Humsafars 13th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 13th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sahir thinking how can Anam be Anu and if she is Anu then why did he hide the truth. Anam comes and says I am glad that you called me. I need to talk to you about the details of the new fashion line. Sahir says regardless of whatever happens in life, you always think about your work. The show must go on. Anam says I am glad that you notice. Saiyyara is my priority and that’s why I wants to become VP of the company. Sahir says I don’t break my rules. Ammi asked me to throw you out of Saiyyara, but I am ready to break my rules. I can give you a chance if you are in your limits. Anam says that Arzoo. Sahir asks her to stop and says Arzoo is my wife and her insult is my insult. She is my wife and you know what happens if anyone insults me. Anam says she will remember. Sahir says it is better. He asks do you want to tell me anything related to me.

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Anam says nothing and says she will work on the new designs. She turns to go, but just then Sahir calls her anu. She says yes and then gets conscious. She says she doesn’t know what he is talking about. Sahir says you know Zeenat very well before her accident. Then why did you hide it. Anam accepts to know Zeenat from before her marriage. She says she is her college friend and doesn’t want to hurt his feelings talking about Zeenat, that’s why hide the fact.

Sahir asks her to tell the truth. Anam asks what? Sahir says Zeenat’s truth. You might know with whom she was having an affair with. Anam gets shocked and says you know about it. Sahir says I knew it since her accident. I didn’t know about his name and identity and asks her to tell his name. Anam swears not knowing his name and says she just had his phone number. She says Zeenat asked me to inform him that she is leaving Sahir. I talked to him once. I tried calling him after Zeenat’s accident, but it was switched off. She says she can give him that number. Sahir asks her to get it. Anam agrees and goes.

Arzoo comes to Sahir and shows him gramophone saying her dadi used to listen songs. Sahir calls her Azu( new nick name of Arzoo) and says it is your room too. Arzoo asks shall I bring coffee. Sahir says no. She asks him to remove his shoes and socks. A song Aaja Piya Tohe Pyaar Dun plays on the gramophone. She asks him to put his legs in the water. She asks him to unburden his tension and play with her in the water. They play with the water and laugh. Sahir says you gets scared with water. Arzoo says yes, but not when you are with me. She asks him to give her a chance and tell him what happened. Sahir gets tensed and says I told you that you will get confused hearing my past. Arzoo says if my humsafar is tensed then I get tensed too.

Sahir says Anu is our Anam. Arzoo gets shocked and says there is a betrayal everywhere in the house. Whom to believe. Sahir says we can trust only each other. Arzoo says Zeenat was really betraying you. Sahir says yes and keeps his head on her shoulder. Zeenat comes and hears their conversation. Sahir says I knew it since 7 years, but doesn’t know his name. Arzoo thinks I promise you to support you till the death. Zeenat thinks Arzoo has love in her eyes for Sahir, but she will fill tears in her eyes. She says Sahir was mine in the past and in the future too. Zeenat comes back to her room and sees Kurti Apa sleeping. She sleeps beside her. Kurti Apa wakes up and caresses her face. She sleeps again. Zeenat takes a sigh of relief.

Alvira asks the servant to make food and inform her when he is ready with the food. Zaki comes and greets Alvira. She says it is good that you smile today. Zaki says I have decided to be happy. He says today is my day, valentines day. He says happy valentine’s day to Alvira and gives her a rose. Alvira blesses her. Kurti Apa asks them about their lovely conversation. Zaki says he didn’t forget his first love and gives her rose. Kurti Apa gets shy. Zaki asks her to accept it. Kurti Apa says I am very kurti through my deeds. Zaki finally gives rose to her. Arzoo comes and greets Alvira. She asks about Sahir. Arzoo says he went to office. Alvira asks her to have breakfast with her. Zaki teases Kurti Apa and says he will put rose garden under her feet on the next valentines day. Arzoo gets happy knowing about V’s day and decides to give him new and beautiful memories.

Arzoo wishes Happy Valentine’s day to Sahir. Sahir says I didn’t remember and says sorry. She gives him balloons and says I am giving you my heart and breath. Sahir promises to keep them safely.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Plz fast

  2. Please update fast….

  3. Thanks for update H Hasan. Happy Valentine’s day to all Humsafars viewers. I wish this show could last longer. What is wrong with Gul Khan? Her both shows (HS & QH) going thru bad times, HS going off air and in QH Rehan is dead. These shows are making me VERY sad nowdays.

  4. Yes Roma the same is the case with me …i am also feeling sad and upset about this show ending …So to remember this forever I have sticked pictures of SaAz in my personal diary.That zeenat is very bad ..If now she is jealous of Arzoo then why did she leave Sahir and went to some other person? This is her mistake and not of Arzoo..I loved Arzoo telling Sahir and forget his tensions and problems …Anyway thanks for the update H Hasan

  5. By the way happy Valentines day to all the viewers of this serial as well as others.

  6. T nq to all valentine wishers.

  7. Anam is lieing to sahir…zeenath is self centred B****….

  8. Please include ‘CID’ show with ‘Humsafars’ to be more interesting… instead of Vikram. I love both the shows. Please do atleast once as my wish…

  9. How could “Zeenath being in ‘coma’ now, from other character’s view (She is in Coma) only… Actually she is not, how could she manage without having food & drinks & even for bath, if she had all those. Then nobody watches her activities, that she is going here to somewhere how stupid, idiotic… please change the story…..

  10. Does anyone know how the show will end? Ok I think that the martial affair that Zeenat had was none other POLICE OFFICER, and here is my point, do you remember that police officer aske Sahir about the divorce papers and how was that he knew about that, expect for Sahir /Zeenat. And also remember that Zeenet has phone conversation with the man so that means phone trace. While MIL has been denied about the relationship between Sahir/Arzoo, maybe the divorce was never mention to Alvira, or the MIL. Maybe in the divorce there was a clause that say that before the divorce goes though, Zeenat want the house and the company to be put in her name, but before that could happen she had the accident. And this is how Sahir is felt guilt for 7years, until he meet true soulmate AZROO

    1. Pls Expand, What is MIL..?

  11. I think vikram is the person

  12. Very obvious that ACP Rathod was Zeenat’s boyfriend. Alvira is obviously a stepmother. But why is Zeenat pretending to be in coma? Or is Rathod a fraud? Perhaps he is no police officer at all!

  13. Humsafars story is going very intersting.

  14. I think that kurti aapa is the real mother of Zeenat,Sahir is the son-in-law or Sil of Alvira’s House and that vikram is the guy who was having an affair with Zeenat.By the way meaning of Mil is Mother -in-law. And Dil means daughter -in-law

    1. Yeah! of course, MIL means Mother-in-Law, But in Vivian’s comment it doesn’t match as Mother in law… thats why?

      And i think that the Kurthi Aapa is not the real mother of Zeenath… She is just a caretaker of children’s living in Niyamath House from long back…. thats it

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