Recap : Karan twinkles best friend entry Kunj jealous.

Shot 14…
The Episode starts with twinkle cupping his face seeing his jealousy she smiled recalling the days she spent with him from the start when he was an introvert he didn’t used to speak that much their sudden marriage and the slowly slowly baby steps of their relationship till the time she got the news of expecting her little soul Myra …twinkle smiled and cupped Kunj face who was looking at her longingly …she closed the gaps between them and kissed him slowly while Kunj pulled her more closer filling the leftover gaps between them …soon they pulled out while she kissed him on his neck biting it he smiled and groaned seeing her and warned her that she will has to pay back for everything she does while she smiled and nodded in yes continuing showering his body with her feathery kissed both of them smiling she opens his shirt buttons slowly slowly teasing the turned on him while he smirked biting her ear lobe harshly to which she moaned his name loudly …

Don’t forget darling Myra is sleeping Kunj said pointing towards the bed while twinkle looked at him craving Kunj kissed her back pinning her to the wall while she was just blushing unable to control her moans and the lovely burning sensation on her skin Kunj pulled her into bathroom seeing her moaning loud he didn’t wanted Myra to wake up and then band bajao of his turned on feelings right now while twinkle hairs immediately went on his set hairs he opened the shower Tap while the cold water was already creating a havoc on them ..both of them fully drenched in their own desires …

Soon their clothes was discarded from their body both of them living the moment of loving each other it was years to their marriage still their love didn’t even flinched a bit even it increased daily …

Their were busy in their own world when they heard her crying ..
Shit she woke up Kunj said …

She must be scared firstly alone in room twinkle added while Kunj nodded wrapping a towel around his waist and went to see his baby …Myra was crying finding herself alone in room while kunj went towards her and calmed her down …

Mumma she said looking for twinkle ..

While twinkle quickly wore bathrobe and came out she cupped Myra face who hugged her while Kunj smiled seeing them …

He changed into his nightdress while twinkle was calming Myra ..

Twinkle you too change till then I’ll see her Kunj said while twinkle nodded ..

Don’t go Myra said hugging her ..
Baby kya hua ? Meri doll Kunj asked ..
I want food Myra said ..

Okay I’ll make something for you twinkle said …just 2 minutes you stay with papa I’ll come back she said while Myra went to Kunj who pecked her lips ..

Mummas papa he said while she hummed …papa doll she added and Kunj smiled ..

Twinkle too changed and they went downstairs ..
Kunj ? You are having Maggie as well twinkle asked taking out Maggie packet ..

Yeah I’ll also with you he winked at her while she understood and makes faces Kunj chuckled ..

Twinkle started to make while Kunj was roaming in lawn with Myra ..soon she called them inside while the duo sat and was feeding myra and she was talking to them ….while Myra was busy having her noddles Kunj was teasing twinkle by roaming his hand inside her top and nuzzling in her face …

Kunjjj twinkle told again turning towards him while he smirked ..and pecked her lips …she looked on shocked …

Papa Myra said ..looking at them ..
Yes baby I am done she said while Kunj smiled ..

But I am not done twinkle said looking at the noddles ..

I’ll make you done Kunj winked putting Maggie in both of their mouth while twinkle blushed seeing him …

while she hits him the midnight craver Yuvni too comes out with pihu ..twinj quickly gulped in ..

Myra sees her while pihu too ..
Hey duck you are awake you should sleep na Myra said ..

Why Myra ? Yuvi asked ..
She is a baby na Myra told pouting ..

Look who’s talking my baby twinkle said giggling ..
Maggie yaar Yuvi said and snatched twinj plate ..

Are bhai take another one Kunj said ..
Why ? Is there any special liquid in it Haan Yuvi asked ..

Hai na pyaar ka liquid twinkle murmured in Kunj ears she caresses his abs inside the table … while he was shocked seeing her bold move ..

Are I am hungry Avni said while Yuvi feeds her too twinj looked at him they feed pihu who sat with Myra playing with the forks and spoons …

While twinj and Yuvni fighted for the left over Maggie soon they were done ..

Are twinkle why your hairs are so wet ? Avni asked ..while twinkle looked at Kunj ..

Even kunj’s Yuvi said touching his hairs ..are understand Avni we are going to be chacha Chachi for the another time yuvi teased them ..

Huhuh bhai we are a romantic couple my wife is romantic okay Kunj said ..

Huh even we are Yuvi said pulling Avni towards him pecking her lips ..
Having some shame kids are here only Kunj said ..
Look who’s saying twinkle said while Kunj pulled her towards him all giggled ..
They decided to watch a movie as no one was getting sleep and sat with their babies watching baby’s day out ..

Myra and pihu was watching it with full fun with the couple’s were busy romancing in the dark soon the duo munchkins slept again …

Such a boring movie Avni said ..
Baby’s k liye thi ? Kunj added ..

Huh Avni said ..
We should sleep now twinkle said yawning while everyone else nodded ..

Have a good sleep Kunj Yuvi said ? ..

You too I can see the woke up devil Kunj added while Yuvi giggled both the naughty sarna brothers went to their room twinkle put Myra on bed and was going to lay but Kunj pulled her …

What’s so hurry darling he said
Kunj enough for today twinkle too told ..

I can never get enough of you not in this birth atleast Kunj said ..again continuing them in their romantic world …
Next morning ::::
Manohar Usha and bebe was awake while the breakfast was prepared by Usha and bebe who wanted to cook along with the help of their chefs ..Myra and pihu joined them followed by their parents ..

