Humsafars 12th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 12th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Arzoo asking Sahir about Zeenat. Sahir says she is fine, but don’t know who is trying to kill her. He says these attacks started since her health improved. He opines that her accident 7 years back was a conspiracy. In the morning, Sahir is about to leave. Vikram comes. Sahir says I was going to meet you. Vikram asks what is the matter that you want to meet me. Sahir says I think someone doesn’t want Zeenat to recover. Vikram says am I mad to trust you. Sahir asks what? Vikram says only you have the motive to kill her now and in the past too. Sahir says it is a nonsense. Vikram says it is truth. Vikram says this property is of Zeenat’s and you are just a watchman. If she gets well that you will have nothing. Sahir says I thought you wants to know the truth.

Vikram says he is in search for the truth. He asks her not to show angry look. It is truth that Zeenat wanted to divorce you and wanted you to leave before she comes home. She was about to send you divorce papers. Sahir asks how do you know? Vikram gets tensed. Sahir asks him to reply. He says I have nothing to do with Zeenat’s accident. Vikram says after giving warning to you, she met with an accident. I won’t let you safe. Arzoo recalls about Zeenat and thinks there must be some secrets related to her. Alvira comes and says I am sorry. Arzoo asks why? Alvira says because I hid the fact that Zeenat is my daughter. I didn’t have any bad intention. Arzoo says you are a mother and a mother can’t be wrong. She says you are living with pain. You loves your son in law more than her own son. She says you can’t be wrong. She says I am very lucky as I have two mothers. Alvira gets happy and hugs her. She blesses her. Arzoo thanks her.

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Sahir recalls Vikram’s words and gets tensed. He calls Arzoo. Sahir says just before Zeenat left from home, she got a call from some Anu. He says yes. He recalls Zeenat telling Anu to tell someone that everything is finished between them. Sahir says it means Anu talked to her last. Arzoo says may be Anu is related to the accident. Sahir goes to Alvira and asks about Anu. Alvira says no, I didn’t know anything about any Anu and asks him to enquire with Kurti Apa. Sahir goes to Zeenat’s room, calling for Kurti Apa. She comes. Sahir asks Kurti Apa not to leave Zeenat even for a min. Kurti Apa says she is my responsibility and I can do my duty. She curses Arzoo. Zeenat opens her eyes and hears them. Sahir asks Kurti Apa to sit and asks her to look in his eyes. He says do you think I don’t care about Zeenat. I know how much you love her. We have to end the happenings at home and that’s why I need your help. He says we have to find out about Zeenat’s accident. He asks her about Anu.

Zeenat opens her eyes and gets shocked. Kurti Apa gets shocked too and gets up. Sahir asks her to tell who is Anu? How do Zeenat know her. Zeenat is shocked. Kurti Apa says she doesn’t know Anu and asks who told you about her. She asks him not to waste time in nonsense things rather kick that inauspicious girl from the house. He thinks she is hiding something. He comes out and sees Anam talking to someone about Sahir knowing about Anu. He comes back to his room and tells Arzoo. Arzoo says are you sure? Sahir says yes. They think to find out to whom Anam was talking to. Arzoo says I have an idea. She goes to her room and notes down the number. Arzoo leaves. Anam comes out of the bathroom. Arzoo gives the number to Sahir. He enquires about the number and come to know about the address. He thanks and hugs her.

Sahir comes to the house and is about to step out of his car, just then he sees Anam coming in her car. She talks to a man, who refers her as Anu. He says I will handle everything, don’t worry. Sahir calls Anam and asks him to come to his cabin immediately. Anam says ok.

Sahir talks to Anam and says ok. Anam is about to leave. Sahir calls her Anu. Anam says yes and turns. Sahir asks her to tell, do you know Zeenat from long?

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  1. Thanks for the update H Hasan

  2. OMG more surprises

  3. I loved seeing Sahir and Arzoo working together as a team to investigate the matter of Zeenat. By the way a new show named Muh Boli Shaadi is starting from 23 Feb at 8:30pm……I was shocked to see this commercial of the show.Now when will Humsafars serial come ? Is the time slot changed or the show is ending?Why Gul Khan is doing this? Why cannot she use her creative ideas and keep the show going on air ?See guys I have an idea to increase the Trp of this serial ….

  4. See those viewers who are watching this show on the internet they should watch this on television when it comes in the evening i.e. at 8:30pm .This will increase the trps of the show as many viewers including me love this show and SaAz from the bottom of their hearts.This is the only way to stop this serial from going off air….Please everyone should cooperate in this step…..Plzzzzzzz

  5. Yes there are many secrets of Sahir’s life which he does what not tell anyone.But only tells to his loving wife Arzoo

  6. I think Vikram is the one that Zeenat had extra marital affair. Anam is Anu… many twists..interesting!!!

  7. anybdy ntcd. sony is out of trp ratings nw.

  8. Wth now Anam is many more secrets are there to this seriel…n Alvira acting so sweet to Arzoo when she’s the poison im this whole seriel. ……

  9. Just thinking of some thing , could it be that the police office in this show had two extra martial affair, not only withZeenat and with Aun or sorry with Anam. And I agree that earlier post Sahir/Arzoo their team work is excellent GOOD CSI ! And investigation by both of them. Again, I wouldn’t be surprise that the end of the show, we will see that Sahir/Arzoo sign legal papers and transfer the mansion ( property ) and the company back to Alvira and rest of that family , Sahir/Arzoo leaving the house and not regretting anything. Both actor work was excellent today.have one question how do India married couples consummate their love?

  10. Yes outstanding post Wth now Anam is many more secrets are there to this seriel Alvira acting so sweet to Arzoo when she;s ( the poison im this whole seriel.

  11. guys now the show is finally going off air from 23rd feb so we must enjoy its every moment bcoz this serial has a low trp rating of just 0.4 ……. only 6 moreays of this serial….feeling like crying…… very sad ……only 6 months serial duration….not far with the audience…..But w will remember SaAz after this also….

  12. I mean 6 more days

  13. I loved this show a lot. I agree with one of the comments from yesterday, to change the time of the show for after 10pm. This show is very good and the story is about deep love in SaAz during all the secrets of the past and thrills of present. I don’t want this show to end like this. 🙁

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