki sooni zameen
    Adhuri Arzoo kabhi
    Hogi mukambal yahin …………..
    (background music)

  7. According to the track going on ,I don’t think so the show is going off air bcoz the producer Gul Khan is not in a hurry to finish this serial with a happy ending as there are only 4 more episodes remaining….
    So guys don’t worry it will not go off air as the producer is not seen in a hurry.

  8. But if it goes off air , I will miss SaAz a lottttttt……….And this serial tooo……….

  9. If you all don’t understand the lyrics then listen to song on YouTube by manal m

  10. Today is episode was electrifying. .I loved every minute of it. …@kashish if its not going off air than wats the new time slot for it..cause from today sony is advertising the new serial (mau bouli shaadi) is starting @ 8:30 as of 23rd February. .

  11. Guys how are the lyrics,are they right . Please tell fast

  12. By the way I watch this serial 2times one time on tv and the other on the Mobile..Do you all also do the same thing like me?

    1. Hey! Mee too…. yaar! Kashish, same pinch….. I am also eager to know abt the new time of this show.

  13. @kashish thanks for the lyrics. I love this show soooo much. I’ll be going to miss SaAz and HS a lotttttt…

  14. I don’t have dish network. I read the update first on phone then watch it later on computer. I just love to see Harshad and Shivya on and off screen. LOVE YOU SaAz.

  15. And I also watch this show mostly 2-3 times. Can’t believe this is its last week 🙁 I hope they should start Humsafars season 2 soon but on different channel. I just want to see HarShiv everyday. 🙂

    1. Stop it yaar! This serial is not going to stop… how could it be, it might be changes in timings only… thats all!

      And there’s a lot of suspence is there…. Anam’s husband (Shiraz) yet to come with more story, who is the Zeenath’s real mother? & i think the doctor also involved with Zeenath & we thought the real culprit is Vikram only, but its not confirmed yet…. & etc., how could be finished it with all those in 4 days…. its not possible from my side, what say guys…..

  16. Hello guys, Yes! This show is going to end…. I am shocked when i see in this wiki site —

    Feb 20 is the Last date of the show ‘Humsafars’… Me & My Humsafar are both going to missed it!

  17. Hi friends, looks like it isn’t going off air, just time change. I read in Facebook today. I hope this news is true. I really want this show to continue.not sure what time it will air from next week but at least there is this news 🙂 @Ameen, yes there are lots of suspense need to unfold. I think channel and production house listen to all of us and now extending the show. Hurrrrraayyyyyyy. 🙂 🙂 🙂 fingers crossed.

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