We got late sorry Avni and twinkle told ..
Are it’s okay but why you got late ? Usha asked while they looked at Kunj and Yuvi who smirked at them …

They had small babies bebe waise bhi I saw them watching movie last night Manohar told while Yuvi and Kunj gulped in …

Babies ? your babies(Kunj and Yuvi) are not less Monu bebe added giggling while they 4 coughed ..

Soon they all had their breakfast while twinkle asked permission to go to Taneja Mansion and Usha gave her …
But why ? It’s just few days you are back from there Kunj said getting angry ..
Are maa called me and asked to come for 2 days twinkle said ..

Don’t you dare step out you are not going anywhere Kunj said frustrated ..
But Kunj twinkle started to say ..

No means no he said and went from there to get ready ..

If twinkle is going then I’ll go as well Avni said while Yuvi passed her Angry glare .
Are what happen to Kunj Manohar said ..
Hahaha ? biwi ka chamcha Yuvi said .

Avni you also go I am giving you permission bebe said while Yuvi stopped laughing ..

Kunj was getting ready infront of their dressing table twinkle comes there and sees him ..

Kunj please na twinkle said ..
I said no na no more words now he said .
But why I’ll listen to you twinkle said getting angry too ..

Toh acha you will go without my will Haan Kunj asked ..

I am not saying this but Kunj ..twinkle started to say …

Look twinkle you can go but some days later even I want to spend sometime with you yaar Kunj said ..

You are going office na I’ll just go for 2 days and Then will not go twinkle told him ..

No Kunj said picking up his coat he pecked her forehead bye if you go from here no one will be worse than me he said in dangerously low voice and left from there …

While twinkle stands with frown I promised maa that I’ll come huh sadu sarna I’ll to do whatever i want to she said …

Yuvi and Kunj after meeting their babies left for office ..
Twinkle informed Usha that she is going while Avni too accompanied both packed their things and left for Taneja Mansion with pihu and Myra ….and they reached soon …

Leela was happy seeing them both and hugged them while Myra and pihu went towards rt who smiled at his Princess they all sat talking while Leela informed twinkle about her cousins coming …

Twinkle decided to call and inform Kunj that she went to TM but then got busy as her cousins chinki bubbly haya reached their …they all hugged each other and was having a good time …

While Kunj and Sid was done with seeing the site and went back to sarna industries where Sid was teasing Kunj about twinkle and Kunj about his girlfriend both of them having ..

Sid left from there while Kunj rested his head against the chair ..

Siyappa queen must be angry with me as I behave rudely but what I can do even I want to spend time with them ..I planned a suprise for her..he stated

He planned a date for twinkle today’s that’s why he asked her not to go ..

Kunj called to know if everything is ready while he was informed that everything is done as per him he smiled …

Leela called Yuvi and asked him to come TM as it had a small get together while he got happy …

Soon she called Kunj as well while Kunj sees the caller ID…

Maa ..why she is calling me may be to send twinkle what I should say I can’t deny I can’t even agree …huh Kunj calm down …

Hello Kunj Leela said ..
Hi maa how are you ? Kunj asked ..

I am fine puttar I called you to invite you today as I had kept a small get together Leela said ..

Maa I am sorry I …can’t before he could say ..he heard Leela ..
Myra becareful baby Leela told Myra who was going to slip …

Myra ? There ? Kunj asked ..

Haan twinkle and Avni came in morning na Leela said while Kunj was angry ..

Acha maa okay I have some work Kunj said ..
Please come puttar Leela told him and ended the call while Kunj fisted his palm ..

Even after telling her she went ??? I wanted to give her suprise but she only gave me wow  Kunj said while Yuvi joined him..

Chal bhai inlaws invited he said in joking mood ..

I had no mood bhai you go Kunj told opening his laptop ..

Are Kunj it won’t look good na Yuvi said while Kunj also thought about Leela and agreed to go there …
While at Taneja Mansion get together was going on in full swing all were having fun twinkle Avni their cousins were taking selfies Myra and pihu playing with other babies ..Karan too was invited and twinkle hugged him while Kunj and Yuvi reached and sees them Kunj made faces as he expected it …

His whole mood was spoiled Yuvi moved ahead ..

Calm down Kunj calm down take a deep breathe you have to behave normal Kunj told himself and went inside twinkle sees him and smiled ..while he didn’t reciprocated and met Leela and rt and others …

Jiju you are looking amazing bubbly said while he smiled fakely ..

All the while he was silent either being with his sister in law’s or with Myra he was just passing the time till dinner …

Soon he got the call and went inside ..
Cancel everything he told on the call he turned around to find twinkle ..

I am sorry na Kunj I had to come because of maa twinkle said ..
It’s okay Kunj replied and joined everyone again twinkle felt fishy ..

They all sat to have dinner while Kunj was busy feeding Myra to pass the time..twinkle stood to serve him but he stopped her by showing his hand ..

Are Kunj puttar why are you not having anything ??? Rt asked ..

Nahi papa I had snacks sometime before and now my tummy is full he said while they smiled ..soon everyone finishes off their dinner with lot of laughter and pulling Karan leg ..

Maa I need to go I have some work Kunj told Leela ..

Are but …acha you came that’s enough for me thank you beta Leela said while he smiled …he left just informing Leela ..

We all should go for an long drive it will be much fun  bubbly suggested all agreed twinkle was searching for Kunj ..

Maa have you saw Kunj ? Twinkle asked ..
Yeah he left na Leela said ..

When ? Twinkle asked .
Sometime before only he had work na Leela said ..

While twinkle called him but he didn’t picked up her call not even once ..

What happened to him twinkle told still trying Kunj throws his phone in one corner …
To be continued ?
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