Humsafars 11th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Humsafars 11th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anam asking Arzoo to say something in defense else they will believe that she is really pregnant with Zaki’s child. Arzoo looks at Alvira. Alvira looks shocked. Kurti Apa says her silence proves that she is pregnant with Zaki’s child. Zaki thinks he can’t let Jahanara’s character to be questioned because of him. Kurti Apa taunts her to be shameless. Sahir looks shocked and angry. Kurti Apa says she is a black mark on womanhood. Zaki thinks to find out the truth about Samaira’s pregnancy soon and prove Jahanara innocent.

Sahir writes that he has no complains about her betrayal. I am alone if you gets along with some one else. He recalls Kurti Apa’s words. He thinks if one is getting insulted and don’t try to tell anything in defense then it means that she is at fault. He says the puzzle is solved now Arzoo. I am understanding. He picks the call and is informed about getting a buyer for Lucknow factory. He says I will be reaching there and will tell you everything. Sahir says he will be waiting. Sahir recalls Arzoo’s smiling face and gets burned in jealously. He recalls Kurti Apa’s accusations. He says who is real Arzoo. The one who laid infront of the bulldozer or the one who is silent over her pregnancy issue and is silent. He tears some papers.

Alvira asks Arzoo to say the truth while looking in her eyes. Arzoo is silent. Alvira says I knows that this is not true, but don’t understand why you are taking this blame. Do you wants me to believe this. She brings sacred Quran Shareef and asks Arzoo to make her believe. She asks her to keep her hand on it and say if she is pregnant. Arzoo is still silent. Alvira says I knows that this is not true. why you heard the accusations silently. Arzoo wipes her tears and stays mum. Alvira says I will asks Zaki about the truth. Arzoo asks her not to ask him anything. She asks Alvira to trust her. Alvira says yes. Arzoo says I didn’t do anything wrong. I will answer all your questions at right time. Alvira says I won’t ask anything from anything. I trusts you more than myself. She asks her to go. She asks her to give some packet to Sahir. Arzoo hesitantly agrees. Alvira smiles. Arzoo leaves the room.

Zaki is standing outside his room and is tensed. Arzoo is going towards Sahir’s room and stops to talk to him. Zaki apologizes to Arzoo and asks her not to worry as he will tell the truth to everyone. I can’t bear if anyone raises a finger on you. I will tell the truth to Ammi, Bhai and others. Arzoo asks then what will happen? You have to get marry to Samaira. Marriage is a promise to live entire life with the partner. Zaki says I can’t bear your insult. Arzoo says she is doing this for friendship. She says I have everyone, but not have any friend. She holds his hand and says she have a friend now. She tells him that she won’t leave him. She thinks I am doing this for Sahir’s respect. Zaki thinks his heart is touched by her words today and he will do anything now.

Arzoo comes to Sahir’s room and keeps the envelope on the table. Sahir sees her and asks you are here again without my permission. Arzoo tells him that Alvira aunty sent this packet. Sahir asks her to get out. He says Arzoo Nausheen Khan is awesome. He asks you are the one who laid infront of bulldozer to save the factory. Arzoo asks what do you want to say. Sahir asks about the changes in her. He asks what is the truth? Why did you stay silent? He asks her to show her real face and holds her closer.

Arzoo says stop it. With which right you held my right. Who are you to me? When you don’t care about my existence then why you are pained. I thought you will understand me, but you told your decision. You are also like others. Sahir says this decision is yours. You stayed silent. Arzoo says there is no advantage to tell if the person can’t read the eyes. Sahir says truth needs to be said. Can’t believe on eyes. Arzoo says ok, I don’t need to say anything now. The matter ends right here. She leaves his room.

Kurti Apa says it would have been great if Arzoo’s family was here. Arzoo and Zaki might have get married. Anam says we are getting just two days to get our wish fulfilled. Kurti praises her and says you have become choti Kurti. Anam smiles. Kurti Apa says Alvira’s desires will be smashed. Anam says she will get pained.

Alvira gets Nausheen call. Alvira tells her that everything is fine here and even Arzoo is fine. Kurti Apa brings Maulvi saheb. Alvira greets him. Anam says Maulvi Saheb came to talk about Shairiyath. Maulvi says I came to know that the boy and girl are living together here and the girl is pregnant. This is not right. Kurti Apa says begum will get punish. Maulvi asks her to kick the girl out. Alvira politely asks him to get out. She tells that whatever you have heard is wrong and threatens to complain about him. He apologizes and leaves. Alvira tells Kurti to think about some other way.

Precap: Samaira’s dad tells Sahir that Zaki and Samaira are in love. Sahir gets shocked. He asks him to get them married indirectly. He says I will search for a buyer for the land.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Love u sahir n arzoo

  2. I guess.. That baby would be zaki’s only.. Sahir will find that truth… But zaki will refuse to marry samaira because he loves arzoo..he is ready to lose anything for her even property ,family ,company everything… But Sahir want to complete his promise… So Sahir will decide to marry arzoo to make zaki to marry samaira…

  3. Sahir is soooo hot…arzoo nd sahir romance is nice…

  4. sony wale kitne bure hai, ek bar b repeat telecast nahi dikhate. Sara din wo cid laga rahta hai. I can’t manage at 8.30. Smone plz tel sony to air humsufars at 9.


  6. ye sirf ek baar serial air karenge, to inka trp kaise badhega? Sony walo humare cment pe gaur karo and repeat telecast dikhao.

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